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  1. Yup. One of my LE friends said in Denmark it was very rare to find anyone lasting more than 18 months in that job, and they will anyway get reassigned after no more than two years. -- Soren
  2. Even if the point is to focus only on the differences between the countries, I don't see how that particular headline makes sense. The right in the US/UK is fairly close to the narrower clusters of France/Germany in terms of the numbers (and the spread from center-right in the US/UK covers the entire German/French spectrum, with only the UK right being a small outlier at 58%). The US right is exactly where the German center is, so the use of the words "much more likely" only makes sense in comparison to the other UK/US groups, not in comparison to Germany/France. --
  3. The choice of headline here is quite interesting. It is not the US/UK right that is the clear outlier. -- Soren
  4. Wasn't this supposed to have happened during the 2015 talks with Iran, or did I not read closely enough? Kerry served as SecState from 2013 until Jan 2017. -- Soren
  5. Nice. So now we just need to build a scaled-up moxie that can build another moxie from the available materials on Mars, send a couple on the next rocket to Mars, and sit back and wait. And wait. This is more like the 21st Century I was expecting... -- Soren
  6. Well, they don't call it the Stupid Party for nothing. As you noted, Trump managed real gains with minimal outreach. -- Soren
  7. The chances of a Biden administration being willing to go to war with China over Taiwan is much lower than my chances of becoming world emperor through the use of mail-order self-hypnosis tapes. If Taiwan is serious about staying independent, they ought to be investing very heavily in air defence, anti-ship missiles, sea mines, drone submarines and decentralized command and control. Because they are on their own. -- Soren
  8. Maybe "Open Biden" is the command word he is trained to respond to, so he can get his cookies and go watch Matlock, while the adults make decisions. -- Soren
  9. Good luck in beating this, Jeff. Focusing on family and friends and cutting down on politics and news is a good call. The first will give you joy and strength, the second will make you miserable and depressed. God bless. -- Soren
  10. Are you trying to get yourself fired from a Disney+ show? Because if you are, just keep going. On the other hand, I suppose they can't fire you until they hire you. So, this is really just a really sneaky way to get a job? Well done, Sir. -- Soren
  11. Some people are only able to learn from their own mistakes. Or, as the sage Yogi said, "There are some people who, if they don't already know, you can't tell 'em." -- Soren
  12. Stupid is a mountain range that is infinite. Every time you think you have reached a peak, you discover there is another higher one waiting ahead. -- Soren
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