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  1. Very very. +10000000000
  2. One of my favourite channels. Very informative.
  3. TPP - Toilet Paper Pact? If only we could have something like this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CoDominium
  4. Re: Criticism on the battle, AFAIK the Israelis stuck to their ramps, while it was different in the Sinai. I was expecting the big battle scene featuring the iconic photograph of the tank ditch with broken down T-62s and the bridge. Notwithstanding that, best tank combat scenes. I read in the wiki article on the series that a Season 2 is planned, focusing on the Sinai front. I hope that pushes through. Apparently production took 10 years (!!!!!!!). If Season 2 pushes through, I would love to see the Egyptian crossing of the Sinai, Saggers in action, and large tank battles including Chinese Farm.
  5. I like the epilogue ties up with what his son told him before their great tank battle, when the son told Meni that it'll take time for him to get close to his dad. Apparently, it did take time, long after he died, and I would like to think that his dad found peace when he "saw" him in that synagogue or library. Wonderful scene that one.
  6. That was best scene, the one in bed with two hot stripper assassins. 😆 I liked the epilogue. Very touching. Great series IMO, not withstanding the annoying intel guy and "ghey" (?) TC-gone-deaf. I really love how they put the war in the background during the drama parts, with planes flying and tanks running around or firing while the characters just talk, bitch, or whine. Also, best tank combat scenes I've seen on the screen by several lightyears.
  7. Beautiful work. Were you able to capture the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction? It was cloudy over here, and was only able to get a shot on 23 December. By then, both weren't as close as 21 December. Still got both in one frame. I couldn't stack the video frames and photos I took so had to make do with whatever was the best of the photos. I also got to do the very first DSO work with my telescope since purchase. It was the Orion nebula. Polar alignment was WAG and my frames weren't enough. Still, it was the best I've done since starting the hobby. I recently purchased the ASI224MC astrocam. But couldn't get to focus well. I dunno why. I have the field flattener/reducer, 4" tube extension, 1.25" 5x Powervue, and ASIAir Pro but couldn't focus. And I have the CEM26P pre-ordered already. I can't wait for it to arrive, probably in March hahahahaha!
  8. I am finding the white template too bright for my liking. Is there a dark mode option?
  9. For me, it's Jenni Butterworth. 🥰 And she still looks amazing after all these years (there is a 2020 interview of her on youtube).
  10. The old Tamiya kit. I started the conversion more than 10 years ago. I have a thread of that at the modeler's forum but I have since (once again) been too lazy to update it. Details are there.
  11. Give Japan some time. Anyone who says that the Philippines will be averse to any military deals with Japan because of WW2 is living in the past. Ideally, if the Philippines will turn its back to the USA, it would ally with Japan instead of China. But anyhow.... Again, give Japan time to get its act together in exporting military stuff it produces. The Philippines has been the recipient of several handmedowns from Japan over the decades, and it will continue to remain so. I do not doubt that once Japan is better in doing exports in military equipment that it will score a deal in the Philippines in the future. But for now, with our Byzantine procurement laws and geopolitics happening, the Philippines will continue purchasing from Worst Korea, USA, Israel, UK, and Indonesia (and possibly France if it wins the submarine deal).
  12. We went with Elbit because the Philippines and Israel have had good military ties over the years, rooted in history even before the current State of Israel was born. This is not Elbit's first armour-related military contract with the Philippines. It was Elbit that was contracted for the RWS on our M113s IIRC, and the Army is very happy with that. And when the Army is happy, it tends to deal with the same contractors. Israel has been helping the Philippines from training special forces and police, to selling UAVs, SAMs, and ATGMs. This relationship has over the years become stronger, and this shows with more Filipinos going to Israel as either workers or tourists mostly in those pilgrimage tours (because, Catholics and Jesus ya know), greater trade between the two countries, and increasing number of Jews living here and setting up businesses.
  13. The real purpose for the Philippine Army to purchase tanks is because of the Marawi Siege. The value of heavy armour was learned in Marawi. Sure, the Daesh-inspired idiots did not have armour, but they did have lots of guns, RPGs, and the will to use these, resulting to lots of injured and dead soldiers. APCs can only get you so far. Tanks, however, are an intimidating factor. Had the Philippine Army had better armour types, it is possible the months-long siege could have ended earlier. I recall watching a little video on the British Challenger 2 and the British Army's experience in Basra during the "quieter" years post-2003 Iraq invasion, and they mentioned that a tank is a real deterrent against violent suicidal idiots. The tanks the Philippine Army is buying is not to match enemy tanks in the region. It is to provide armour support for the infantry during episodes like Marawi siege. As for whether light tanks are a good idea, well simply put the Philippine Army does not think it needs main battle tanks. In the first place, I don't think we have enough infrastructure to support such heavy vehicles. Although their advantages in MOUT as seen in Baghdad 2003 and 2nd (?) Fallujah shows how effective MBTs are if properly used and supported.
  14. I haven't been posting at the modeler's forum because posting pix is klunky and I am too lazy to do it. Posting on IG and FB is faster. If you have FB, you can check the Chieftain Appreciation Society FB page to see my in-progress build of the Chieftain Mk 11.
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