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  1. The NJ earthquake was the result of moving USS NJ to a dry dock. Her weight caused the Earth's crust under where she was docked to compress for so many years, so when she was transferred to a dry dock the resulting rebound of the Earth's crust created tremors that, multiplied by her awesomeness factor of 20, resulted into the M4.8 earthquake in NJ.
  2. OMG I don't ever remember posting that bwuhahahahaha Oh wow so much cringe.... 😅
  3. Yes. I figured that with Alejandro's reply, the 1st Tank Bde initially had the BVs during the early fighting in the war at Chernihiv, putting back the BMs back into operation subsequently after when able to as the demands of war required. I guess I'll do yet another BV but in mod 2017 version for a 1st Tank Bde Chernihiv 2022.
  4. They really should have posted a video of a lone trailing fighter and then title the video "First successful stealth flight of the B-21 Raider." People would then comment "Where's the bomber?" and NG should answer "Yes."
  5. Thanks. Interesting that while sources say the 1st Tank Bde also uses 64BMs, most pix of the 1st Tank's 64s in the war have been BVs. The only 1st Tank 64BMs I've seen are a few years before the war. Looks like I might just end up building a 1st Tank Bde 64BV mod 2017 to differentiate the current 64BV in Irpin 2022....
  6. Hi. I am looking for images of T-64 tanks (BV, Bulat, etc) used by Ukraine 1st Tank Brigade in February-April 2022 Chernihiv area. I've gone through the thread and now in 2 December 2022. Any help? Thanks.
  7. As KV7 said, they may have had substantial work underway prior to making the program public. And/or, having experienced building and maintaining the B-2, and being a major subcontractor in the F-35 program, plus experience in the YF-23, all of those lessons plus continuing R&D may have contributed to the quick progress. I have a feeling that they made the program public to put near-peer competitors in check, sort of like Star Wars/SDI program, and that the B-2 replacement has been going on for years prior to the B-21 revelation.
  8. The government has (tacitly) abandoned self-sufficiency in food as a program, and largely reliant on trade deals on food with neighbors such as Vietnam, Thailand, China, and India. ChiCom produce has flooded even the small provincial markets. While we still grow rice, we import a lot to keep the price of rice down in the market. As for fertilizer, I think most of that comes from China.
  9. Re: Philippines as it was mentioned earlier... Official government policy statement is that it recognizes the current unpleasantness in the West as an invasion, and implores for a peaceful resolution to the matter. https://www.rappler.com/nation/philippines-condemns-russia-invasion-ukraine/ The Philippines bought some Hip helicopters from Russia, with our SecDef saying it has made initial payment already despite CAATSA. Now that purchase is more problematic because of the war. The Philippines is one of the countries that stands to lose in this conflict due to rising petroleum costs, that helicopter deal, and others (e.g., Filipinos working abroad are affected, inflation driven by petrol price, etc). A bike buddy's cousin was onboard the Japanese cargo ship that was hit by Russian ordnance during the early days of the conflict. He and the rest of the crew are ok. We are in an election season, with the son of dictator Marcos who leads the surveys having changed his position on the war (from pro-Russia, to condemning the invasion). Robredo, his main rival, and who is backed by the Catholic Church, has also condemned the invasion. Not that their opinions really matter in the greater scheme of things as the Philippines really does not have any real influence on whatever happens in that part of the world. That's all I have to contribute in this discussion.
  10. I am set to receive my iOptron CEM26 telescope mount! It's already at the US warehouse. I'll have it shipped next week. It'll arrive sometime first half of September hopefully. I pre-ordered it on 31 December 2020 and after more than six months delay it is finally coming. So excited!!!!!!
  11. FB Groups and Pages have killed internet forums like TN. Just look at FB and see how many pages there are on tanks in general, specific tanks, specific tank units, etc etc etc. It's also easier to access these FB pages and groups unlike internet forums where one has to register. On FB, it's a simple hitting of the Join button and in some cases answering some questions before admission. Plus, it's much much easier to contact people who know the subject on social media, especially if these people actively use socmed to spread their knowledge. Why go to an internet forum when you can ask a question directly to Steve Zaloga or Cookie Sewell etc etc on something on their posts or socmed pages.... I also think that model-centric internet forums have helped keep people from and away TN. Some likely went here, saw that they couldn't get the answer to their model question, and left for other forums that were focused on the hobby. FWIW, I tend to avoid such sites because the walt-iness and cringe are strong there. Personally, I am not so keen in seeing an influx of new members here who for the most part won't contribute anything to the knowledge base, and instead pollute the threads with stupidity. Then again, I don't visit this forum as much as I did years ago.
  12. Well, I better get to it then, find several women, make kids with them, and expose them to TN while they're still in their wombs. For The TN Species.TM 😆
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