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  1. HOLY...! That's great! BTW, the CEM25P is no longer in production. Apparently iOptron is rolling out a newer model, supposedly with heavier capacity. All online astro shops are out of the CEM25P right now so I lucked out. But I'm hoping the newer model isn't too expensive. That said, the mount is earmarked for 2021 acquisition. I'll just get a better tripod for my SkyGuider Pro since the Benro I'm using isn't really that good for these applications.
  2. Von Braun would be happy. As for the lack of aloha snackbar running commentary/chanting, I think YouTube has killed that. I was searching for old jihadi videos by Daesh and oddly enough couldn't find any on YouTube (or maybe my search skillz just suck). Still, must admit, that launch video looks neat. Almost like a video game cut scene. I cant help think and be reminded of V-2 launch.
  3. The Italians are running around the Med, so I don't see it as somewhat sad given the area they operate. OTOH the French have always been the French, and with that in mind I do not see it sad how small their force is - which mind you has seen a lot of good use in the Med. The RN was a former world-spanning navy, with bases all over the world, able to reach practically everywhere, a force to be feared and respected. Now it seems it is trying to be like that but with far far fewer hulls. If they operated closer to Europe, say stuck in the Atlantic, it would seem right. But they recently
  4. High value military target right there. *slow clap*
  5. Somewhat a pain to see, that the RN could muster only so much ships and had to "import" others to create a battlegroup. How much of the total RN firepower/hulls is in that single group? 50%? 99%? Somewhat sad really. Could end up gone in just a few seconds in the face of a cruise missile salvo from a couple of Russian submarines or a ballistic missile salvo from the Chinese. Pretty, yes. Impressive, perhaps. But seeing how few hulls and having to rely on USMC F-35s to fill her up, it's like a grandfather who has lived passed his prime buying an expensive car with the remaining saving
  6. For example, why does the USSR/Russia have so many different cruise missile designs? they all seem to overlap in function and capability. I guess the Soviet/Russian "don't throw anything away" also applies....
  7. Yes, I had thought that if the West had been one whole country, it would be no different from the USSR in terms of the context of this discussion. But they were of different countries and each had their own national/domestic agendas to pursue which is why some big ticket cooperation projects like MBT70 failed, with the competing national designs winning for the countries that favoured their pet project. Tornado, Eurofighter, and a few others I couldn't remember (and Leopard 2 essentially/de facto) seem to have been the exception to that.
  8. Why do the Soviets/Russians have so many designs of rockets and missiles, many seemingly in the same role and ranges, serving nearly the same time period? was it simply a military industrial complex run amok? or was there really a purpose behind it all? and do the russians today follow the same?
  9. I'll be shooting Andromeda around next year thanks to quarantine, cloudy/rainy night skies, and lack of funds. 😅 Gorgeous gorgeous shot.
  10. I was asked the question how many ISU-152 saw action in WW2. I dunno the answer. Maybe you guys know. Ktnxbai.
  11. I'd like to say that this thread is very very informative and helps in my T-72A circa 1984 build a lot. Thanks Bojan for pointing me to this thread.
  12. Apparently it seems to be a case of lost in translation as the company (Spanish) is said to have Israeli employees....
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