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  1. I'd like to say that this thread is very very informative and helps in my T-72A circa 1984 build a lot. Thanks Bojan for pointing me to this thread.
  2. Apparently it seems to be a case of lost in translation as the company (Spanish) is said to have Israeli employees....
  3. For a while there, I was thinking "The RN has Typhoon SSBNs?"
  4. See: Using holocaust pix and calling it art. Wtf.
  5. I am reminded of the Apache Mk1, to be replaced with the AH-64E Guardian Apache IIRC because apparently a Mk2 is going to be terribly expensive. India could've been a market but.... The UK is akin to a senile grandfather who lives in a mansion but is saddled with debts, clinging to his past and insisting he's still got it when the rest of the people politely doesn't tell him the truth....
  6. AFAIK M14s are still in use in the Philippines. I've seen CAFGUs (basically local militia) armed with M14s. Maybe some units of the Army have it. ISTR seeing up as recent as the early 2000s of Army infantrymen with M14s. Most now have M16s and M4s.
  7. It seems to me the UK likes to build expensive, sophisticated, "world best" weapons systems that it can hardly afford in large numbers and end up procuring small numbers.....
  8. That is just awesome, many thanks guys! The conversion build is over at the Modeller's Forum of this grate sight.
  9. The gun's travel lock is at the rear right of the M41DK-1 (moved from the rear left). Some M41DK-1s don't seem to have this tubular thing. But all have that mount thingy beneath it.
  10. Tim, that is awesome. Thanks for the confirmation. I have another question maybe he can answer. What is this thing in the red circle: It seems to be mounted on this: Could you ask him what that is? Thanks!
  11. <deleted> stupid photobucket
  12. Beautiful pix. I particularly like the Iris Nebula one. At the rate things are going, looks like I'll once again be doing astro next year, with the quarantine restrictions and all that....
  13. Jim, Greg: Those are great! Thanks!
  14. 1/35. Based on the Tamiya kit. The kit is a second hand, partially built one given to me a decade or so ago which I started modifying thereabouts until I quit the hobby. Apparently it was in storage and wasn't thrown out with all the other half builts. Resumed working on it for the past two, three weeks. I found pix of the generator: Google Search Results
  15. Awesome! Thanks! Already thinking how to make that generator.
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