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  1. I have been attending church, when I can, through covid. When physical attendance was not possible we attended by Zoom. It was not optimal, but it was what it was. For the last eight months or so, with the contagion under control, normal church services have resumed with conditions. Masking early on, no physical contact, no singing and maintaining social distancing. Things have progressed. Now we can sing (not that I can sing, my voice does not make a joyful noise to the Lord when I try to sing, so I don't). However I am also aware of this case in my city. https://
  2. Meanwhile, in the Canadian Parliament https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-04-15/canadian-mp-naked-zoom-parliament-will-amos/100071110 A Canadian MP has apologised after appearing naked during a virtual parliamentary sitting, saying he was getting changed in his office and did not realise his camera was on. The member's accidental exposure was drawn to the attention of Speaker Anthony Rota after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau finished answering a question in the House. "As you know, since the beginning of the pandemic we have tried to emphasise the importance of respecting … th
  3. Would not you need bigger balloons for helium (ie more latex) as helium is not a light as hydrogen?
  4. You forget Operation Outward, one of the weirdest military operations of all time. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Outward
  5. I worked, for 23 years from late 1975 to early 1998, in an Australian Government run nation wide employment service, that worked hand in hand with the social security system. This was closed down in 1998 for ideological reasons and 'privatised'. Since then the 'system' has been inefficient, at worst corrupt, and has not served the workforce or the employer sector. The only good thing that I can say is that the closure of that service lead me personally in other directions that have been more interesting and rewarding.
  6. We used to have the Yellow Pages until the WWW took over that role. But yours is an interesting comment: does not your Yellow pages have courier and parcel delivery services? So you are saying that the US Mail Service should relinquish delivery of, firstly parcels, but then all postal type deliveries? There are many security services and legal firms listed in your Yellow Pages: should the Government privatise police and prosecution so that the government doesn't have to do that any more? In many, perhaps most, countries other than the USA, see the delivery of public transport t
  7. To preempt something perhaps from a native Britisher...... a bit right of Genghis Khan. Privatise everything at all cost, no matter what the consequences.
  8. Our National, taxpayer funded, broadcaster actually corrected their posting. Quote: On Saturday afternoon, the Australian Federation Guard fired 41 rounds from six M2A2 105mm howitzer ceremonial guns, in 10-second intervals, to honour the duke, who passed away peacefully on Friday morning at the age of 99. There must be something wrong with them............😁
  9. Well the British have kept a troop of RHA 13pdrs for exactly this type of work. Watching the salutes being fired by various troops of the Royal Artillery and the sailors of the Royal Navy I cannot but be impressed by the sense of occasion and duty of these men and women. Each group of gunners following their own traditions, and the RN gunners in their full anti-flash gear. I suspect that the RAF will get a chance to salute the Duke with a fly over for his funeral and memorial service with the RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight taking part. As HRH the Queen will have memories of the
  10. So it is okay to kill a certain number of your own as long as you kill twice that number of the enemy with your action? All good then....
  11. Most out of service 25prs have been used in training sappers how to spike guns. There used to be two 25pdrs as gate guardians at a local to me Army 'barracks' in the suburb of Randwick. I recall, around 2002 or so, seeing two such guns, presumably those two guns, on the back of a truck being driven past where I was working at the time. The guns were gone from the barracks the next time that I looked. It is also likely that blank 105mm ammunition is more available at the present time for these sort of events. I remember reading that when the Royal Australian Artillery adopted the U
  12. Australians have mixed feelings about the monarchy. Many of us appreciate the Queen and the late Prince Phillip. We also see the monarchy as being above politics as such, and the armed forces still swear allegiance to the Queen as the head of the armed forces. It is more likely that we have problems with the suggested models of a Republic rather than a Constitutional Monarchy. Twenty years ago we held a referendum on becoming a republic but the choices were not palatable. I guess that many Australians would prefer to stay with the current system rather than move to a popularly ele
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