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  1. I have worked with women from Iran, in Australia: shortish skirts, heels, plastic surgery for their boobs etc. They were, however, supporters of the Shah. When they went to the mosque (or went 'home' to visit) they covered up, reasonably. They were Islamic, just not too far Islamic.
  2. And the Hurricane was going out of production anyway. End of production July 1944
  3. And once the rockets were fired more survivable in the air to air combat role, even though they still carried the racks.
  4. And then there was this: Lego demands US company Culper Precision stop producing Glock pistol covering that looks like a toy Posted 2h ago2 hours ago The Block19 has been pulled from sale after a legal complaint by Danish toy company Lego.( Culper Precision ) https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-07-14/lego-demands-stop-to-us-company-toy-gun/100291810
  5. And Dad's Army 22 years later: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blacker_Bombard
  6. From my local area (really local)
  7. And the seaborne aircraft that they faced in the European theatre, flown off the RN Aquila and the Graf Zeppelin in combat, were so much better.... Anyway, the Albacore could and did fly with bicycles strapped to their struts. An equivalent feat by a naval aircraft that was not a COD, albeit not off a carrier, was not until RNZAF pilots used the vacant space in the empty avionics hump of their A-4 Skyhawks to carry a full set of golf clubs and other luggage when being sent to distant (well, sort of, that was New Zealand) postings.
  8. I think that hanged was spelt right, at least that was the way that I learnt. After all, someone can be said to have slept, not sleeped. Other versions of crept have creeped into the vocabulary.
  9. About the only job that I can see a pistol being useful for is for military police. As you said, pistols tend to be useless anyway vs anyone with a rifle. So instead of a pistol those who currently get a pistol may be better off with a spray and pray personal defence weapon. Something smallish, but with a bit more effective range than 20 metres in the hands of a less experienced user and something that will generate enough noise to get the user out of danger. But are we forgetting the non army users? Naval boarding parties and aircrew who may be shot down? Boarding parties may be good with a pistol, but aircrew may need something better, or nothing at all, after all, why make the locals more piste off with you than they already are by shooting at them? If, like US pilots in WW2, they should be issued with something to protect themselves from wildlife, or perhaps kill something to eat, then a pistol is not the optimum weapon anyway. It would be nice if Gun Jesus did a vid on the M4 Survival Rifle or similar.
  10. Australian Defence Force is still using the Mk III Hi-Power. Will probably still be using it next century.
  11. And used womenpower more efficiently from the beginning.
  12. I remember reading years ago that the USArmy trialed a Maxson Mount on an M3 or M5 light. It was hard to service (ie, loaders could not easily load .50cal magazines) and carried much less ammo than the M16 half track. Would have been a nice model project though. wiki In order to develop a mobile anti-aircraft weapon, several 0.5 inch (12.7 mm) twin machine gun mounts were tested on the chassis of the M2 half-track including Bendix, Martin Aircraft Company, and Maxson. The Maxson M33 turret mount was preferred and—on the larger M3 half-track (T1E2)—was accepted for service in 1942 as the M13 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage. The mount was also used on the similar M5 half track as the M14 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage.[3][4][5] Experimentally, the Quadmount was also tested in 1942 on a M3 Light Tank in place of the tank's turret but the project was not proceeded with.[6] =========== However this raises the possibility of using the Colt 37mm AA gun with two .50cal (ie the same as the M15 half track) on the M3 / M5. Obviously not as a tank or recon vehicle.
  13. Just because it isn't a fact doesn't mean that we cannot enjoy it for what it is. It may have even been scripted, but that is fine.
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