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  1. But is she sufficiently diverse and from a properly victimized group?
  2. Only governments can create monopolies. How a company deals with its competitors, as long as it's within the law, should be none of the government's business.
  3. If all this material is legit, I am worried that the more salacious stuff is going to distract the public from the corruption that appears to have grown around Joe Biden's access to power for decades.
  4. During the colonial era, and at one time or another, most of the European powers practiced slavery in large scale in the colonies (France, Spain, Britain...). Yet slavery was not practiced in large scale in these countries. They never had large plantations or industrial sites manned by imported slaves in Western Europe. Why was this?
  5. One can only hope this becomes more mainstream... On both sides of the Atlantic. https://www.dailywire.com/news/watch-black-british-member-of-parliament-blisters-schools-teaching-critical-race-theory-supporting-blm-movement
  6. The Justice Department has filed an anti-trust action against Google. I've always been against anti-trust legislation, and I don't think this will go anywhere, particularly if Biden wins in November, but Google scares the beejezus out of me. https://www.redstate.com/jeffc/2020/10/20/justice-department-announces-legal-action-against-google/
  7. It would have greatly benefited Trump in the first debate and would have greatly hurt Biden.
  8. I'm sure if it was Don Jr, the media would be equally apathic...
  9. Explosive was likely decayed or waterlogged (my uneducated opinion).
  10. The fact that this is news in a nation with millions of people already exposed to covid is rather telling.
  11. That Plexiglass was there to poo pooh the administration's handling of the pandemic.
  12. Grandson of 10th president of the US passes away. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/10/07/us/lyon-gardiner-tyler-jr-dead.html
  13. So who are the three Japanese who don't dislike China? Some of those are interesting, with large dislike spikes that predate the coronavirus. I can't imagine the average French or Dutch person has been following Xi's policies all that closely. But I suspect Aussies have.
  14. DeBlasio has been hounding the annoyingly law abiding Jewish community while he turns a blind eye on the illegal and destructive activities of large segments of other protected ethnic groups. All those orthodox Jews had to do was brandish some BLM placards and burn a few cars and businesses and they would be kosher in the eyes of the NYC authorities.
  15. If they implement a mute button, it will hide Trump's uglier side and will expose Biden's incoherence, if he has to speak uninterrupted for long periods . It's the best thing that could happen to Trump.
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