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  1. So the problem is that different levels of rent control interfere with each other? When was the last time there was a free market in the rent industry?
  2. Never let a crisis go to waste. Politicians are enjoying the emergency power they have given themselves way too much.
  3. From https://www.facebook.com/groups/PanzerFacts/permalink/1913211905480158/ Wagen 116 "Lotte" (3) of Abt.14, one of two tanks to remain on the Fort de la Pompelle memorial battlefield outside Reims. I was originally typing about this tank in the comments of another post, but found there was a lot more to say about it than I originally thought. Abt.14 had recently finished training and been issued their tanks for combat service (along with Abt.13, which also fought at Fort de la Pompelle), and saw their first action on May 27th at C
  4. They have probably realized two things: - It will be nearly impossible to get rid of new entitlements. Same with new illegals that come in, or are given permanent status. - People have the memory of a goldfish. They could implement single payer healthcare tomorrow and by 2022 it would be old news.
  5. Regarding Pompeii excavations - At the rate the excavated areas are decaying, exposed to ambient air... Or the elements, aren't we better off leaving a big chunk of the city untouched for future generations of archaeologists who will hopefully do a better job preserving these ancient remains? I'm sure future archaeologists will look at us with the same horror as we look at Schliemann's pit, who didn't use a bulldozer because he didn't have one.
  6. A few years old, but an interesting view of some of China's activities in Africa:
  7. I thought there was a thread on this already. Been listening to these lectures at work.
  8. https://istheshipstillstuck.com/ You are welcome.
  9. I remember reading (Spielberger?) that the Tiger II required substantially fewer man-hours to manufacture than the Tiger I (with Panther being near the pzkfw IV). Does anyone have any figures?
  10. No doubt the man made enormous contributions to the war effort and then was royally screwed by his country. But is he the most deserving person out there to have his face on that bill? Honest question.
  11. Would he be on that Bill had he been straight?
  12. IIRC, he came out of the conservative closet well after he made it.
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