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  1. Another tank with a geometry not suited to turning well. But how amazing that both of these are running!
  2. Weird Al is remarkable in that he has managed to: a) Stay fresh and relevant for decades b) Not be obnoxious
  3. You should read what Ernesto Guevara had to say about them and certain ethnic minorities... It would make the people who wear sheets blush like schoolgirls. How so many idiots idolize him is beyond me.
  4. One thing I don't understand about the covid vaccines: In 2020 we had covid and no vaccines (and criminally inept public policies in most of the western world) In 2021 we had covid and mass vaccinations, with the bulk of the vulnerable demographics getting vaccinated in the first part of the year. Yet in most of the developed world more people died from/with covid in 2021 than in 2020. How can one explain this?
  5. Reliable sources say that Trump personally tore the tag off a mattress back in 1971.
  6. Scott Adams under fire? https://notthebee.com/article/dilbert-gets-canceled-as-the-comics-creator-scott-adams-takes-on-the-woke-esg-business-ratings?fbclid=IwAR2OlED7QWp60LgP8JwkYxQaw6Le9DSJTJ7rCpUC-wPLApSGLx77K1eJj7M
  7. I wonder if the steering problems would still happen on soft soil.
  8. If cheap and widely available medications like IVM and HCQ did work but were forcibly kept out, a lot of people have a lot of splainin to do.
  9. He's been talking about adverse effects from covid vaccines for a long time, even when youtube was actively censoring videos of anyone who dared question The Science.
  10. The unions will be bought with the taxpayer's money, as usual.
  11. This is a favorite of mine, from the 2020 election aftermath.
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