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  1. I knew it! Love the turn signal apparatus 😍
  2. US Mail delivery vehicle? Looks like a 97-01 Cherokee, which some mail departments here in CT used to use in strange RHD configurations.
  3. I would tend to agree, but that moment of awakening does not come. California was an awesome place to live and has been turned into an over-regulated, bankrupt pile of human excrement. And people there vote for more of the same. Makes no sense.
  4. Shocked, I'm shocked. But hey, Cuomo still has an absurdly high approval rate in NYS. People have the governments they deserve.
  5. Same here. I think one cares less with age and that makes it less likely to happen. My Dad passed away twenty years ago, at 66. I just found out that he used to stutter into his late 30s/40s. I would have never suspected he stuttered. Biden's problem has many sides and stuttering is not one of them. At his prime, the man was a BSer and a forceful speaker convinced of his own eloquence and irresistible charm. Now tries to act the same way, but the brain is just not responding. That he was a gaffe machine during his prime is not helping either. This is Biden at his best - Why Obama picked a clown like him remains a mystery.
  6. Type 69 always had torsion bars. Judging by the spacing, it may have retained much of the original suspension, including the tracks. I wonder what the improvement was over the original setup.
  7. That must be out of the movie "Mission to Moscow" 😁
  8. As far as I know, these "vaccines" only suppress the symptoms, they don't prevent you from being infected with covid, or from infecting other people (although asymptomatic people are far less infectious). I don't believe any of these people have developed a severe case of covid. I would be much more interested in hearing how many rules these people have violated in their escapade.
  9. Countries that cease to exist from time to time tend to take defense seriously.
  10. A black white supremacist.
  11. Our science teacher played this in sixth grade (in the school's betamax!) not telling us it was an April fools' prank. Has anyone watched this?
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