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  1. We'll be watering plants with gatorade soon.
  2. Pretty rich considering so many of the "intellectuals" behind this rot were French.
  3. Surely they also prohibited similar comments against Trump?
  4. Moderna here. Nothing more than some arm soreness for a few days. After the second one I did feel some neck discomfort for a few days, but it may have been unrelated. I have been taking vitamin D, C and some zinc.
  5. Been watching the first couple of episodes of "Squid Game" on Netflix. It is refreshing to see some new ideas for once.
  6. I always looked at 9/11 at one of those inflection points when fundamental transformation takes place in the name of an emergency, when no one is paying attention. This one is going to dwarf 9/11.
  7. Here in the US we have government intimidating social media companies so that speech that they don't like be restricted. We have laws of very questionable constitutionality such as Wilson's 1917 Espionage Act, applied by Obama against journalists more times than all previous presidents combined. Government also forces private companies to restrict services to those whose legal activities they dislike (and are constitutionally protected, such as gun manufacturers). Basically government using the private sector to do things they themselves are not allowed to do. All of these abuses have one thing in common. But let's not turn this thread into another US politics thread. I'd love to hear specifics of creeping fascism and authoritarianism in PL and HU.
  8. I keep hearing that Poland and Hungary are sliding into authoritarianism and fascism. Given that every person to the left of Trotsky has been called a fascist and a racist, I tend to look at such claims with skepticism. I'm not familiar with Polish or Hungarian politics, but I've been told that the Western left is upset at these two because they hold positions - such as WRT immigration or the alphabet people- that were perfectly mainstream in the West just a few years ago, before the culture was conquered by woke ideology. Is this true?
  9. Supposedly in VA they want to waive having a witness sign the absentee ballot.... Because Corona.
  10. How does one explain that four year and one day gap in employment?
  11. I hear that VA democrats are trying to get rid of signature verification in the upcoming gubernatorial election, in the name of covid. What does one have to do with the other??
  12. When I talk about Cancel Culture with a lefty friend, he always says that conservatives started it with the Dixie Chicks. My recollection on this is rather nebulous, but I don't remember them being blacklisted by the music industry, rather it was their public who deserted them. Is this correct?
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