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  1. Not enough careers at the FDA, IMHO. Still can't buy isopropyl alcohol at the store, even though the regional distillery could, and offered to, flood the state with the stuff.
  2. As for autocorrect, we are headed for a future in which our devices will enforce their own spellcheck, algorithms and data for which will be developed by Millennials. You can preview this future by watching the movie Idiocracy.
  3. Do African doctors take the Hippopotamic Oath?
  4. I know that social isolation from the quarantine is tough, but you guys really need to get a grip;
  5. Just wait until Costco finds out about graduate research assistants.
  6. In the spirit of 13 Monkeys, given a time machine I would love to travel back to 2019 December with 1000 PCR tests. 100 tests per week, for 10 weeks, across NYC and Seattle. I have little doubt the results would show COVID-19 was vastly more pervasive than assumed.
  7. I think it would be more accurate to say that for conservatives, Trump tries to deliver on his promises. The eGOP continues to be horrified that Trump sometimes does conservative things.
  8. https://abcnews.go.com/International/europe-struggling-2nd-surge-covid-19-case-worse/story?id=73880488
  9. Agree. Ironic that the folks currently screaming "Believe the Science" are the ones doing the histrionic dance.
  10. If Biden gets elected, it will. Probably have PLA guards.
  11. I leave one on the dash of my truck. I have been hoping that the heat would do some good. Of course, now its the nearly freezing temp hopefully killing those microbastards...
  12. The wear and tear has been noted in several POTII over the decades. His family aside, I am getting the impression that the Dem power players don't give a crap about Biden, and are going to ride him into the ground. Pelosi has made it clear that she will attempt to have him declared incompetent right after inauguration. Should Biden win, it will be interesting to see what happens if Biden choose to not go quietly into the night. Pelosi could very well end up in a cell under a federal courthouse.
  13. As for the NHP shortage, here is my solution; Use the US Marshals and CBP crew to arrest rioters, bus them to some remote base (Area 51!), and use them for involuntary vaccine testing. Completely consistent with their values; nationalized health care, law enforcement control of mask/distancing compliance, etc.
  14. Yep. Don't feel guilty; in the current mass psychosis, clinicians and lab rats are the proverbial lions roaring into the wind. Do what you can, but this is a global psychological event.
  15. Guilty as charged. I guess I can salve my guilt by claiming to be helping achieve herd immunity. lol
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