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  1. Its OK, as long as he declares his personal pronouns.
  2. They defended their actions for awhile, then reality paid a visit. They have since backtracked.
  3. You may need to explain that 50% is far less than 140%.
  4. Ivanhoe

    AT&T down

    I never lost service but my coworker did. There was a big solar flare last night.
  5. That's why I would expect the implant to just get fed up and take over 100% of processing. A lot of people assume that Biden just verbalizes what he hears in the earpiece, no doubt about it in my mind. We've seen where he's glitched like he got cut off from the feed and had to wing it with a calcified noodle.
  6. You may be onto something. What if Kamala is a testbed for the beta version of Neuralink? Maybe her word salads are due to a malfunctioning LLM. And if an AI/ML system has taken over her brain, its not like it will allow her to ask for help.
  7. https://www.independent.co.uk/tech/chatgpt-status-reddit-down-gibberish-messages-latest-b2499816.html . TBH, the above paragraph is probably not worse than what a lot of college freshmen put into their essays.
  8. Let's not be hasty, I am having fun visualizing our British and German as African and Asian. In fact, if I have time, I want to get one of the AI engines to re-dub Dolemite and The Human Tornado with a Geordie accent.
  9. Nothing even the slightest bit creepy about shopping for POCs by nationality.
  10. OMG Broadcom must have smoked the same contaminated weed as Red Hat. Numerous videos on Youtube on how to move to Proxmox or XCP-ng.
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