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  1. IOW, Germany is discriminating against the dead and the undead. Typical.
  2. Everybody knew Prince Andrew needed to be reeled in; https://www.dailywire.com/news/flesh-eating-std-that-causes-beefy-red-sores-spreading-in-uk
  3. Cover band; the above cover is OK, but I'm listening to their cover of Lady Marmalade. Surprisingly good; more of a hard rock take on the old classic.
  4. Thought of this tune just now, for some reason; IMHO, better than the original by Steve Goodman.
  5. Not a joke, but a cool thing some will appreciate; https://www.wildweaselapparel.com/collections/hud-collection-new/products/f-a-18c-hornet-hud-shirt They have a few other interesting Tshirts and hoodies, including one of a plan view of the F-105 Thud!
  6. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/11507324/ https://www.nature.com/articles/srep16919 https://care.diabetesjournals.org/content/27/2/613 Basic observation of Asians versus Americans, specifically obesity rates, had some folks believing that Asians had some genetic adaptation such that they could have a rice-centric diet and not get overweight. Then some researcher looked at 1st generation Asian-Americans, who had obesity out the wazoo. Conclusion was that there was no genetic adaptation, it was portion size. 1 hour of unskilled labor at minimum wage rates will provide enough take-home pay to buy enough cheap beans, rice, pasta to overfeed a half dozen personnel for a week. Extrapolate to years.
  7. The problem with rice and beans is that they are really cheap and part of an unhealthily carb-centric diet (IMHO). Likewise for potatoes, pasta, etc. $/meal, $/lb, $/kcal are all lowest for carbs. You can see the impact of those facts in inner-city Walmarts.
  8. I know, but I was going off my direct personal observation of family and friends. I.e. no wiggle room available to deny my assertion of a reflexive rejection instinct. I have no doubt it is happening just about everywhere folks are trying to enjoy economic progress.
  9. Given how the US and other western nations are emphasizing light infantry stomping around after tangos etc., my main concern is about LMGs for leg infantry. I have the impression from various GWOT veterans that the M240 is fine for fixed positions and vehicle mounts (assuming they aren't worn out). You are spot on concerning the marketing angle. Critical to come up with a catchy acronym/name. And of course have the components manufactured in at least 10 critical Congressional districts. Machinegun, Kinetic Personnel. Simon's suggestion of using the Bleedmoor cartridge is smart, for the fireteam/squad application.
  10. The USN may or may not have PowerPoint Dominance, but they certainly do have Power Chord Dominance.
  11. Bottom line, though; is the risk of a natural pandemic really higher than the risk of a GoF-made pandemic? At this point in time, the outcome of "did"* appears to me to be worse than the projected outcome of "could". We can always use hypotheticals to drive centralized control and Top Men. * Not just the direct health consequences of GoF-itis, but the Lysenkoization of medical research and health care, and the Sovietization of social and economic factors in the West. If we are going to ponder the possibility a planet-killer natural pandemic virus, how about the possibility of a very uncivil worldwide war between the communitarians and the leave-me-aloners? I.e. the October Revolution, but with modern commo, modern transpo, AnFo by the truckload, and billions of rounds of ammo for full auto rifles.
  12. American ag policy never recovered from the Depression, either. It's like "Yes, Minister" was used as a training film. You are wishing for the inevitable.
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