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  1. https://www.eurekalert.org/news-releases/923583 Man, our distant ancestors sure had no problem gettin' freaky.
  2. So we seem to be down to the levels where Pelosi was telling everyone to go into Chinatown and ignore that racist Donald Trump.
  3. https://twitchy.com/gregp-3534/2021/07/30/a-gay-rights-activist-explains-why-the-cdcs-provincetown-study-may-be-fatally-flawed/ Do you think this might skew the data?
  4. We will never know, as adverse reactions not resulting in hospitalization are not to be countenanced.
  5. When I saw the thread title I immediately thought, "Oh dear, here we go again." I was assuming some 8 kg ungainly monstrosity with 4 bells, 6 whistles, and omnidirectional safety flashers. Given the recent track record of Anglophonic defense establishments, not an unrealistic assumption. An AR-based rifle is a dream in comparison, though with hard work and attention to detail, that can be screwed up also.
  6. https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/matt-margolis/2021/07/30/breaking-cdc-director-says-biden-admin-is-considering-a-vaccine-mandate-n1465968
  7. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/capitol-police-ordered-arrest-staff-visitors-not-wearing-masks Did Pelosi have any heartburn with these folks?
  8. Cardinal rule; if its an agency that the general public knows exists, they are primarily a marketing organization. For many years, NASA spent more on marketing itself to children than it did to general aviation safety.
  9. One glaringly obvious flaw in the above article; the author conflates not being arrested for a subsequent violent felony with not committing a subsequent violent felony. That's just stupid.
  10. I'd show you my mountain bike, but I haven't ridden it for nearly a year and one tire is flat. 😒 Bought it used last summer, when you basically couldn't buy a quality bicycle for love or money (unless you were 5' or shorter, or 6'6" or taller). It's a 29" type, which is annoying as crap. Have not found any type of "parking brake" device that locks the front wheel to the down tube, so it doesn't want to stay leaned up against a wall or tree. Also need new shoes; the only shoes I could find during the pandemic fit like clogs designed by goats.
  11. Fear Porn such as this is why there is that bon mot out there which says "If a headline contains the words 'could' or 'should', ignore the whole thing." Plus, purported internal documents have not been peer-reviewed, thus failing to meet the Golden Standard.
  12. I can't imagine how you arrived at the conclusion that it is the CDC's job to perform research.
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