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  1. I guess that the DNC is displeased with Biden it will be a very nice, formidable funeral procession in DC, and he will receive a hero's burial.
  2. Behold the power of the slipper! Also, the gentler sex.
  3. For that purpose, Artificial Stupidity would be more useful, methinks. 🙃
  4. Also known as Haggis-gents
  5. I find noteworthy how grieving people gets comforted when they see the target of the assassination enters the hospital on his own. I am not implying, of course, this fact would not give cause to some very special persons to claim it all was a conspiracy by Trump to get sympathy from indecisive voters. From here in the Spanish Mediterranean coast, we are still celebrating that football victory, but people are following the developments in the USA. Hope this is commentary enough.
  6. Not loafers. Oxfords, Bluchers?
  7. Exactly. Those charged with applying the law should have discretion to adapt it to exceptional cases.
  8. I have read that one Jill Biden demanded a strengthened SS detail of her own.
  9. Well, it is likely that the initial mention of that man would have required 200-300 words more, so be thankful for small favors.
  10. If that art critic was Robert Hughes, then it should be said he was also a historian, author of The Fatal Shore, a early history of the Australian penal colony.
  11. Only initial post of a topic thread or all posts in a thread?
  12. If I recall correctly, the opening post on a thread should not be a bare link, and should have some commentary to establish the tone of the thread. Answering posts could be a link related with the topic of the post, possibly with recent updates on the topic. See the thread on vulcanology, for instance. Of course, it is better, and more courteous, to post a brief of the contents of a link to facilitate a quick reading, IMHO.
  13. Well, next time Biden appears in public, look for the DEI representatives among his protection detail.
  14. Oh, not all people, but those who do, deserve to be ignored.
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