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  1. 8 roadwheels, so PzIV, I think.
  2. Thanks! I see Switzerland did not use the 20pdr gun on Centurions.
  3. Eminently reasonable. Stops, even to pay tolls, reduce average speed more that one could think.
  4. Was there any purchasing program for turrets taken off of tanks and put in fixed positions?
  5. Perhaps, perhaps, even if those are one Scotsman, and a Scotsbunny.
  6. Anothe point of data that says Scots were first in North America, and they brought golf with them.
  7. Seems you just found a place to send all those LCSs the USN wants to retire...
  8. Meanwhile, in Germany: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12517803/Convicted-paedophile-bundles-ten-year-old-girl-car-outside-school-sexually-abuses-police-ordered-parents-posters-warning-area.html https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12491543/Pictured-Married-father-two-accused-raping-girl-Germany.html
  9. Wonder why both Bolton, and Mattis were so keen on going to war with Iran. But, Orange Man Bad, peace with Orange Man Bad, war with not-Orange Man Good. NPCs gonna NPC.
  10. The Sun Tzu quote that I keep remembering wrt the Ukraine situation is
  11. @Damian is the guy to ask here. Apparently K2 has superb fire direction with lots of advanced features.
  12. Seems the sensible stance is to read a lot, and refrain from making wild-*ss*d-guesses camouflaged as predictions.
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