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  1. Not going to argue with that, but old age and diabetes makes suitability odds not good anyway, and I would be able to travel a bit. Thus increasing the chances of getting Kung Flu 😅. Site of jab is a bit sore now, but nothing painful, after about 13 hours of the administration.
  2. First Pfizer jab received, surprisingly painless. No ill effects to report.
  3. Both Nimitz, and Eisenhower were German Texans.
  4. Fortunately I was not drinking anything while reading last post. 🤣
  5. Exactly, and neither Australia, NZ nor the USA depended on sea lanes for importing food, on top of that. Anzacs could need American oil, however.
  6. Indeed, indeed. Japanese submariners had some spectacular successes against American warships, so they were competent.
  7. Of course they would have been defeated, if only because of technological differences, like RADAR, and SONAR, and signals intelligence. But the U-booten did overperform during periods of time, assertion that could not be said of the IJN submarine arm. Then there is the question of sea lines of communication being key for the national economies of the Allies in the Pacific - I think they were not, especially for the USA. The Japanese SLOCs were vital for them, however.
  8. This is an interesting aspect. They underperformed despite having excellent torpedo armament, and good construction techniques. Would you say the IJN submarines' performance was because of their inadequate doctrine?
  9. Well, at least practicing doctors need to pass the gauntlet of the residence period. Probably grade inflation is less of an issue there, at the moment.
  10. I would say that is a really minor point. You could fill the existing balloons with more expensive He, and reduce the payload accordingly, for instance. Easier than the manufacturing of new balloons.
  11. Captive balloons were always filled with hydrogen. Also, only the USA had helium. H2 could be easily generated with acid attack of a metal, for instance, but He needs to be separated from natural gas.
  12. Hydrogen is way, way cheaper than helium, and safety of unmanned balloons is not a big concern.
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