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  1. Sounds like Stalin's Kolyma, only without guards, better weather, and more means like tools, clothing, etc. In Kolyma soon the hardened criminals, with the aquiescence of the guards went to oppress the "politicals"
  2. Thank you for the clarification. I stand corrected on the matter of animal testing. I suppose the long term toxicology was bypassed because of the urgency to have anything to deal with a pandemic, probably believing some future treatment for the secondary effects could be developed afterwards.
  3. Putin is bad because journalists that go against him usually find their life span cut short, so people that believe in democracy could not support Putin. Meanwhile in the land of the Clintons... https://www.zerohedge.com/political/reporter-who-broke-clinton-lynch-tarmac-story-and-received-significant-death-threats
  4. Would it be better to use a 120mm mortar round? Mortar shells need less steel to withstand the shock of firing, so they have more explosive filler.
  5. Probably more bankrupt in the logistics department. Strategics were Adolf preserve, thus a fault of the political leadership.
  6. I meant long term effects. Shall I remember that one does not get a baby in a month instead of nine by impregnating nine women instead of one?
  7. That is the reason why the approval process of a new drug is so long and exhaustive. Kung Flu vaccines were rushed, without animal testing, for instance, because they were necessary, but the long term effects are unknown. Feel free to channel Mr. Micawber, however.
  8. Not if the effects only manifest themselves in 10 to 20 years, especially by mechanisms not wholly understood.
  9. R011, how do you know that all, or a statistically significative number of, deaths due to the vaccine have happened already? How do you know how much time the vaccine needs to kill? Because if you do not, or you could not prove it, you are comparing apples to oranges. Thalidomide was qualified as safe, for instance. Only in Europe, however. US FDA protected the American public of that one.
  10. The Rainbow Revolution. Followed by the yellow-red invasion...
  11. Which one will be Kamala's? Pink? Violet? Purple? Black?
  12. Well, the head honcho of that place is who he is. Just finished the book. It is one of those works that break your heart, but it is a necessary book to keep alive the memory of the (tens of) millions of innocent people tortured, worked to extenuation, raped, massacred, exposed to toxic phosphorous or radioactive uranium, or Ukrainian women in their Sunday's best crunched by tanks after an uprising.
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