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  1. There have been fires aboard crude oil tankers because their captains/owners decided it could be a good idea to burn the cargo as fuel. However, that is not so of a good idea when a fuel system designed to handle a hard to burn fuel such as bunker oil finds itself conveying a volatile-rich substance like crude oil.
  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bergius_process https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brabag Looks like you are conflating the two ways of obtaining fuels, by refining from petroleum, with possible hydrogenation and cracking involved, and by hydrogenation of coal by the Fischer-Tropsch or Bergius processes, followed by some refining, that could include cracking.
  3. You quoted a document from a US department, but without providing the date of publication. According to my, I admit, rudimentary knowledge of petroleum refining, the information quoted correspond to years where catalytic cracking was extended worldwide, such as now. Catalytic cracking is the most efficient process, and perhaps the only one feasible, to obtain high octane number gasolines in high quantities, as @RichTO90 stated, I confirmed independently by myself, and other members of this Grate Sight have written over the years. Regarding the last point, I think it was King Sargent (Rest
  4. Another reason to not bother to put someone in ignore. Also, you do not use to put very boring, irrelevant walls of text.
  5. Why? I find you funny.
  6. That man's diagnosis is strikingly similar to mine's in 1991. Hodgkin's lymphoma was also the first cancer that could be cured, thanks to that Luftwaffe raid on Bari, and some mustard gas shipping by the USA.
  7. You get it right, if you are trying to impersonate a little, well-behaved SJW, that is.
  8. Elections, even stolen elections, have consequences.
  9. Probably same reason why anti-fur activists used to bully little old ladies in mink coats, but not bikers in leathers.
  10. Looks like you think Biden should govern for the American people instead of for his electoral base, i.e. the DNC.
  11. Looks like you are not admitting that about Trump, and Obama.
  12. But you keep trolling on the topic, my friend. A lot. Anyway, thank you for stating that you are a Kamalista.
  13. That is now. Looks like during WWII, things were a bit different, and the process was not available worldwide. See here and here.
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