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  1. Greece's equipment expenditure has increased to pre-crisis levels after a decade of inactivity. For how long this can be sustained is another question.
  2. rohala

    4 to 3 crewmen

    what period do you mean?
  3. This is a common misconception that I heard numerous times at school and in university even. People thinking that if you were in your 30s you had only a few years left. Life expectancy was just a statistical number. Mortality at low ages was very high but if you made to adulthood you were quite likely to live to your 60s or more.
  4. I have read, in relation to the Greek deal, that the French Air Force wasn't too happy that it had to give up its aircraft to be sold to Greece. The second hand Rafales that France is selling aren't surplus aircraft, they are in active service. Then again I believe the French government signed a new contract with Dassault to replenish the aircraft. I guess the success of the Rafale is the result of the French government's efforts which is willing to pay for new ones in order to promote sales of second hand aircraft. And of course this is great news for Dassault.
  5. I assume the unreliability of Germany/MTU is related to export prospects, because I don't see there being any issue for procurement for the Polish armed forces
  6. Didn't the Turks recently reveal a locally developed 1500hp engine?
  7. The issue of casualties is still open and gets constantly adjusted. Do you have any information on the number of Azeri wounded?
  8. The GDP is not a sufficient indication. According to wikipedia the defense budget for Georgia is about 272 million USD representing 1.91% of the GDP while Armenia's is 634 million USD representing 5.5% of its GDP (I didn't check the math, I assume it is correct). As a comparisson Cyprus has a defense budget of around 400 million Euros and maintains 2 battalions of T-80 and one of AMX30.
  9. Why do you separate Artsakh from Armenia? I doubt Artsakh had its own separate defense budget. And the Armenian budget can definitely support of few hundred T72s. Besides, based on what I've read the Arstakh corps had two infantry divisions and an armoured brigade, which if we assume it means around 5 tank battalions it suggests a tank count of around 150-200 or more. Wikipedia shows 186 T72.
  10. No idea about airframes etc but I am thinking, isn't there a NATO directive that each pilot needs to fly at least 180 hours per year? Considering that there are more pilots than fighters (in Greece it is something like 1.5:1 I think) that would mean that in an airforce that does actually fly as much as it is supposed, each airframe would get 250-300 hours per year. Thus an expectation that an airframe should last 9000 hours doesn't seem unreasonable to me.
  11. By this time I had him for dead at least a couple of times 😁
  12. For an officially bilingual country it is shocking how many Belgians don't speak the other language. Or English. Particularly the francophones.
  13. what is the last vehicle (AMX30 somthing)? It's bescherming is redelijk just like M60A3. I would not expect that. Am I missing something or is the AMX30 not thinly armoured?
  14. "Neo" is weird. 'John Jr.', "John XYZ the third" etc always seemed weird to me until I realised that there are some cultures that do it. I was commenting about that to Spanish colleague and he told me that actually that is common also in Spain.
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