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  1. Brass cartridges help remove heat from the chamber when extracted by being well hot. Wouldn’t this be an issue with the plastic ones?
  2. Did they had the encounter with the fishing fleet yet?
  3. And the fact that it sounds so absurd NOW shows you who is on the up and who is on a downward spiral. Might makes right and the Chinese seem to have learned that lesson well, most recently in Belgrade as you said. As for the Russians they have known it since the begining of time.
  4. Let me tell you about the knife companies! They are the worst I tell you! You can not trust them!
  5. Those lines When they drydocked Averoff for maintenance a few years ago. Also how many warships do you see? ok one is a replica. https://averof.mil.gr/en/hellenic-maritime-heritage-park/
  6. We "moderate" it up to the point when our interests beat the snot out of rights and laws and treaties.
  7. That universal treaty that might makes right. As an American you should understand that. The 18th and 19th centuries taught that to the Chinese long and hard. Nevermind the first half of the 20th.
  8. What's the difference between the one offered and the ones purchased by Cyprus? Or they are the same?
  9. It seems Belarus has sent KGB agents in another country to capture another dissident and bring him back covvertly to the country. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-57304094
  10. I am sure North American natives thought the same thing when the first Europeans showed up. It’s a two sided blade. Assuming physiology is similar then the alien 24 hour flu could wipe out earthlings in a month.
  11. Sultan tried it first in Greece last year. Greeks had the benefit of the river though. Turkish police used busses to take them a couple of hundred meters from the border and pointed them in the right direction, there were cases where they provided them with tear gas grenades so they could push the police and army back. it looks like since the EU/Germany did not offer any meaningful retaliation, others have learned that it’s a profitable method. https://www.france24.com/en/20200301-greece-blocks-thousands-of-migrants-trying-to-enter-from-turkey
  12. Actually liberation of Jerusalem is higher on the list. I kid you not.
  13. Read that there was an attempt to hit the gas platform offshore with rockets and this is the response
  14. That’s probably secondary explosions from the stuff stored there I think.
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