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  1. Asking a second time, did you read the article in Russian?
  2. I am intrigued, how is something said by someone on the internet with a picture of a girl with ponytails suposed to be considered a fact? Has the human race lost all concept of critical thinking? Did you took the time to read the original article? I clicked on her, she is a GQ correspondent for the love of God....
  3. Indeed How dare a woman want to sit near the Sultan!
  4. One kick and the whole edifice will come tumbling down. One hard kick.
  5. Coup is in the air again. it seems Erdogan has put on feelers that he plans to withdraw from the Montreux treaty and over 100 retired admirals have signed a letter warning against it. Now they are under investigation for links to previous putschists. https://www.dailysabah.com/politics/legislation/turkish-officials-strongly-condemn-anti-democratic-declaration loved this quote from above article...talk about a clear proof! Turkey's Communications Director Fahrettin Altun also underlined that the declaration was released by 103 admirals while noting that 103 day
  6. I would say Indian sailors rank on notch higher than USN sailors, given the collisions they had over the last few years. I would not hire them to save a penny.
  7. Found it https://lostarmour.info/syria/item.php?id=17120
  8. I saw images of the aftermath of that attack, the Leo was in pieces. I think theTurks confirmed 5 dead on that day.
  9. A lot of foreign banks were bullish after the rate hike by 2% to 19% on Thursday by the now sacked central banker. Lira gained around 5% by Friday. A lot of them really thought the central bank finally was allowed to function independently in trying to reduce rampant inflation. Well idiots and their money... I would not want to be a Spanish banker at the moment.
  10. Country A with areas without mask mandate 1.657 deaths per mil. Currently at around 4 deaths per mil per day Country B with mask mandate 199 deaths per mil. Curently at around 1-2 deaths per mil per week. Country B has a life expectancy 3 years longer than country A. Thats why I love statistics, everyone is always right. Left the countries anonymous so as not to offend sensibilities because for some people this is a very nationalistic subject.
  11. Someone somewhere really did not think this trough very well.
  12. Well the 82 T-80s for Cyprus is accurate, but the marker pointing to Crete is not
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