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  1. I fail to see how the eurofoghter is a legend but ok πŸ˜€ Speaking of flying spits. https://www.worldwarbirdnews.com/2020/01/23/greek-spitfire-mj755-returns-to-the-skies/
  2. A Merkava tried to make a run for it. I hope crew got out ok.
  3. So if Trump's wins this will he sever diplomatic relations with countries that congratulated Biden and declare them as enemies of the US? World is starting to look like a Hearts of Iron game with historical AI turned off. I am rooting for him just for laughs. 2020 has being boring so farπŸ™„
  4. There is a video of a crashed one with iron bombs in the wreckege. Not sure if it was a kind of suicide drone.
  5. A Russian Mi24 was shot down by the Azeris. They say it was a mistake. 2 dead one injured.
  6. So the Halkbank case ( money laundering for Iran) in the US is proceeding now that political winds seem to change. And the Sultans son in law / finance minister resigns for health reasons and deletes his Twitter account. Yesterday head of central bank sacked out of the blue 10 months after the last one was sacked by the sultan for raising interest rates. lira lost 40% this year vs usd and more vs euro. I think come Monday we will have a bit of commotion in the markets. I wonder if those 100 billion USD borrowed from commercial banks to support the lira will ever be seen by their o
  7. She has a great sense of humor! Good on her
  8. Well they do have the largest % per capita of tourists to Syria the last few years...
  9. The feeling over on the Souther edge of the EU is that Germany would happily sell off EU members if it suits its economic interests. Do not know how the Baltic countries feel about that but I understand Poland is quite vocal in its opposition to Nord Stream.
  10. Its ongoing for a couple of months now. Turkish MEKO frigate was rammed by a Greek S class frigate when they tried to pass in front of it but no response from the Sultan, it appears he does not want to fight someone with an army. Yet at least. Greeks are considering sending the trirene Olympias on patrol from now on.
  11. Supposedly an Azeri TOS-1 destroyed, prety energetic coflagration.
  12. The times is saw a caption of one of those read unexploded rocket...
  13. It could be that there is no point in lying when the whole population is going to be exterminated anyway.
  14. Saw somewhere that the optic was made in June this year and the drone was manufactured in September, had 30 something hours of operation. Canada revoked the license to export the optics to Turkey a few days ago.
  15. Azeris are already filming executions and beheadings of pows.
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