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  1. It seems the Tsar just bought the niet to admission of Sweden and Finland from the Sultan. Good to see NATO being stronger together or whatever the catchphrase is. https://www.ft.com/content/fbdf2cd7-ce76-4ac7-910f-517f14bc0222
  2. So, Russians tanks at the Polish border by Sunday evening. Else, Russians are worse than Iraqis in warfare. Reading this thread reminds of the time I was working in the card fraud dep of a bank. There, you saw the true level of human intellect and analytical skills. It was not encouraging.
  3. I think you are underestimating Russians ability to endure cold and hardships. Or are they not Russians now., I am confused.
  4. Anyone with an above average iq level has left or is leaving Russia (and the save the trouble for Roman - "Actually this is good for Russian because...". Cyprus is at risk of sinking by the masses of Russians seeking permanent housing (Wargaming booked two five star hotels for 4-5 months for both Ukranians and Russian employees until they could find housing. Most are working for hight tech international companies so can work from anywhere. This war is actually good for business here afterall.
  5. Someones S-300 got killed to the South.
  6. Fascinating that they did not know the length of the front before the special operation began though.
  7. That we are so many months in this war and the Russians managed 20% with little gain the past few months, tends to corroborate the British, not the other way around. Unless you are of the Roman school of thought. “We could take the whole country if we wanted to but it’s of no use to us”. Also known as the sour grapes school of thought.
  8. Tank getting hit, but I am posting it for the crater to the left. So WW1.
  9. Not worthy of your intelect I see. Oh well, I will survive.
  10. Again with the sour grapes story…
  11. You are right no point looking into the past. Lets look forward. Will German gov behave the same? Will the German gov will stop the sale of submarines to the Sultan? Clearly its a state that is behaving like Russia does. Or are they considered defensive weapons? I mean, Turkey is signaling every single day that the islands and Western Thrace belong to them, and since Greece stationed troops on the islands they have lost sovereign over them. Or are they just a bunch of crazies who do not mean it so its safe to keep arming them?
  12. I do feel for that moron of a General Secretary of NATO, he will spend many nights trying to spin this in a good light.
  13. Again with the absolutes...
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