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  1. Russia withdraws troops from Lyman as Ukraine's eastern counteroffensive gains ground https://i.stuff.co.nz/world/europe/300702726/russia-withdraws-troops-from-lyman-as-ukraines-eastern-counteroffensive-gains-ground
  2. Apologise to whom and for what? I based my opinion on real facts from the ground which no one even tried to disaprove. We all know how Israeli settlers live in their colonies (kibutz) and how Palestinians live in their homes on same territory. Stop hiding behind an "antisemitic wall" and look truth in the eye.
  3. It seems that the majority of you are concentrated only on gas chambers and not on the ghetto. Of course that I don't have official documents, so I can't prove it. Same as you, who can't prove that it will not happen. My comparison is based on previously Israeli activity and similarity of those activities with nazi activity.
  4. I agree with some of you, there wont be peace in Palestine / Israel until both sides start to respect each other
  5. It started when imigration of Jews started. Before that large majority of population was arabs. It is funny how some facts are forgoten
  6. New map of Lyman battlefield https://t.me/poisk_mil/4594?single
  7. IIRC I said that gas chambers would be next step. Could you show facts contrary that Israel is apartheid state
  8. We should not close our ayes just becouse some think otherwise. As I said just look to the real facts on the ground and stop hiding behinde "antisemitism".
  9. Please stop thinking what I am think and just read what I wrote. If Israel act shamefully why we shouldnt say that?
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