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  1. If the dam was over-topped, there was erosion, and no planned water level corrections then most likely this was failure rather than deliberate destruction by either side.
  2. Read the Town. Faulkner wrote a paragraph there that runs onto two pages.
  3. I don't think you understand. I was speaking directly to the actions of the United States but if you think about why I selected the end date I did you might realize I don't attribute "the actions of foreign powers" as "at best, guided by Machiavellian interests or, at worst, downright evil" but rather to the same basic, purblind stupidity wrapped up in confirmation bias, anchoring bias, commitment bias, and any one of dozens of other biases. 😁 BTW, I have an affection for long sentences and long paragraphs...you should read Faulkner.
  4. Nor should you, since it wasn't altruism, it was basic, purblind stupidity wrapped up in confirmation bias, anchoring bias, commitment bias, and any one of dozens of other biases three different administrations indulged in during the shitshow that was the U.S. intervention in Afghanistan post 20 December 2001.
  5. Russian CPI rank 2014 - 136, score of 27, rank 2022 - 137, score of 28. It's problem is not being "way more corrupt" but rather that it cannot seem to do anything about corruption. It's score since 2014 has been flatlined at an average score of 28.5. Ukraine CPI rank 2014 - 142, score of 26, rank 2022 - 116, score of 33. It has been slowly dealing with corruption and since 2014 has shown an upward trend with an average score of 29.4.
  6. I don't know what to say to that... 😁
  7. Too bad. I hope he at least used the 3d Armd Div unit reports - they are extensive, detailed, and pretty complete. They are my primary source for my account of the "duel" at the Cologne Cathedral in American Thunder. While Makos's account in Spearhead is pretty good he appears to have gotten some of the movements and timings off.
  8. No, you just don't get it. In glennreality Russia is happy to risk a nuclear response by executing a conventional attack on NATO airbases but NATO would not risk a nuclear response by responding to a conventional Russian attack on NATO airbases with a conventional attack on Russian airbases. See? No problemo.
  9. Rose was killed in the early evening of 30 March 1945 when the center of the TF Welborn column was hit by a German counterattack, which took advantage of the relative lack of nearby American tanks (they struck mostly Company F, 36th AIR and elements of the 1st Battalion, 33d AR) knocking out 11 halftracks, 3 medium tanks, 1 light tank, and 2 21/2-ton trucks, and separating General Rose's party from the main body in the confusion.
  10. My Dad was also 3d Armored postwar, but when it was reactivated in 1955, until 1959 when we returned from Germany for a Pentagon tour. My older sister used to get in trouble regularly because she kept on trying to sneak out of our Hanau quarters so she could track down some SSG named Presley. 😁 Rose was outstanding as a CC and division commander, ranking up there with Ernie Harmon and P. Wood.
  11. Yes, sadly they've moved it back a month.
  12. Unrest is not always due to a lack of patriotism any more than it is a sign of patriotism. Anyone willing to marry a Coastie is probably about as batty as you can get. 😁
  13. Do you live in the PNW? About the only sign of a lack of "patriotism" I find in this area is the lack of enthusiasm exhibited by residents of Whidbey Island for Growler flights and the dumping of aviation fuels into the water table by the Navy. The Kitsap and Olympic peninsulas are large concentrations of retired, active, and former military as are Tacoma. Statewide, about 1-in-16 residents are former military, one of the highest, if not the highest, proportions of any State.
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