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  1. Those fools who wish for a Trump assassination fail to understand the anger that a lot of quiet, decent, law-abiding Americans will finally act on.
  2. A statement from the doctor who is treating Trump: ‘An Absolute Miracle’: Trump’s White House Doctor Releases Medical Update After Shooting | The Daily Caller '...a “2 cm wide wound that extended down the cartilaginous surface of the ear.” '
  3. Imagine the media pearl-clutching--nay, hysterics--if Trump had appeared with a full head-wrap bandage. Joy Reid would have been apoplectic. 🤪🤣
  4. "Back to the topic - the over-used metaphor is "the Swiss cheese model" - all the holes line up and somebody in the audience dies."--DB Also known as an 'accident chain'. EVERY event is composed of a series of smaller steps, where the interruption of any would keep the final event from happening. The various agencies having their unique comms setups is why there should be A command post, where someone with access to ALL the nets can share information among them.
  5. It gets even better for we decadent Americans...Drach weighs in--with a Rum Ration, no less:
  6. What techniques are practical for clearing scatterable mines, as delivered by air or arty? This may be where flails or rollers still have a niche.
  7. Yep. Torso hits out to 500yd (average man being about 24in/60cm across the chest). 'Good enough' for most military work.
  8. Yes indeed for the upper-tier makes such as Daniel Defense, Bravo Company and up, but not the popular, less expensive rifles. I presume, of course, that the rifle used was one of many budget makes, like S&W or PSA.
  9. Popular 'rack grade' ARs are presumed to group around 3 MOA (2-4 MOA is the traditional military standard, BTW). That, plus whatever jiggle the shooter imparted to the rifle as he pulled the trigger introduced just enough error for Trump's slight head motion after the neural command to the trigger finger to be lifesaving
  10. According to Protective Service veterans, had protocol been fully followed, Trump would not have been allowed to raise his fist, much less his head. They want to keep the protectee completely covered. The protectee should have NO say in what happens; he is simply a package to be bundled to a safe location as quickly as possible. Had that happened, though, there is no way to know what levels of unrest might have ensued until Trump was able to access media and prove his safety.
  11. 'Ms Sunglasses' gets credit; she did pile on, but when they stood up, Trump's head was clearly visible over her. She was just too short, but that did allow the fist bump photo.
  12. Kind of hard to eat tanks. And yes, I need to take my .22 (Browning BuckMark) out to the range.
  13. Several Previously Unreported Major RNC Security Incidents Raise Safety Concerns (townhall.com) On Tuesday evening, Fox News Channel's Bill Melugin reported that authorities tasked with monitoring the secure perimeter around several blocks of the downtown area "stopped a suspicious man wearing a ski mask" a few blocks away from the venue containing the convention stage. The 21-year-old man was arrested and found to be carrying an "AK47 pistol, a full magazine, & a Scream mask in a large backpack." The individual's plans remain unknown as of now, but local authorities told Melugin that the arrestee "did not have a legal CCW permit."
  14. Watch the last video I posted. A person with what looked like a rangefinder was noticed, and surveillance was attempted, but visual contact was lost. Police were supposedly trying to relocate him right up until the shooting started.
  15. More details; LEOs were looking for him well before he got on the roof
  16. Secret Service--The Story Gets MUCH Worse – HotAir "Let me be clear: we have no evidence of "plot" to get President Trump assassinated, but what we do have evidence of is a MASSIVE systems failure in a context of incredibly heightened alert."
  17. Given the power of the scopes used by snipers and spotters, it's hard to imagine why ID would be a problem. It seems like interagency comms were poor to nonexistent. Tapes and logs (if they survive) will be very interesting--and probably damning.
  18. And in the background: US Reportedly Received Intel Of Iranian Plot To Assassinate Trump | The Daily Caller "There is no known connection between the alleged Iranian plot and the assassination attempt against Trump"
  19. Hanlon's Razor is under immense strain...
  20. Sniper team (the one who shot the assassin) on an even more sloped roof:
  21. Yeah, those looked wonky too, but their theoretical function (less material to detonate an incoming shell) apparently didn't play out.
  22. 'Slow walking' directives is a thing.
  23. I'm still having a time getting used to those tall conical masts.
  24. I believe the shot was right on the money. Had Trump not moved his head that bare fraction of an inch, it would have been fatal. FORTUNATELY... ----Also, it was reported that Corey Comperatore, the other victim, died while covering his wife and daughter with his body.
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