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  1. Modern mags are designed to load under a closed bolt with 30rd. Some cram 31 in, with problems.
  2. I understand the French got some pretty stiff default conditions written into the deal. ---- For background, a video from March; it's about an hour and a half. Aaron just released an update, but I haven't seen that one yet.
  3. Trying to keep up with the Yanks? ---- "I think it's one of the prettiest jets ever made."--DB The Gnat is definitely high on the cute scale.
  4. Australia is going with a home-brewed upgrade of the AUG. That's one off the top of my head.
  5. Where are cell cams when you need them??
  6. Like the AK, adequate for the stated parameters, but waaay pricier.
  7. So two dismount fire teams per vehicle, with the actual crew acting as a third, heavy team.
  8. I have seen reviews where the US commercial version's (FA capability removed) accuracy at 2-300m was considered by some to be marginal ~4MOA, IIRC.
  9. Imagine trying to tell a grunt in the mid-'60s that the M16 pattern would be taking over the Western militaries in the 21st century...
  10. Of course, my opinion may be worth exactly what you paid for it.😁
  11. Given how the Soviets liked the Bells, it's a bit surprising this layout was not considered.
  12. Ed has done good work on forgotten and 'what-if' aircraft.
  13. And yet fuel tanks are considered a form of armor, in some designs. How is the distinction made?
  14. I was a bit creeped out by a video of Syrian troops boarding a BMP; they had to crawl in and it looked their knees were up near their chins when sitting inside. The first couple of soldiers in were not in an enviable position.
  15. That looks truly scary; for the drivers, down in their holes, it had to be terrifying.
  16. Portee mode? My bad. As usual, I did some digging after posting🤪 and found that tube to the rear is the normal mount for the NORA gun.
  17. Or a rifled tank cannon, as opposed to a smooth-bore?
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