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  1. Indeed, though it should be a great job opportunity for double amputees...
  2. It reminds me of Survival Russia's much smaller GAZ 71-34037 light cargo carrier.
  3. That thumb rest on the grip looks like it might interfere with the safety/decocker.
  4. I find your style (and the YouTube Prerun) interesting and easy to follow. Your professionalism is refreshing, given some of the other gimmicky channels (hand puppets, anime mascots, etc
  5. Good and proper exercise of thread necromancy. The CV90 series is giving good, steady service; there's not much whinging about them.
  6. Thanks again! The article looks like a very good read.
  7. Then again, the USAF wouldn't arm OV-10 FAC aircraft with anything but smoke rockets to avoid Congresscritters being tempted to divert money from fast-mover strike aircraft, then got the C-27 killed because they have C-130s.
  8. Thanks; I missed those discussions. At a glance, it seemed to fly in the face of the observation that ammo lower in the hull was safer.
  9. Thanks; it's just that popping turrets seemed to be a feature, not a bug.
  10. I have a feeling this will be seen as a threat to the KC-46 program. So, no joy. Hang drogue pods on the wings and it might be attractive to the Marines or smaller airforces.
  11. The idea of fuel as armor, while apparently reasonably effective, still sounds crazy to me. ---- On the subject of ammo stowage and explosion, why do Russian tanks with low-set carousels like the T-72, so frequently explode? Is the carousel unprotected from hot spall and fragments?
  12. The UH-60 was intended as a direct Huey replacement, with the key requirement to be far more survivable (Hueys were shot down in droves in Vietnam, though most were recovered. In fact, some were shot down more than once), hence a lot of the expense.
  13. The work silly laws demand. At least it created jobs in the gun industry.
  14. And don't forget the weather, even for ASW. Besides the obvious air and surface effects, rough weather can play merry hob with underwater conditions, giving subs wonderful opportunities to have interesting sneaks...
  15. Speaking of cans…I’ve seen good things about flow-through cans and how they reduce back pressure, hence gas backflow into receivers. Any thoughts, experience?
  16. The Tavor also is long-stroke piston (though the piston appears to be about half the length of the AK), and while I haven't noticed any gas to the face, I have seen complaints when it's fired with a can.
  17. There was also the scouring of Texas’ hull by sand piled up around her.
  18. This why there are supposed to a number of separate people repeating the same checks. As you point out, though, when things get really busy distractions and oversights can still occur.
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