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  1. Doesn't look too bad. Hose it out, put the seat back in and away you go!
  2. I wanted to shout 'REVERSE! CHANGE POSITIONS!!' after the opening salvo...the Israelis looked to be sitting there way too long... ---- Manic has a video where, standing in front of an M60, he talks about how the M60 was designed with defensive actions in mind; that the crew might have to live in the thing for days, waiting for an attack--THEN be able to function efficiently--where the Sov smaller tanks were designed with an offensive goal, so extended habitability was not as important (they didn't actually have to stay in the things, but climb in just before jump-off).
  3. The early Leo 2s with that flat turret face had a similar look.
  4. In open terrain, where snipers couldn't set up close by, unbuttoned was relatively safe. The Israeli desire to directly observe the local area gave rise to the 'Israeli hatch', where the TC's lid could be raised vertically a few inches to maintain overhead cover while allowing the TC to look outside the vehicle. Manic Moran was almost shot at eyeball defilade in Iraq. The bullet hit a vision block right under his nose
  5. I'm very interested. Among other things, it would be less ungainly with a suppressor.
  6. Aaron covers an article about the event:
  7. Agreed. Should I get one of these, I will look for a way to remove that billboard.
  8. Interesting. I'm kicking around getting a bullpup; the Kel-Tec RDB and Tavor are what I've been looking at, but this sounds interesting, aside from the cheesy name (why, oh WHY?). I want to see how much flexibility the adjustable stock gives. At 6'1" (185cm) though, bullpup lengths of pull are not inconvenient to me.
  9. That should be the CG(X) and the Constellations bumped up to DDs.
  10. Posted by Sardaukar on the Facebook page: Wanted: New missions for the littoral combat ship (defensenews.com)
  11. When I was in the Civil Air Patrol, I tracked down emergency locator transmitters (ELTs) with my handheld radio, using my body as a partial block to weaken the signal when I was turned away from the source. Crude, but workable if I were patient. It's also possible to get bearings with comm radios in a plane; simply turn the aircraft and note when a wing blanked out the signal.
  12. If you have a loop antenna, and transmissions are long enough, you can get two bearings 180 degrees apart. Unless there are other circumstances or information, you can't tell which one is correct.
  13. Slap on some Stealth Bondo...
  14. I'm trying to bring myself to watch it. EDIT: Just watched it; he pretty well skewered the 'reformers'.
  15. In his memoir, Submarine Commander, Paul Schratz mentioned the Japanese having radar detection capability; the first I've read about this. Absent a system like TBS, how did ships securely communicate at night? Light signals could be seen a long way off, so did they just carefully use low or red light and hope?
  16. Fresh water shouldn't be much of a problem; they should do fine in a warm, low-humidity room. As long as water didn't leak in through the toilet seat, your FN2000 should do fine. I kind of wonder about the Kel-Tec RDB.
  17. I was about to post that. The results weren't surprising--except for the AUG and FAL--but I hurt for those ARs... Takeaway, keep your weapons as free from water as possible. An entirely realistic and fair test would be to freeze the rifles, let them get covered with condensation then refreeze, THEN try to fire them.
  18. I'm about halfway through the video. Overall, his comments track with Nick and other people I believe credible, noting both positive and negative. His comment about most T-34s that have been studied by Westerners being more refined post-war production is interesting and I'd like to see others comment on this.
  19. The fella likes his bombast, doesn't he? Give me 10 minutes of Manic instead... 16:30--Matilda II's 'shrugging off' 88mm? He didn't differentiate between the 76mm and 85mm guns
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