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  1. USS Laffey DD-459, showed Taffy 3 how to do it on the night of 13 Nov: "At the height of the violent battle, the battleship Hiei came through the darkness and both ships headed at full speed for the same spot.[2] They missed colliding by 20 feet (10 m).[3][4][5] Laffey unleashed her torpedoes and, using all her firepower, raked the battleship's bridge,[2] wounding Admiral Abe, and killing his chief of staff.[3][6] Admiral Abe was thereafter limited in his ability to direct his ships for the rest of the battle.[7] With a battleship on her stern, a second on her port beam, and two destroyers on her port bow, Laffey fought the Japanese ships with the three remaining main battery guns in a no-quarter duel at point-blank range." She was torpedoed and sank shortly after Wiki, USS Laffey (DD-459)
  2. USS Samuel B. Roberts, sunk off Samar discovered 22,000 feet down https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-61925862
  3. What are the units used for the C-130 weights? Somehow I doubt they are tons--pounds??
  4. Dragunov, since it’s a purpose-built DMR. The M14 needs tinkering and tuning.
  5. The Stars impressed me as solid pistols. I kind of regret not getting one. FWIW, I think of the Wondernine era as starting in the ‘70s, when the first examples were released.
  6. Try publishing this story as a novel...I'll wait--but not for long. 😛
  7. A ball turret video from this channel popped up on YouTube. The three-part series on the ball turret is extremely informative (how B-17 crew relieve themselves in flight) and a bit chilling, considering the position itself. The other videos appear to be as informative. WWII US Bombers - YouTube Pt 1 of the ball turret series:
  8. Yep. The AF didn't want the C-27 in any form, so they conned the Army by first asking to join the program 'to save costs', then taking over the program...'to cut expenses'--THEN they dropped the blade.
  9. Very interesting! Cool music, too... 😛
  10. Well, it's different...sort of.
  11. The Cong used whatever they could pick up or scavenge.
  12. It sounds like they tried to get real in this exercise, rather than running a set-piece scenario.
  13. The early XM16s employed by Special Forces were considered especially deadly and feared by the VC. With the 1/14 twist, 55gr bullets upset easily on impact, causing fearsome wounds. Later, after changes in powder and the 1/12 rifling, hasty issue and poor training, the XM16E1 rifle started having its problems.
  14. I’ve also seen it stated that the sound moderator on the XM177 gave it a more AK-like report…
  15. I have heard that some chose to carry AKs out of distrust of the ARs, but IIRC it wasn't official policy. There was also simply the 'cool' factor.
  16. Interesting. I thought the Israelis simply detailed soldiers for the jobs.
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