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  1. But in this case they are referring to the Dutch Marines, the Korps Mariniers of the Koninklijke Marine.
  2. Just to be very clear about what some seem to be very confused about. Grenade, in all languages which use it, derives form the latin "granata", "having seeds (feminine of granatus from granum)".
  3. I can only echo the comments by others regarding the excellent programme, fantastic! Also, my thanks to the other attendees for a very pleasant (albeit too brief, BJE and I missing Sunday) sojourn in Germany. I'd also like to add my thanks to German automotive engineering, as I survived both Ssnakes and BansheeOnes demonstration of Autobahn free speed. The uncheduled pit stop caused by an unnamed member of the gang on the way back from Munster will go down in some form of history as well. Are we running late? /hans
  4. See Sikkiyns post. Inauguration was in July. There only needed to be built a 75 km track to M-e S, and as stated elsewhere, there is hardly any terrian more conducive to raitracks than that in the North of Afghanistan. We tested rail delivery to Camp Marmal awhile back, works just fine. The track has a connection to near the airport. Will see if I can get some pics of the trains next trip down.
  5. Since the flight back to Stockholm is 1440 from Schönefeld, neither BJE nor I will be having lunch, alas.
  6. Yup, we coordinated our travel. Thankfully we're not sharing a room though
  7. Arriving Schönefeld at 1820 on the 1st.
  8. In case anyones interested, I'm staying at the Ibis as well.
  9. Will attend Thursday evening through Sunday afternoon. PM with personal details sent.
  10. Aside from being fascinated by the earlier stated concept of attacking and occupying Scandinavia by staging from Iceland and assaulting Norway I'd like to address one issue. Given the assumptions earlier stated by Ken and others, I'd conjecture that there might well have been a regime change in the Soviet Union had things gone even just a bit worse. Stalins grip in adversity was not quite as firm as it appears. Intentions of a possible successor (Molotov?) are hard to predict.
  11. So what happened between the Civil War and the Spanish-Americasn War? Or rather, why did things fail to happen?
  12. Thanks! Also, they've apparently conscripted this guy
  13. Not to be snide, but is it really possible to damage Serbias reputation?
  14. Everybody is hedging back from anything above and beyond Air Force intervention (nice work by the French so far BTW) for one very good reason. Saudi Arabia Shoudl "unrest" hit there in any large scale way, everybody, form the US to the Chinese will want the situation stabilized as fast as possible before the oilfields shut down. I assume contingency planning has been humming along in HQs everywhere.
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