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  1. Well..as related, there was this woman who survived both Titanic and Britannic...
  2. But...it was piloted by Clint! He'd have prevailed in Sopwith Camel! (Though I think US pilots in WW I flew Spads...)
  3. https://nationalinterest.org/blog/buzz/no-stealth-you-india-says-it-can-track-chinas-new-j-20-fighter-61207 While this is Indians vs. China, J-20 has some weird stuff that are inherently "non-stealth". Movable canards would be very difficult to make stealthy.
  4. Resident Alien is pretty good, fun to watch.
  5. They probably didn't like each other...
  6. Apparently German fuel did stay reasonably competitive until late in war. Japan had it lot worse.
  7. Now is time for my racial (racist) thoughts Harry looks suspiciously like Princess Di's bodyguard...but I digress...just wondering it there has even been black redhead? (apart from Rodman...) Then there is this...
  8. Beurling was quite a character. As I have lived quite a few years in Malta, I have love/hate relationship with the place. Closterman's book "Flames in the sky" gives good account of Beurling. I can quite trust his view, being a top ace talking admirably about fellow pilot (AFAIK they never met).
  9. Chronic narcissisms and foot-in-mouth syndrome. Common with all leading politicos.
  10. There probably would not be war until Soviets trigger it (Finland/Baltics) or when Germany feels itself strong enough to take on USSR:
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