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  1. This seems interesting based on some Youtube videos: http://www.grandtactician.com/thecivilwar/index.html
  2. Don't get me started with that horrible Serbian "hangover soup"... https://thefoodhog.com/shkembe-chorba-recipe-tripe-soup/
  3. We get our coffee mainly from Brazil and Colombia.
  4. On lighter note (you others seriously need to step up!):
  5. https://ilmavoimat.fi/en/-/air-force-exercise-baana-23-in-tervo The Air Force road base exercise Baana 23 is organised in Tervo, North-Savo, on 18-22 September 2023. Aircraft from allied nations will also take part in the exercise. Baana is an annual road base exercise of the Finnish Air Force. The lead responsibility of the exercise rotates every year among the Air Force units and now it is the Karelia Air Command’s turn. The Air Force trains regularly operations from other than a home base to be capable of a quick dispersal across the country, when necessary. Operation at road bases is part of the training of all Air Force pilots. ..... Apart from the Finnish Air Force fleet, aircraft from allied countries will be involved in the exercise. For the first time, the Royal Norwegian Air Force F-35s and Royal Air Force Eurofighter Typhoons will participate in the exercise. The Eurofighters will operate out of Rissala Air Base.
  6. It is just being amusingly hypocritical about Nazis when Moscow actually have more of them than Ukraine. After all, the "special military operation" was (one reason told) for the "de-nazification" of Ukraine. Could have started within Russian borders first. Anyways, every country have their neo-nazis, even Finland, but they tend to be very fringe people.
  7. Well...I think "targeted assassinations" do fall into this topic...
  8. Yea, lot of KO'd tanks were repairable, sometimes in quite short time. I was curious if anyone "recycled" so called "total loss" vehicles as raw metal. As you said, melting is only way to use material in burned out tank.
  9. Indeed. I was curious if any nation has had that other than in very limited scale.
  10. Did any nation in WW II and beyond up to nowadays had policy to recycle "total loss" (not KO'd but more seriously done) hulks? Just interesting in logistic sense. They could have been used as "scrap metal" for new things.
  11. This probably fits into this topic: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2023/sep/20/veteran-group-senator-military-promotions-block-abortion As a result of Tuberville’s block on Senate-confirmed promotions, more than 300 senior roles are being filled in an acting capacity. Military officials have bemoaned the effects of Tuberville’s blocks on officers’ families and finances. Even the position of chair of the joint chief of staff stands to be affected, when the current occupant, Gen Mark Milley, steps down at the end of this month. Source is what it is, but basically this one guy is seriously demeaning US military. On the other hand, one could argue that US has already too many generals and admirals....
  12. This is quite accurate: Amusingly they themselves said they are neo-nazis...
  13. Lots of 24/7 shops here in Finland. Usually more in bigger towns where there are ample customer base. Also there are service stations 24/7 for gas and they are nowadays more like 24/7 grocery stores/gas stations/cafes. These usually serve people working at nights with cars, cops, truckers, security guys. It was not unusual to see most of the town cops in those at 3am. To add: And I have not seen any supermarkets etc. that are not open on Sundays. Most of grocery stores too. To add more: Most of people would be happy to work on Sundays, since it's usually double-pay, Saturdays are usually 1 1/2 pay. Thus, those without families are pretty happy to work on weekends. Plus evening and night bonuses. Especially young people love to work those shifts. Back in old days when I was in security, basic "unofficial" deal was that we single people did Xmas (triple pay) and then family people did New Year so we could go to party. Good deal.
  14. Well, US apparently want to use designation M1E3 for new Abrams version. Will be interesting to see eventually what Merkava 4 Barak actually will contain, since as said before, it seems to lack some equipment from previous versions.
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