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  1. Considering how many people Romans crucified in Judea during years, it'd be minuscule chance if those being from Jesus-event. Josephus has some grim things about siege of Jerusalem, legionaries amusing themselves crucifying captives in bizarre positions in view for besieged to demoralize them.
  2. An example of how CMO:PE is used at the USMC Wargaming Lab
  3. Might have missed it, but does Tankovia have intelligence service? Codebreaking and military intelligence would probably be military, but could found something like MI6, recruiting from all refugees/immigrants that had come in during years (while that might also be double-edged sword with double-agents..).
  4. Timing of this stuff is just *bit* too good, considering FBI having that laptop for almost an year. And that is during Trump presidency with republican majority in senate... I'd have thought people would have jumped in glee about this long time ago. Timing just smells totally like smear and disinformation campaign. Business Insider has interesting article: https://www.businessinsider.com/biden-laptop-real-fake-russian-intelligence-2020-10?r=US&IR=T
  5. Not saying it is not so...but people should also think about this before jumping into wagon: https://www.politico.com/news/2020/10/19/hunter-biden-story-russian-disinfo-430276
  6. You should download Community Scenario pack, it has loads of scenarios. And more are coming regularly. You can download it from here: https://www.warfaresims.com/?page_id=1876 with Description and Image packs too.
  7. What I have read..e.g....disbanded regiments are re-formed in Falun, Sollefteå, Arvidsjaur, Göteborg, Uppsala and Kristinehamn. Other source: REGIMENTS BEING RE-ESTABLISHED • Norrland's dragon regiment (K 4) in Arvidsjaur • Älvsborg's amphibious regiment (Amf 4) in Gothenburg • Upplands air flotilla (F 16) in Uppsala • Bergslagen's artillery regiment (A 9) in Kristinehamn • The Valley Regiment (I 13) in Falun • Västernorrland's regiment (I 21) in Sollefteå with training detachment in Östersund Also number of conscripts are raised
  8. Since Tankovia seems to have decent amount of coal, I guess there would be quite a few coal-powered power plants? If I am not mistaken, Tankovia also has couple of rivers, maybe one or 2 hydroelectric plants too?
  9. Well, Swedish politicians have finally woken up to fact that Putin's Russia is nothing like peaceful democracy that was hoped to emerge in 90s... Sweden still has big job to bring back the lost capabilities when they downsized military in past. https://www.thelocal.se/20201015/sweden-to-ramp-up-military-spending-by-40-percent https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/oct/15/sweden-to-increase-military-spending-by-40-as-tension-with-russia-grows
  10. For coastal defence, it might be possible to get these: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BL_9.2-inch_Mk_IX_–_X_naval_gun
  11. Specifically ISU-152: In 1943, 35 ISU-152 were produced. In 1944, 2510 produced No idea about 1945. Source: Tank Warfare on the Eastern Front, 1943–1945: Red Steamroller by Robert Forczyk
  12. Would Tankovia really need them, no. Would they be useful, yes. Might get Turkey peeved with possible interdiction of Bosporus Straight.
  13. Type IIA submarines, few of them, might be useful. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Finnish_submarine_Vesikko Could get them from Dutch or even Finns.
  14. Maybe standardizing light/medium/heavy to 75mm/105/150 (155?) and to 203mm? Former to be unit artillery (divisional) and heavier as Corps and higher assets?
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