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  1. Don't think it should be like that....
  2. Not that you don't have (personally prolly not) a history of armed insurrection
  3. Now we know who is her husband!
  4. Correct me, but isn't that shit a felony ?
  5. That is incredibly amusing
  6. At least not Bobbit...he got it worse.
  7. You gotta be on side of us jackbooted nazis
  8. I'd feel threatened and with probable cause.
  9. Or I am with quite good experience with law enforcement. And I'd have pulled sidearm and started to give bullets way before.
  10. That is up to justice system. Just sayin:
  11. Obviously cop will be identified. And nowadays it is hard to hide. If you have to be found, you will be.
  12. What Ssnake said. Not only incompetent but "fucktard".
  13. I'd not say never Careerist might not, but peeved dudes will
  14. @Stuart Galbraith In my experience one does not make a career in law enforcement by opening a difficult can of worms...
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