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  1. If Beijing decides to play stupid games then yes, probably. Better to give them the bloody nose on their doorstep, while they attack Taiwan or some other country, instead of waiting for 'their turn'.
  2. Doubt it, they had a lot of projects in the meantime and M1s have been continuously upgraded - even to the point of being de facto new tanks. Both Detroit and Lima have quite a lot of orders, which means they maintain cadres. It's not like UK's situation where the orders for CR2 were completed 20 years ago and not much happened since.
  3. Doesn't Japan have a problem with not just with increasing manpower, but with meeting current requirements as well? Looks like even GATE didn't help, too bad that realistically there won't be any portal to parallel world with big boobed elves and 1000 year old goth lolitas.
  4. If such a thread is created we may have hundreds of new members soon. PakIndian internet shitstorms are legendary.
  5. Or make it India vs Pakistan, greater meme potential
  6. Early Sidewinder was indeed transferred to China (and USSR) via Taiwan, it forgot to explode and got stuck in chicom MiG-17.
  7. Well, they had other negotiations ongoing and they were supposed to be kept secret. And it's not Australia's role to point out what France should or shouldn't do internationally, they just need to pick partners whose politics align with theirs.
  8. Chynah has their own and I'm pretty sure they're substantially cheaper.
  9. Geee.... could it be the fact that France (and the rest of the EU as well) isn't really interested in countering Chynahs newfound 'assertiveness'? Australia is there, US will fight because it has to, UK looks for a new 'place under the sun' after Brexit.
  10. M1 remembering to stay hydrated during Reforger
  11. Hard to say really, various anti-nuclear 'greens' doesn't necessarily have to be Chinese/Russian/whatever agents, they can simply be idiots.
  12. They have ~half of Israel's population and ~1/30 of Israel's area. Possibly they'd have to station part of their forces elsewhere, but they can't do it... yet. And well, they have conscription and large reserves, can't see how they can realistically do more than they already did.
  13. SAF is already more or less on par with Australian military, with a quarter of her population.
  14. Oh, you always could, you just chose not to. You can even sell them Astutes, I'm pretty sure they'll take them.
  15. Stealth MAY help even in roles where it's not absolutely necessary, you deny the enemy the information that you're there, and even if you don't it still makes getting firing coordinates a lot more difficult/impossible. If you can shoot missiles without entering the airspace you can also be shot at while you're there.
  16. That fit with 'don't you dare fuck with us' approach, with little consequences because for once it was the US enemies that were scared about US reaction, not the other way around.
  17. Cheapest Western fighter? Possibly, maybe Gripen is similar in that regard, but it doesn't mean it's cheap, it just means that the West doesn't produce low cost fighters anymore. Which makes a lot of sense if you look at it, there's not as many aircraft available as once had been, you want them to be as capable as possible.
  18. I'd say that neither was the MiG-23 a 'light' fighter nor is the F-16 low cost anymore.
  19. That's pretty much what happened in Turtledove's Southern Victory series. CSA wins in 1862 with the (mostly naval) help of UK & France, wins again in 1882 (North starts the war because of CSA purchase of some Mexican territory which grants them access to the Pacific), then in the IIRC 1880s they free the slaves under pressure from London and Paris. Not that it does them (the slaves) much good though.
  20. 4chan anon summed up our purchase
  21. Pilot programme, yes, though not for M1s but armed forces modernisation in general. So just the usual blahblahblah
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