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  1. Of course! Like you could put that up in the Wannabe Greater Russian Empire.
  2. That's the 10 to 20 million dollar question. Did he think she was just another young model who liked to party with the rich, famous and powerful or did he know more?
  3. And for good reason but does this apply to men who didn't know because the underage girls paid by dirt bags like Eppstein did their best to mislead them about their age? In Andy's case we seem to be talking about the different between 17 and 18 or 19.
  4. That much I read in a US paper or magazine. She was 15 or 16 and paid to give him a massage, after that he massaged the Little Jeffrey in front of her and then gave her 200, 300 dollars. She said she felt dirty but also a few hundred bucks richer. She ended up choosing the money. I just don't recall reading anything about what others knew or according to court documents knew. I just can't imagine Jeff, Glishane and and the girls disclosing this to the other guests but giving the impression Eppstein was just being Sugar Daddy to young but legally adult women.
  5. Long term it's out of production- and weirdness ness will make it even more collectible.
  6. Speaking off Randy Andy, has anyone made the case that anybody but Eppstein and Maxwell knew that the young women at the parties were actually both underage and paid for? I have a hard time imagining Eppstein advertising that. Sadly the reporting over here lack detail in this regard. It's all generalities.
  7. Could it be that they mixed up .30 Mauser and .30 Luger? 1420 fps and 415 footpounds fits the Mauser round.
  8. Different requirements, especially for the heavy AA? A 90mm is not DP buy naval standards, a 5" would be too heavy for most land uses.
  9. Captured Polish 40s? And some British Army ones too? Defending airfields? Why? Pre-40 you assume the attacker to take off from bases in Germany. That is far enough away to ensure only "heavy" bombers can make it and you don't need any guns with a sub 15k feet ceiling to deal with them.
  10. I think you are selling yourself short. It was your army that got interested in the Bofors well before your navy and 2pdr guns had been used by ze Germanz az early az WW1.
  11. Very much apples and oranges. German Navy triple-A was pretty bad even in 1941: no DP guns, manually loaded, semiautomatic 37mm guns and not a lot of 20 mils either. Army triple A was already using an automatic 37mm by that time. The Japanese had good and bad reasons to be impressed. USN AA was good and they had so far only experienced Chinese AA. The Japanese Army was a bit lightly equipped with heavy weapons by western standards but still way outgunned the Chinese. So I assume Chinese AA was pretty weak too.
  12. BTW, anyone having the price the US government had to pay for a WW1 1911? All Google coughs up are today's prices for WW1 1911s. Best I find do was 15 dollars in WW2.
  13. I'm a long time subscriber and supporter of that channel but Othias hinted that there will be a delay. I hope that was the recent revolver episode.
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