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  1. Didn't they also make some in 9mm Luger? PS: Why a 21" barrel when SMG have less than half? To have sufficient reach with a bayonet?
  2. That shows more what a powerful gun the 15" was. Here is a thought: No 16" gun but an improved 15" with a higher MV!
  3. Light weight is relative. First we talk about a 2,050lb projectile and second the US one was just 60lb heavier at the time.
  4. I have dug up some information on the Lexington class at Jstor and it very much looks like the US would have gone through with all six. All had been laid down and all but one were scheduled für completion in 1923 already. And I erred about the Amagis. Japan had laid down four, not two. I guess the US went for decisively outbuilding, not merely matching the Japanese in every category. PS: Lawfare? It was the US that got the WNT started and I think the idea of a BB building holiday was a US idea too.
  5. Your meant to say beaver and maple syrup, didn't you. 😈
  6. I wonder if there had been much left to cancel by late 1923. At least three of the Lexingtons and all six South Dakotas were under construction by the spring of 1921. A year later four we more than 30% complete. As to why they were needed and funded: New ships with the 16" guns made the previous ones obsolescent at best. While big cruisers would certainly be legal before a WNT 2.0 in the mid 20s, I'm not sure we'd seen much of them. In the first half of the 20s everybody is concentrating on capital ships. Afterwards Japan would have very little to spend on cruisers and so on and politici
  7. Maybe but not much. As long as Japan had built, the US would have done so too lest they be overmatched. What could Japan have had by the fall of 1923? The Nagatos, two Tosas, and one Amagi and Kii* each. On the US side the four Colorados carry 16" guns but are on the small-ish and slow side. I'd expect more than two South Dakotas. *the other was built on the same yard as Amagi and would most likely fall victim the the quake too.
  8. Yes, of course no defense intended at all. 🙄
  9. If the WNT doesn't come in 1922 it would have come in 1924/25 because in 1923 the Japanese building program would have been ended by the Kanto earthquake. Not that the 8-8 program had any chance of completion in the first place. It exceed Japan’s capabilities while both the US and the British Empire could have easily over-matched Japan.
  10. During the Armchair Admirals live stream they were also getting to German and thus US torpedo troubles. That reminded me of the extreme caution that had been drilled into US submariners. Night surface attacks were strictly “Verboten!” and during daytime one was supposed to aim torps by (passive) sonar. Ok, pre September 39 that’s excusable but it seems to have gone on at December 41 and even past that date. I wonder why. By this time the submarine campaign in Europe had been going on for 27 months. German submarines routinely attacked from the surface and liberally used their deck g
  11. What's the actual terms? The German MSM stated that the UK agreed to the so called "level playing field" aka no dumping, same standards and so on. However does this merely mean the UK won't go below the current standards or will the UK apply future higher EU standards too? The EU wanted the latter but did they get it?
  12. The gun seems sound. New production with a good barrel and pic rail instead of a fixed optic and you are done. Or are the new rifles even better?
  13. This is the but the million Euro version of CO2 free certificates or green electricity fare.
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