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  1. The Trimotor carries more passengers but over a shorter distance. The S.71 is on the longer routes. Their recent purchase was to replace the Junkers G24 with something new that is also more economical. The Hellenic Air Force was looking for inexpensive transport planes and Savoia-Marchetti probably wanted to get a foot in the door. S.55 show up more often than they used to. Even General Balbo visited. Hm, the S.55 isn't brand new but it's good at what it does. I wonder if Italy accepts payment in coal, the USA would not, I guess.
  2. Looks like it. Spica class: Ten knots faster than required, three single 10cm LA/HA guns, plenty of light AA, torpedoes and still just 800 tons standard. Ours could be: 24kn, 3*1*10cm LA guns, 4*1*2pds*, 6(?)*1*13mm HMG, 1*4*45cm launcher *to be replaced later by alternate history's default medium AA gun.
  3. As far as I know seaplanes can not operate from the open seas unless they happen to be very, very clam. If they are not they can land but not take off, thus seaplanes bases are located in inlets or bays. If so, their capability for search and rescue would be limited to search and dropping life rafts. Things landplanes can do just as well. With regard to using Savoia-Marchettis I was thinking of logistical advantages like easier maintenance and maybe we could get better conditions as we already bought some. The Trimotors have a substantially shorter range, so I'm not enthusiastic about the
  4. Do we need a flying boat for maritime patrol? The Black Sea is not the Pacific Ocean and we have an airfield at Burgas. We could use Savoia-Marchetti S.71. Certainly for the training period. They are night and all weather capable and Air Tankov - who are also at Burgas – has purchased four to amend their Ford Trimotors. Another item in the naval plan that might need to be reconsidered are the Schnellboote from Lürssen. We could to change that to costal ASW/minesweepers/gunboats of the R-class. A ~100 ton boat could reach 21 knots with diesel engines and mount a fair number of automatic g
  5. That one was glorious! "You have arrived at your destination." : https://postimg.cc/dkZNGM5J
  6. I ruled out anything that wasn't in service at that time as no one could have known what worked and how well and it is 1930 when the plan is finally done. .50 cal/13mm AA machine guns are still fine, 20mm cannons are great and the Bofors was but a very early prototype, so for medium AA single barrel 2pdrs are the best you can reliably plan with. That gun? http://www.navweaps.com/Weapons/WNIT_39-47_m1924.php Like the British one. Lower RoF, low shell weight, even with the new mount. Keep them in storage for mobilisation or use them as CD guns. The 12.7cm/25 is still the bet
  7. My three cents on the navy. The biggest item are the submarines and not just financially. So for the Tankovian Navy has not operated anything more complex than an armed trawler, which doesn't require a lot of skill at all. The move to torpedo armed fast attack craft seems simple enough because they are just a lot larger versions of MTB. The multi role escorts should be doable but submarines, I’m not sure. Now to the escorts: Range: No point in the Black Sea is further away from Burgas than 650 nm, to Haifa is app. 1000 nm but you pass Rhodes at 550nm and Cyprus at 800nm
  8. Memories of the Bergen Rollercoaster. It was a ton of fun with the hatch open and the seat up. Buttoned up, seasickness was coming fast, thus the open hatches.
  9. The superior quality of German concrete. Defying Allies shells in 1944 and time since then.
  10. It's not a tank but I once fell asleep in a Marder that had the engine running. When I wasn't suffering from massive sleep deprivation I could hear the other guys without an intercom.
  11. Nick meets Harry Yeide on the Twitch channel of World if Tanks NA. 24th, 18 to 20 hours CDT*. https://m.facebook.com/events/985213235277872?ref=content_filter * Balls, that's 0100 to 0300 hours in my place.
  12. I see your Oerlikon's earlier availability and remind you of the inferior performance of planes of the time. Furthermore the ST-5 has a more powerful round for AT use. I'm also not sure the 22cm Mortar M30 is needed. The 15cm M35 has the same range, is much lighter and has plenty of power against field fortifications. The M30 is certainly the better concrete bunker buster but to what degree is that ability tactically needed given the defensive nature of our military? And last but not least, for ages Lokomotiv has been lobbying for the Sturmgeschütz and now that we are up to our nec
  13. Not interested. For SP halftracks are better. Helmet wise I am not seeing anything better ... yet. Though the Poles are working on a new helmet. Oil firing for the sloops for sure to reduce crew size and operating cost until we can replace them. And something else interesting from Lürssen.
  14. Tanktovian artillery: Please proof read! AA: Solothurn ST-5 20mm (older) Breda Model 35 20mm (new) Bofors 40mm Bofors m/29 75mm/L52 field artillery: Skoda M.15 75mm mountain/SP gun (old) Skoda M.28 75mm mountain/SP gun (new) Skoda vz14/19 10cm howitzer (old) Skoda 10.4cm FK M.15(M22) cannon (old) Skoda 15cm sFH M.14(M21) howitzer (old) Skoda 15 cm K10 cannon (old) Skoda H-series 105mm cannon (new) Skoda K-series 105mm howitzer(new) Skoda K-series
  15. A recommendation for the early 1930s naval rearmament: Kil class sloops TMK Mesar, Maroder, Brigant, Podpalvach: Sell to Tankovian owners. Replace with S-boats. S-boats: German S-2 class but with 45cm torpedoes to allow for more guns(2×twin 20mm or 2xsingle 2 pounder or something still in design). 24 class sloops TMK Svoboda and Nezavisimost: Retain and modernize by replacing the VTE engines with diesels. Strengthen the AA armament(see S-boats). And the financial situation permitting one or two CV 707 type submarines.
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