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  1. I've not seen it online. That's how long ago it has been, lost in time because people were on dial up modems...
  2. that program did air as I saw it on TV when it came out. A lot of it was left on the cutting room floor but there was one part where all three Stuarts are running 25 mph across the field less than one foot apart from each other. We did a lot of crazy stuff because we were young and fearless. I look back and shake my head. One year at Knox the man in charge of the Armor school was my bow gunner. I told him that in the tank I was in charge. During the event the tank broke and he was wanting to go watch the battle. Instead he got ordered to dismount the bow and AA guns (one went on a t
  3. top heavy crazy assed armored car. The one I worked on had a pretty good sized gun. Maybe a 40mm? been a long time. If you get it in a ditch it is close to falling over... As far as the Polish re-enactors went I always felt better when the gang from Chicago rolled into a show with that giant, ancient RV. They were (and probably still are, completely nuts) but you could be sure that the public would get a good show. At Arcola years ago the US infantry went to ground and wouldn't advance (public battle, scripted). I got the Poles to fix bayonets which is a no-no and drive the German
  4. there is a third option. Lying and moron at the same time...
  5. I've posted over and over the differences between an Obama economy and a Trump economy for a small, family-owned business. I live the reality on the ground every day. The truth is that Trump made a huge difference for the little guy. Obama did everything he could to crush the little guy and nearly succeeded. If a person works for Big Tech then maybe the Obama economy was great, otherwise good luck... One of the occurrences that explain Milo's garbage statistics is the number of people that are rendered unemployable (read as cancelled) due to their political views. It's okay to st
  6. I get the Epoch Times and find it to be a good balance with the WSJ. If Epoch writes a story it tends to be longer and more thorough. I'd recommend it.
  7. to be fair posting on TankNet does have a 100% mortality rate over a long enough period of time. Causation and correlation? Because afterlife always votes "D". the lesson: best to recover from Covid when you can. Maybe time to catch up on study?
  8. as I recall a German once said that a nation of 70 millions suffers but does not die. Extrapolating the end result for all that doesn't give one a warm and fuzzy feeling
  9. he is the back half of a one trick pony. No offense intended towards ponies of course!
  10. regarding various posts about economics. I've been around for both ends of the see-saw. When Trump was elected it was like a switch had been flipped for us. Within 30 days our completely silent phone was ringing constantly. We gave raises for the first time in years. The staff got Christmas Bonus (nothing left for ownership but c'est la vie). We paid down debts that were leftover from before the Trump Administration. Planning for a Trump re-election we had an expansion in mind. Now those plans are cancelled. I had two major accounts contact me (one on Friday and the other on Satur
  11. when Trump came into office he kicked the economy into high gear just by taking the regulatory boot off our necks. My company was at the end of its rope. Within two years of his election we paid off half of the money we had to borrow during the Obama Presidency to stay in business. Now we likely face extinction again. My angle is to play what we learned from the last go round and hope it is enough. During the previous Democrat regime about 40 of our business to business customers closed their doors for good. During the time of Trump there were two that went under and both of them were CO
  12. Retac, last thing I want to do is be called reasonable. You sir, have gone too far!!! A thought occurred to me. At this point I am in the position of being Frodo watching Gandalf (Trump) fall into the chasm after the Balrog. If he goes from being Trump the Orange to Trump the White when this is all done for it'll be worth the price of admission. To Ken E's point above Trump won't be the only failed businessman in the next few years. A lot of us expect to be wiped out by the regulatory deluge coming soon to a company near you.
  13. theologically speaking I am of the belief that God expects us to do much for ourselves. That it is in God's hands doesn't mean we are to leave everything to do to Him. These are times that try the faith but let's be honest. A Biden administration is no more detrimental to the nation than an Obama Presidency. Even the upcoming Harris Administration isn't going to have much time between replacing Joe and the Mid-terms which are likely to be hard for Team D if gas is $4 per gallon. All this feels to me like the day after Pearl Harbor must've felt but it really isn't so. When they come w
  14. Since the Democrats led by AOC are preparing the lists for their Order 66 I think it best to take every precaution...
  15. if the plan is to leave it in "God's hands" then our Creator is leaving things a little late in the game to make an impact. As far as the AP goes they are subscribing to "big lie, repeated enough".
  16. I seem to see a pattern here. It's almost as if every occurrence or mishap seems to tilt the results in one direction.
  17. pretty bold talk by people who think "guns are bad". When you don't know which end is the loud end it may be best not to threaten those who do know.
  18. they've had years to reach across the aisle. The only thing that has come across the aisle is incendiaries so I wouldn't look for outreach by Team "D". The idea that Joe Biden was so much more popular than Barack Obama that he trounced Obama's vote total is preposterous on its face. So many locations are reporting astonishing increases in voter turn out to the point that the number of votes outnumbers the number of registered voters which should be impossible. There is one brake on what the Democrats are planning over the next 4 years. In four years Donald Trump will only be one y
  19. there is at least one BLM activist that got a seat in the House. There is also the infamous "Squad" It's difficult to see the Right is the problem here...
  20. ...and we are going to keep counting until we get the desired result and then we are going to stop. It's a weird feeling to be watching this happening. It probably is a history making moment as the level of fraud detailed by the person who wrote the piece in rmgill's post above notes. The "checks and balances" in our system have been subverted. I think the Democrats believed their own polls when Hillary ran and weren't prepared with their usual fraud. This time they weren't taking any chances and were prepared.
  21. I think you may have confused Paul G with Paul in Saudi. I don't think they are the same person
  22. because the Democrats are ahead. They use your nation as a tool in their domestic operations. If it had been the other way it would've been Russia, Russia, Russia!!!!!! stole the election. Consider what Facebook and Twitter did in the weeks leading up to the election. Consider what the media did to bury Trump's peace deals in the ME. When people in the United States criticize Russia for how it handles its affairs it rings hollow to me. Beria would have done anything to have the power that Facebook has now...
  23. well Jimmy Carter endorsed the validity of numerous South American elections... he may be the right man for the job now and he hails from Georgia. Seems like a good fit for him to assist the USA in going full banana.
  24. from where I sit it looks like we now face the long, dark, descent. No one else from outside of politics will pursue the Presidency. The political class holds sway and DC will never be reduced. It's a watershed moment for the USA but not in a positive way. If there is a path forward I certainly can't see it. I suspect the usual suspects will be happy to feast on the remnants and I'm probably old enough to wait it out but cry for the children...
  25. I've been on that bird, attended a social occasion with the crew. They seemed really top notch folks. I can't be certain but I believe I got to see it fly with the English one someplace? Did they do that in the USA? It could've just been the crew talking about it. Their story about the nursing home was both wonderful and awful at the same time. Probably never happen again thanks to the ravages of time and Covid.
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