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  1. sometimes I can follow it, others times it is simply too obscure for me. I can't hang out with the cools kids any more, too old and slow...
  2. it wasn't and isn't a good bioweapon but that doesn't mean that folks weren't studying the possibility. I believe the phrase is absence of evidence is not evidence of absence or something like that. I wouldn't even say that China deliberately released what got out but they sure as hell released it even if it was accidental. It's not like this is the first time that China has been careless. At some point Occam's Razor is going to cut through even the thickest coverup.
  3. the USN is currently more concerned with diversity than ability. I guess that beatings will continue until morale improves. The whole bumping ships thing is also an indicator. I assume there are still capable sailors but they are being weeded out as fast as possible.
  4. that last bit sounds like rationalization. To be specific it is the sound of someone who realizes that if the truth were known in total that this would be a world changing event and not for the better. If the everyday public knew that China had conspired with an arm of the US government in a failed attempt to create a manageable doomsday weapon it really would be the end as we know it. Wars and Civil wars have been brutal and bloody over far less provocation. If it is any consolation, I am in the same spot. I am not prepared to dispute nitflegal's expertise on any part of the covid circumstance
  5. having some extended family in the medical field I have heard nitflegal's comment about the virus' ability to do weird stuff a lot. Having been very ill with it myself I would concur that it is an atypical sickness
  6. so the camera mistook a person for an automobile? How big was this person?
  7. Bill's a pretty even handed guy. Sure, he's had times when he's had enough of the Trek but he's really a pretty normal chap. Not a real long time ago he lived about an hour away from me but I don't believe he's in that location any more. If you can't look up to the character of Captain Kirk then the problem is with you, not the writers or actor.
  8. that is true. I was thinking more along the practical side of things than the political side. One of my customers had to travel and was very afraid getting of getting stopped
  9. as a vaccinated person traveling you could still be a carrier. When you are tested does the vaccine allow you to continue on in the face of a positive test? I don't believe that anyone is claiming that the vaccine can prevent covid infections entirely,
  10. just because Senator McCarthy was an asshole doesn't mean he wasn't correct about his assertion that the Communists were infiltrating many parts of American society. Most scholarship supports his claims. Senator McCarthy is an excellent example that even paranoids have enemies. If a person looks around now the results of the Senator's paranoia seem to be in and confirmed.
  11. just because someone is crippled doesn't mean that they can't be a criminal, too. Both criminals and officers should be aware that there a cameras everywhere these days
  12. my wife's family in the medical field has spoken of some of the directives leveled at Hospitals where they work. There is a fear of using any treatment that isn't on the approved list. Some seniors are being sent home with no treatment at all past some IV fluids. There is unusual pressure being applied to medical professionals.
  13. It's weird what a person knows and then what they "know". I get tripped up like that from time to time. I bet the Covid thread is crazy difficult for nitflegal. I hadn't given it much thought but after having my own thoughts red flagged now it seems obvious in retrospect. I can offer this piece of wisdom which has served me well: "The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant compared to the power of the force" While it may not be relevant it's always worth knowing
  14. yep, I almost said something that would've broken a trust. I can be a real idiot sometimes!!
  15. I started to type up a long reply but after thinking for a second let's just agree to a detente on this issue. I had some close friends pretty far up in the Chase food chain and probably need to be judicious on this issue. they're always watching!!!! so never get out of the boat
  16. Retac, in this particular case I can assure you that Dimon was never a Trump supporter. He paid limited lip service where he had to but his in house company apparatus (which I had dealings with) was 100% Democrat staffed and funded. Chase did things that certainly should not have been done. What it boiled down to in his case was that the banking industry felt like they would have more control under a "D" regime in the long term. Some of the statements were still visible on the Chase website in the first quarter of this year if you had a login
  17. anecdotal experience: in my experience the vaccinated people who are going about their lives in an entirely normal fashion are spreading the virus more than people who are still be careful because they are at risk. the edit: We have an N95 mask fitting kit for work. It is actually a complex thing to properly fit an N95. Our kit says facial hair is an automatic fail.
  18. it seems that city life at that scale would've been incredibly difficult but I have to keep in mind that people were both heartier and more intelligent in those days. Empire or Republic, let's face it this is the BIG one!
  19. I feel like I read someplace (maybe on TankNet) that the decline of Rome's population was related to contaminated water, maybe lead poisoning? I would've assumed that all their piping was clay of some sort. How much did Rome's population drop anyway? Did the city ever house millions in ancient times? Even the ruins are considerable.
  20. CV6 did not sink. While Ark Royal shouldn't have sank it did thus putting itself out of the competition for greatest. There's a book out from a long time ago about how great the Essex class USS Yorktown was and it did seem like a good fighting vessel but then you read what CV6 did and you wonder what the Yorktown crew was thinking when they said they had the best carrier in the fleet. Maybe when CV6 was in refit... They went after Maund (spelling?) for the early evacuation of the Ark Royal which was crap but they couldn't make it stick. The power loss with no backup generators was a design flaw and not really his fault. Very good looking ship, I wish the RN was more careful with the carriers that they started the war with. On the space force uniforms if you wait til they change to color to a darkish red then they may look more familiar.
  21. it's my opinion that Chinese money and administration have infiltrated every level of the World Health Organization and that because of that the WHO is no longer a reliable source of information. That doesn't mean that the WHO can't be correct about something but everything they do passes through the lens of Chinese influence. Just to clarify the above would apply to many other areas including the US Treasury so it isn't like the WHO is the only example of Chinese baleful influence.
  22. they named a new carrier after the greatest carrier to ever touch the water if you are referring to USS Enterprise. The Enterprise CV6 and HMS Warspite are tied for greatest warship ever made. I'm not sure anything else comes close... As starships goes the NCC 1701 Enterprise certainly pays fine homage to the carrier's ability to keep fighting in the face of the odds. The Space Shuttle named Enterprise was clearly named after the starship and it is a great shame that it never flew orbital. I can't think of any other TV spaceship that anyone would even know the name of...
  23. and it was the only data stream that was actually updating. I believe at that time we had members close to all the facets of the story. I wonder if that thread exists on the wayback machine? I don't think I'd want to read it if it did but maybe someday I would
  24. China's WHO is not going to let a report out that makes any part of India show a positive light.
  25. that asshole Dimon at Chase bank is getting what he voted for...
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