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  1. It's going to be the latter and they will cheerfully quote the "fringe" publications they crapped on who have been reporting it all along. Probably with a dash of "it suddenly got so much worse just now when he wet himself" added in to provide additional cover.
  2. I honestly can't tell if our elites are more stupid than elitist. There are so many examples of decision makers and what have you not just practicing the opposite of what they preach but seeming legitimately confused when it is pointed out to them. I mean you literally have people like Pelosi at her fundraiser or the glitterati at the Emmy's who not only are not following mask mandates but have servants who have to wear color coordinated PPE. This is the literal definition of lording status over another so it has to e purposeful. It is fascinating to see the self proclaimed advocates of the working and servant-class treating them as intentionally dismissively as any Victorian nobleman.
  3. Well sure, but they have obviously done some benching and curling, throw in some freaking squats and deadlifts.
  4. I've never served in the Federal government; is there some sort of prohibition against squats and leg presses? Or are the narc-types just heavily against leg day?
  5. Actually, I give them a lot more credit than that. They undermined her foe's entire presidency, set the whole federal deep state against him, and seized the chance to alter voting rules and laws to defeat him. Unlike Republicans, Democrats actually use their rage to beat their enemies instead of dropping sound bites and high fiving each other for their utterly useless antics.
  6. You have heard of Hilary Clinton, right? I know that she is an obscure public figure but she still hasn't admitted it and has claimed it was stolen. You also may have heard of Al Gore? Stacy Abrams? Any of these names ringing a bell?
  7. I'm still utterly mystified at how quickly avowed feminists have decided to support men beating the shit out of women if it provides them brownie points with the woke mob. A man who was a dedicated athlete from childhood, served as an SF medic and goes and gets castrated four years ago after his bone density, CV endurance, and muscle anatomy had been long developed smashes a woman who spent 10 years studying boxing and MMA after he had been training for a few months. And the woke folks think this is peachy keen because to argue that it wasn't would damage their arguments to the leftists. Which kind of points out that these people don't truly have principles of standing up for the weak and threatened, they want power to wield and authority to lord over others.
  8. It's already happened. There are numerous reports of people going to central and south America for treatment.
  9. It is totally reasonable from a patient perspective. It is fraught with risk as the prescriber.
  10. Never happen because the foundational practice theory of medicine has changed over the last 30 years or so. Today everything must be validated by some over-group (FDA, AMA, NIH, etc) to be brought into the patient. Otherwise the liability risks are enormous but also physicians trained during that period have no been trained in the observe/treat/gauge/reassess model. In a situation like this there is simply no adequate time to get appropriate data to reach a firm conclusion and, as long as the jury is still metaphorically out, there is no over-arching approval to provide guidance to the physician. You can brute force it like the vaccines but nobody was going to spend vaccine development money without profit guarantees; you don't go from a 1.5 billion dollar investment spread over 7-10 years to a 3.7-5.5 (speed costs) billion investment concentrated in one year unless you are guaranteed to recoup the cost which isn't happening. The monoclonal antibody treatments squeaked through because they were already running large clinical trials and it was fairly easy to simply expand the sample analysis to cover Covid as well. Minimal additional funds for the possibility of significant profits. Because of the profit motive (and be fair, a company can't risk it's entire future and workforce on a whim and a prayer) cheap and simple drugs are simply a no-go. Physicians could use them for off label but they are no longer trained to approach medicine from an experimental perspective and their liability risk is huge if they do. Which is sad, because we won't know for 2-3 more years definitively if Ivermectin or whatever actually worked and we have reframed the medical community to not risk using anything until those assurances are there.
  11. I don't think you need to be vaccine developer or epidemiologist to do a reasonable risk calculation. You have a known variable (fatality rates for one's demographics and comorbidities) and an unknown variable which is the risk of a novel compound to said demographic. At that point it's risk tolerance; are you more concerned with the known or the unknown variable?
  12. I have found them to be very fragile and prone to breakage so I would leave it rolled up and safe. Flatten it for a few days right before he is going to attach it would be my advice. When he gets to the application stage, I found this useful: http://www.shipmodels.info/mws_forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=162503
  13. Yeah, this was my daily moment of dumbassery.
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