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  1. There are some reasonable, um, reasons. AZ is an older style of vaccine platform and those do both risk more complications and the lower efficacy more in keeping with traditional vaccine approaches. AZ is also much cheaper (so less blockbuster potential) and would likely be marketed primarily to the developing world because of storage conditions.
  2. Because the goal is similar to movies and the premiere weekend, make the money up front and then get out. In a pandemic of any significant size you will have a small window before the patent gets broken for third world uses to make your money in the West. It is because of this that you saw no similar issue with SARS, MERS, HIV, etc; the lethality is in the first world so you won't make your profits in the west before the WHO and treaties with the EU force the patent breakage. It's basically a guarantee to lose hundreds of millions of dollars in return for some slight good press before you'
  3. Depends how bad you want it to be. The current platform won't allow you to rewrite genetic code or infect someone with a transmissable virus. It could be used to provoke a significant and potentially lethal immune or autoimmune response but it would probably be noticed fairly quickly.
  4. It depends on how they address it. If they open it up under pandemic requirements under WHO for a suspension of license to manufacture constraints I don't think it will have a great impact. With any pandemic that's a reality anyways. The key part will be if they open it up for a technology transfer. The real value in these vaccines long term is as a platform to combat other diseases. If the process opens up the information share of how to make the next one that will have major impacts on sharing in the future. Additionally, if it opens it wide open for generics for vaccinations and boost
  5. I respect and even admire them for this. It's a bit of a unique situation with president dementia but how many times have we seen the Republicans slow walk their plans on the excuse that if they move to fast they won't be able to get wonderful stuff done for 4-8 years and then accomplish comparatively little? It's like Obamacare; they lost big because of it but they permanently tilted the playing field in their favor. They were in the wilderness for 8-10 years but they have to know eventually they will have a majority again and can move the boundaries again. It's a very effective and frank
  6. I doubt if Biden is going to go down as a great or maybe even good American president. I think I can honestly say he will probably go down as a great Democrat president. What I mean with that is that from a patronage perspective he has probably done more to reward his base with single minded focus than any president I can think of in my lifetime. After years of hearing Republicans smugly talking about the coming explosion of Democrat states (pensions, immigration, etc) he signed a 2 trillion dollar wishlist that made those programs solvent for at least a decade or more. He has empowered te
  7. It's the Pournelle/Niven model of chucking nuclear bombs out the back of a space shuttle attached to an inverted salad bowl or nothing!
  8. I agree that he is pushing people to get vaccinated and if that was where it ended, all the better. However, we spent 2020 telling everyone that the key to normalcy was the vaccine and they would provide herd immunity, prevent us getting sick, allow us to be safely in a room with grandma, etc. There was real damage when people who bought that Trump was bad and lying were told by their side not to trust any vaccine that came from Trump. Then we have the current day when after all of the promises of vaccines we are told they aren't effective enough to protect you, even after vaccination we sh
  9. I like to think I fully understand the reason maintaining the crisis makes sense to get the next couple 2 trillion Democrat wishlist bills through. I happen to be pro-vaccine; I don't know anyone who has died from Covid but I know several people who got it and are dealing with complications months later (energy levels, memory, joint pain, etc.). What I find saddening is not that Democrats are behaving like Democrats but rather their allies are just as corrupt. It's a damned good vaccine based on available data and the fact that our elites continue to downplay it while bemoaning the resistan
  10. Of course they don't. If someone wants to sue post vaccine they can't hit the manufacturer. Hosting a clinic on site makes it a quasi work directed activity and leave them open for litigation.
  11. Here's my recommendation; if I or some low level dude in the military or alphabet agencies would be prosecuted and likely sent to jail those same standards should apply to every elected official from the President through the Congress and every alphabet agency illuminati. Keep it simple. . .
  12. It's still murky but current reporting says mid 2017 or 2018. We do know that in 2018 Kerry was meeting with the Iranians to discuss how to thwart Trump's tear down of the nuclear deal. They would then coincide timewise. I would tend to say that former elected official working with an adversary to undermine current national policy kinda counts. . .
  13. He wasn't in the government at that point. He was a private citizen. Personally, I'd go for hanging.
  14. Already happening. Don't get out of the car, just keep driving if you see something. As usual with these brilliant ideas, minorities will bear the brunt of the negative consequences. On the plus side, it probably means that my daughters will have some temporary roommates again and that is always nice.
  15. I am sympathetic but unconvinced to the latter. Not that there wouldn't be threats, intimidation and violence because there will be (BTDT) but I also had people jump in on my behalf (grandmas, usually grandmas which helps as they are effectively the only universal authority of any sort in the inner city). I think/hope you would have support from those actually being helped.
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