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  1. It has been said many times before but with the evolution of the imperial presidency and the abrogation of the legislators from actually legislating this is inevitable. Same with the USSC, if things were being run the way they were designed to do the average citizen wouldn't care much at all about who was president or on the US SC, they would be much more concerned with who their senator and representative was.
  2. Huh, maybe that's our path to unity with all those white supremacists; just ramp up crapping on Israel!
  3. You miserable misogynistic bastard; the correct term is Shadow President although Co-President is barely acceptable. Please report to your local reeducation camp and report your sexist wrongthink. . .
  4. That is bloody amazing! So they are so afraid of Biden with nuclear weapons that they are willing to risk extending the ODAA loop beyond the point that we could respond to a nuclear attack? They didn't even push that with the satanic Trump. . .
  5. This is exactly the type of dumb that infests our politics on all sides. Texas gets a once in many decades snowstorm and it screws everything up. Anomalous events neither prove we need a Green New Deal nor that only fossil fuels and nukes must provide 100% of our energy. if this starts happening yearly like the CA issues and they don't adjust to fit then criticism is maybe a bit more warranted.
  6. The fascinating thing to watch is that the MSM is covering for his gaffes as gaffes, which is actually true as I don't think Biden is actively lying that much, and ignoring the implication that he is so cognitively compromised that he can't properly explain himself or put thoughts together coherently. It adds a certain spin to him having his VP take over calls with foreign leaders. . .
  7. It raises some interesting questions, neither of them lead to conclusions that should bring our political class much comfort. If the Conservatives are right, this is all an offensive piece of expensive theatrics to try and cow and intimidate the citizenry or is possibly preparation for our government taking acts likely to create an actual rebellion. Or the Democrats are correct that the American public hates their political class so much that the only way to keep them from being literally murdered is to wall our politicians away and guard them with tens of thousands of armed soldiers. In a
  8. They've been pulling that for years and I hope this guy has no interest in returning to research in the West. There are very stringent regulations in the USA and EU that require all kinds of behavioral and welfare elements and justifiably so. In China, not so much. It has led to what I consider a very appropriate prejudice against those who have worked at most facilities in China because if you can compromise ethically to their level of treatment we won't let you near our labs for fear of what ethical lapses you might be comfortable with.
  9. Fun update. Remember several months past when I was writing about China shutting down non human primate exports to shut down pharma research in the West, particularly the USA? And Trump slapped them with procedural impacts that affected their export ability? China eventually blinked and we started getting primates for biomedical research in the early fall for the last repro studies for the Covid vaccines at the wire. Fun fact, Biden took those restrictions of Trump's off the table right after the inauguration. China just shut down exports of NHP's to the USA this week. The Pharma i
  10. It most assuredly would be, especially if he lasted long enough for hematomas and edema to form along with all the bruising and swelling. The only way to miss it would be to be blind or not perform an autopsy at all.
  11. Fair point. It's interesting to read an article so clearly trying to straddle the line between "we totally pulled one over on you idiot Trump supporters" and "this was totally nonpartisan and just about ethics and stuff". It really does feel like that Code Red scene where the whole undertone of the article is that they desperately want to gloat about it but realize it would be politically damaging.
  12. I am assuming you read through it then. Did you perchance note that the key people named were described as progressives? When the key person whose project defined disinformation is an unapologetic progressive one might see a bit of a thumb on the scales. "Quinn’s research gave ammunition to advocates pushing social media platforms to take a harder line. In November 2019, Mark Zuckerberg invited nine civil rights leaders to dinner at his home, where they warned him about the danger of the election-related falsehoods that were already spreading unchecked. “It took pushing, urging, conve
  13. It is an interesting article with some really frightening implications for the future of violence in the country. Key to this operation was the the chamber of commerce coming to the table because of fear of continuing Antifa and BLM violence. The lesson here is objectively that mobilizing violent mobs to attack law enforcement, kill 30+ people, destroy thousands of businesses and create 2 billion dollars of damage and destroy inner city areas for years was good policy because it led to the responsible political party gaining the executive and legislative branches. The lesson these malignant
  14. It really is a Code Red situation isn't it? Not only not hiding it, they are publicizing it for the accolades. . .
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