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  1. Interesting weapon slung over the infantryman's shoulder at 4:04, looks like a SMAW or similar? Could be a PF-98 I guess. Actually, no. It appears to be a PF-89 (eighty-nine as opposed to ninety-eight). A disposable, unguided launcher to replace the RPG-7, which PLA no longer appear to use. And you can see the projectile is kinda similar to a RPG round, not that I know much about it. The PF-98, OTOH is more equivalent of the ATGM MILAN etc.
  2. Fuck you. (I just thought I say this upfront rather than a usual gradual escalation or the sarcastic jibe, which is the territory of bitches.) But for the record, you think MAF is crap, I don't - at least not all of it. I mention MAF because between you and me, what the fuck else is more relevant as a reference? I am asking about the protracted use of optics as standard issue in a tropical climate in a long term war like Vietnam. Are there relevant conflicts for reference? Not peacetime training or fancy civilian hobbies. IMO no. All recent wars are in drier climates.
  3. Really? Are these the standard optics on issue to your Malaysian Armed Forces? Singapore is backwards in that we still do not have a standard issue optics. The troops have to make do with the scope on the SAR-21 (like the Steyr used by Malaysia) and there were reports of fogging. ETA: Most armies including the US, UK generally issue some kind of magnified scopes. It is the performance of these in protracted jungle ops or war that I am interested in. Are they quick for target acquisition? Do they fog? In Singapore we were sometimes constantly wet either from rain or crossing rivers etc. Wha
  4. I'm the exception: took me a while just to figure out how to shut down a PC laptop I just bought for gaming. Because, Mac user...
  5. I wonder how optics will fare in a Vietnam-type conflict. Since optics became general issue (as opposed to limited specialized use only), the conflicts are mostly in non-tropical environment. In fact many of them are in desert, or other wide open terrain, and in drier climates. We read about the jungle rotting the GI's boots, what will it do to optics? Also, in a jungle environment where visibility is often limited to short distances, are optics really a plus? Or maybe even a hindrance to quick target acquisition?
  6. Most don't, but some are happy to look at China as an example of a largely state directed economy that is still very dynamic. This has obvious implications regarding the feasibility of an actually socialist hypothetical society. Some argue that China is 'Bonopartist' in that the leadership are neither representatives of the interests of capitalists (as in much of the world) or of workers/peasants (as in the textbook worker's state) but rather have a high degree of independence from such class interests, and pursue some sort of 'rational developmentalism' or something like that, and mediating
  7. In a war nothing is certain. History is full of examples of powerful countries with overwhelming might losing (or not being able to win) against a less well equipped enemy. The enemy suffered major casualties but they were able to absorb those loses and fought on. In the trade war, the US has no guarantee of victory even if it might appear to hold all the cards. If anything, the US will likely lose because Trump may not get re-elected, and the US public quickly will quickly cave in when the costs of battle is passed onto them.
  8. How many times have the Chinese threatened commercial shipping passing through the disputed area? Sure, send your navies there, waste your money, start a shooting war. Why not?
  9. IIRC PLA has had laser "dazzling" devices installed on tanks for a while now. And SWAT Police were pictures with laser rifles from years ago. They looked something like this -i.e. not too different from the one pictured in the new article. From their non-pixel uniforms you can tell these aren't recent. Probably 2012 thereabouts.
  10. No wonder so many Nazis fled to Argentina. But why? Why were these countries not "US wannabes"? Germany is so far away.
  11. What? Argentina Bolivia Chilean Dominican Republic
  12. German style ammo pouch. German style parage uniform They also wore the British helmet, just to make things confusing.
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