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  1. The Type 26, River Class Destroyers (CSC) and Hunters
  2. Loved those big missile destroyers, had the Airfix model.
  3. In regards to our Esteemed leader about buying subs
  4. My thoughts as well. With the research pointing to a significant impact on gun crews from the firing 155mm, keeping them protected from the blast wave, will have long term benefit for the soldiers and reduce veteran claims and associated long term benefit costs.
  5. I fully get Brexit and why it happened, the EU bureaucrats were not going to stop pushing the envelope. The EU as a trade organization is a good idea, as a overarching government with little representation, a bad idea. Could the UK do a worse job of preparing for the exit? Probably not. The way to counteract the effects, meant that the British should have been negotiating trade deals with other entities to kick in the moment Brexit comes into effect. Also changing laws to make dealing with the UK very attractive and building up manufacturing. For the EU, a trading partner the size of the UK is to big to ignore and it likely had a large economic turndown for certain European sectors. Not to mention the bureaucrats in Brussels are working hard to make sure it's as painful as possible in order to ensure no one else gets the same idea. Anyone who thinks that the Brexit is not going to hurt for at least 5 years, was dreaming in technicolour. There are ways to improve the economy, but you guys seem to busy putting the boots to anyone that wants to change the way things have been done. Seriously, you should combine the parties and call them the "Leyland Partly" after the infamous auto brand.
  6. We are happy you are building your version before we cut steel for ours. We are building a stone frigate to figure out the sensor setup for ours. We need ours to be both ASW and AD ships at the same time. The Aussie Hunter Class is suffering from blot and I suspect they are going to have dial back the outfitting of them.
  7. I visualized a Centurion hull with a C-ram slapped onto it?
  8. That would have been cool, but nope we drove there. The car we ended up getting was a Audi Q3 which turned out to be perfect, not to big but very roomy inside. We used Alamo as they had the best prices. The girl who was dealing with us was useless and tried to give us a car with no GPS. When we refused, a young guy took over and got things sorted quickly and arranged the Audi. Also got 100g's of data for 30 Euro is heaven for us Canadian who spend a fortune on cell service. Having fun at home when they call me to update my plan and I do a price comparison with Spain. I ended using booking.com to arrange hotels and that was painless and got a very nice 4 star place, "Hotel Pintor El Greco" with parking on the edge of the Jewish quarter in Toledo. The hotel we got in Segovia "Hotel Avenida Del Sotillo" was 5 minutes outside of town and only 2 stars, but clean, had a great cafe, free parking and supermarket/gas station across the street. The room was very basic and small, but we just used it to sleep in. I think we paid 240 euros for 3 people and two nights. Because it was Easter weekend most of the 4 star hotels were sold out. In Granada we stayed at the Sercotel Granada Suites which did not have parking for our car, so I had to park 5 minutes away. But the room had a kitchenette and was gorgeous and comfy inside. For Madrid we stayed at the "AXOR Barajas Hotel Madrid" A large complex with a pool and free parking, plus a nice restaurant. The nice thing was it was a 5 minute walk to a large shopping centre my daughter could go nuts in.
  9. The Patton was a very nice surprise. I still enjoy the game, out of my 30,000 battles I have played only 150 tier X battles. Tier 4-8 is where the fun is and I am not a stat counter so I try to avoid getting to wound up about game issues.
  10. I wanted to thank everyone who gave me advice or ideas. We had a great trip. The only downer was the company we booked the Alhambra tour with, sent us a email saying "Sorry we could not book you for the tour" a day before. So we did not get to see the palaces. We did finally get our money back, but I was pissed. Then later that day my wife and I went to perhaps the only cafe in Spain incapable of serving a beer. After 20 minutes we got up and left. Otherwise the trip was great and we really enjoyed it. A couple of places we added to the our stops that we really loved. My daughter was utterly in love with Spain and added bonus is that how you sweeten things with Cane Sugar, treats like Ice Cream, juice and Chocolate all had less impact on her diabetes. To give an example, a small juice box here has 25grams of sugar and in Spain 7-12 grams. I am working on doing a 2nd trip. Another word to the wise, 2 hours to get to a connecting flight in Heathrow is cutting it extremely fine! Castillo de Consuegra Summer Palace
  11. 2 Halifax Class HMCS Regina and Vancouver and the new Arctic Offshore Patrol Vessel HMCS Max Bernays
  12. I hope they are happy in 5 years. I doubt the Russian police will be as patient with him in any dealings as the RCMP are.
  13. I been following him for quite awhile. He is a logging truck driver at heart, with a solution based mindset. It's not surprising that he would not qualify for any grants as the purpose of the grants are to make the politician look good. I have a friend who consults for this Provincial government and this current administration is a real clown car (as opposed to the Federal Clown car)
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