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  1. Colin

    Russian Afvs

    This is interesting both the way the aircraft loads and the way they can alter the track geometry
  2. How much did politics and funding play a part in naming conventions? Even if something is brand new, labelling it an upgrade may allow funding as opposed to a bigger harder process to get funding for a "new AFV".
  3. Canada built HF direction finding units in Newfoundland. The stations would report the bearing they picked it up on, then a Convoy plotting room would take the bearings from a couple of stations and plot it, sending out coded signals to convoys in the area so they could alter to avoid the subs. I read a report that the smaller ships like corvettes had a hard time DFing signals as the rolled to much, creating to much uncertainty in the bearing. If a good bearing was had on a sub nearby by a frigate or destroyer would run down that bearing to force the sub under. Corvette would do it, but struggled to catch up to the convoy that had altered course and increased speed.
  4. and for the Navy guys, Jean Barts, AA armament
  5. Arras, never seen this picture before
  6. Awesome collection of images, including WWI https://imagesdefense.gouv.fr/fr/catalogsearch/result/index/?avec_visuel=1&p=3&q=tank https://imagesdefense.gouv.fr/fr/tournai-libere-villers-bretonneux-reconquis-tanks-allemands-14-juillet-a-mayence.html
  7. Well Merry Christmas you gnarly lot, may good fortune follow you and your loved ones. We got a white Christmas this year which is a nice change!
  8. Colin

    Ajax Issues

    I doubt a mechanized unit could operate behind enemy lines against a peer/near peer army these days without being spotted early on.
  9. What do Hillary Clinton and kamela Harris have in common? They both wake up asking: "Is the old goat dead yet?"
  10. Colin

    Ajax Issues

    I seem to recall a report saying the first 100 hulls are out of spec and have quality control issues. That may be the source of the excessive vibration.
  11. A film about Neptunes in RCAF service https://www.nfb.ca/film/neptune-mission/
  12. Our Healthcare is very expensive if your not covered, a lot to do with the higher wages paid.
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