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  1. Having used NVG's in our hovercraft which is "real nape of the earth" your light discipline inside the craft has to be significant as it will pickup all the glare on the windscreen from the instruments, warning lights. They proved to be ineffective. Along with the fact we were closer to an urban centre which meant a lot of backscatter which became worse with NVG. We gave them to a Northern Cutter where they worked great spotting tiny lights in the inky blackness of the northern coast and on the outside bridge wing.
  2. Never was a fan of the Glock trigger. I have G26, very accurate little gun, but uncomfortable to shoot a lot. For carry and shooting combined the G19 feels good in the hand and not uncomfortable to shoot. I am a Sig and M&P fan myself.
  3. Having watched ruthless culling at work, it was disaster. The deadwood you want to get rid of, have one job and that is to protect themselves. Meanwhile the people busy doing actual work are to busy to see the axe coming and get chopped. So you lose service without losing deadwood. We had a "black team" come in and cut our program by 40%, they picked the positions and people to be kept, so they laid off our hardest working admin and then kept our biggest administrative burden employee. The much vaunted savings from their regulation change did not materialise and the productivity tracking progr
  4. The US Public Service has two issues, one it's big, so lots of cracks to fall through. The other is that being a Public Servant is degenerated in the US. I have met some outstanding US Federal Civil Servants who you really get your moneys worth out of, I have met some ones I hold in contempt. How do you hope to attract and hold good people if they just get beaten down all the time? Do yourself and others a favour, when you meet a Public Servant that does a great job, make sure you thank them. That will keep their morale up and encourage them to keep at it. If you make becoming a civil servant
  5. Apparently he has indicated he is going to nominate soon and likley a woman.
  6. My wife has been talking to her sister and friend who are both doctors in Malaysia. The friend who is treating Covid patients all days says that even those with mild symptoms show heart irregularities and they are going to worry about the long term impact on the healthcare system in the future when all these people age and they start having heart problems thanks to Covid.
  7. Israel likley has a much better rep for doing what it agrees to, than any other Arab State. As much as they annoy him at times I bet the King of Jordon is happy his country borders on Israel and not another Arab State.
  8. Not really with kids now going to school, that is the most likely source of infection and they are offering free swabs at drivein stations as well. Plus keeping a close eye on hospitals and long term care homes. The salvia test is easier for kids.
  9. This is the best that the Dems had to offer?
  10. Our provincial health authority is rolling out a on the spot salvia test, initially aimed at kids due to low quantity, then the general population.
  11. Yes the Yemenis wish to be left in peace, so they can carry on their traditions of killing each other. Remove the outside influence and you get tribal warfare and if one side wins they oppress the other side, till the other side gets strong and mad enough to start fighting again, repeat Ad nauseam.
  12. Quite a few of the Persians here in North Vancouver are openly Zoroastrians and talk about the "occupation" by the Islamist's of Iran. Others are Ismaili, which is also a generally peaceful version of Shia Islam.
  13. Oddly for me it takes me to the first post not the most recent when i click on the links?
  14. I think Egypt, KSA, UAE and Iran all want a functioning government in Yemen, just one that answers to them.
  15. What we loved about the 105 was the clamshell doors in the back, made loading & unloading them really easy. Spent a lot of time in them on the coast and in Arctic.
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