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  1. Never tire of the music in this, even if all they are doing is installing a culvert 😁
  2. We doing some training video for the cadets, looking for a free video editor and can adjust sound quality and add music to parts of the video. Any suggestions?
  3. Dang they have a salute to veterans, but I have no way of showing my service, except for a whack of papers buried in my garage and one piece of expired id from the 80's. It would take months to get the new veterans ID from DND. Mutter mutter
  4. Colin

    Centauro 2

    I would like to see Canada go to a Heavy and Light Brigade setup as well. We will always be an expeditionary army, with no idea where we will fight next.
  5. Well the site having issues didn't help. Also when new people show up and ask the same questions that were asked years ago, the older posters do need to show patience with them. I been sending invites out to get some new blood. We need more than just Canadian-US and Brits posters. Some new folks from other places would be nice.
  6. Attacking his service record and being a POW was a shitty and stupid thing to do, much better ways to deride an opponent.
  7. "controlled environment", yea a crowded barracks, with everyone exhausted and stressed. Such an excellent model, not.
  8. I suspect the fight with McCain and losing Mattis hurt him with the military members. People might disagree with McCains politics, but respect his service, I think that was a major tactical error on Trumps part.
  9. Article on the new proposed ships, also when the Halifax's go I hope the 57mm go to the AOPS along with some other stuff like counter measures. https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/37506/canadas-new-frigate-will-be-brimming-with-missiles
  10. On this I will have to disagree, the FN's have generally been happy to have FN names attached to vessels, but they want to be consulted and included in the process. A little respect will go a long way and if the CSC become the new Tribals, I suspect that such powerful vessels will be a prestige thing for them.
  11. Actually the Tribes were quite pleased to have the fighting ships named after them. The key is early involvement and input in the crest design and motifs for the ship.
  12. The first layer of defense, may be a swarm of drones, they optically see the opposite drone and grab it/destroy it. If you can make autonomous drones cheap enough to attack in mass, then you likley can make them cheap enough to defend enmasse.
  13. Tonnage is estimated at 7,800 DWT, about the size of a Leander Class Cruiser from WWII. The armament and outfitting is impressive. Some concerning that the bunking and messing for 204 is to small. Also a concern that there is not enough money for 15 and likely 9 will be built. Some pushing to have them as the new "Tribal Class"
  14. The difference in votes is 4 million out of a population of 331 million of which 150 million voted, which means that 4 million is 2.67% of the vote. Not exactly overwhelming numbers. In fact the nations voters are pretty evenly split.
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