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  1. Colin

    The T-62

    We must not allow an accordion gap
  2. Interesting find https://www.eastlothiancourier.com/news/19584732.archaeologists-stunning-finds-national-significance/?fbclid=IwAR1UFP2uyBK6jybdq3uAxscnG0tru2bYNrt_FW0eGfSH4z4ehiVgwVS7V7w During the dig, in which archaeologists were aiming to find the original track-bed structure, the main trench revealed three wooden railways, each one lying immediately on top of the last in an apparent multiple early upgrade over a short period of time. Consisting of crudely cut timbers, these upgrades included a change of gauge, from an initial 3ft 3in in the first phase to 4ft 0in in the second and third phases – modern railways are 4ft 8.5in. The discovery has been described as unlike any other in railway archaeology.
  3. Most armies don't let you mod your kit, so your stuck with what you been issued and will get extras for changing stuff, even if it's better. Many of the solider don't know much about guns, although they think they do. Simon you have likely forgotten more than your average plug knows.
  4. Welcome to the military, we had the same issues with mags in the Canadian army and in the 80's it was hard to replace kit. Each unit has a budget and certain allotments of equipment. Unless your SF, you rarely get the Gucci stuff.
  5. i am vaccinated as is my older daughter, my wife has been having recurring heart issues they can't figure out and my youngest daughter has diabetes, celiac and other autoimmune stuff going on, it's a real crap shoot to take the vaccine or not for them.
  6. There should be a long time lurker award!! Welcome
  7. yea I think they have squeezed the juice out of every archive and paper proposal
  8. I am still enjoying it, mostly at the mid tiers.
  9. It could also be that IWI has pissed into to many cornflakes along the way and someone has said "no more contracts". Politics can be as much or more of a reason than technical.
  10. Colin

    US Tank mystery

    This is what i am thinking, the B series are solid little engines and perhaps the country in question already used the Ferret/Saladin or similar?
  11. If you get your butt to Vancouver there is a Ram II here I can show you.
  12. Any will to do so, exists outside of the DND or the board of the Canadian War Museum, tanks are symbol of our colonial oppression.
  13. here is a running LVP in the UK https://www.pnbpropertytrust.org/historic-boats/boatdetails/f8-landing-craft-vehicle-personnel/61/
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