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  1. I am working part-time at a ship repair facility. Beside the skilled workers (which we are short of) you need a lot of machinery to move and precisely cut the plate. We have a machine that does automated pipe welds and video tapes each weld, important for ISO certifications. The yard has two floating drydocks and two large travelling cranes. Beyond all of that, you need a large network of sub-contractor and part support. Just getting enough high quality nuts and bolts is an issue. Large valves may have quite the lead time, and long for more specialised components.
  2. I have to admit I really liked that class of ship.
  3. The Bull gun used staged chambers and more gradual increase in pressures, I don't recall if they were rifled or not? I don't think any nation currently have the barrel making capability that they need now, most of that equipment was scrapped or left to rot over the last fifty years. The lead time on ordering the machines to increase production is likley in the 72 month range and that is just 1-2 of them. Plus the barrel blanks need to be of high quality and thicker walls than the majority of most pipe used in modern industrial use. As I recall, even if the US wanted to bring the Iowa's back into service, all the equipment to make the barrel liners and new projectiles is long gone.
  4. She came to Vancouver many years ago as part of the celebration of Spanish Explorer on this coast. We had big party and they had all the Cadets dressed up, the band playing and all the girls in big fluffy dresses, on the main deck on a summer evening. It was very, very cool.
  5. I know several US Citizens who voted Trump first time around and will not vote for him this time. I think he was in the right place at the right time when he was in. However I think the world has changed and he has not stayed in sync with it. I don't personally care whether he gets in from a US domestic view, but I don't like his current foreign policy outlook, as it will not be good for the west in general.
  6. The M3 light in North Africa was the equivalent of the British Cruiser tanks in regard to armour and gun. The only downside was range, which he neglected to mention.
  7. Would a Chieftain turret fit a Centurion?
  8. Now that they have stopped most of the leaks, they can focus on restoring spaces without it being damaged again.
  9. They look to be very agile compared to the wartime tanks.
  10. Actually the supplies never really stopped, much of the the fighting was around who controlled the port of Hodeidah. The Houthi need to control the food and fuel supplies as they extort much needed money from the aid agencies to allow the vessels to dock and unload and then extort monies from their own so the various tribe/families get a share of the supplies. https://www.cnn.com/2019/05/20/middleeast/yemen-houthi-aid-investigation-kiley/index.html
  11. With this generation? a real book is pure Kryptonite
  12. Archer is being produced on the MAN truck now and that is what the UK is getting.
  13. It would be a shame if all food and fuel shipments to Houthi controlled ports stopped......
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