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  1. With the long political career of the main subject of BDS-46, it's highly likely to flourish, although many people have a mild version of it related to the strain of BDS-46, called WTFOMS (WTFistheOldManSaying?) People with some mild form of BDS-46 are deeply worried about having to catch KHDS-47.
  2. Can't answer that, I suspect number of dismounts and equipment will be a factor. Of course the real factor is how much each company is willing to spend in Australia.
  3. Some WWII manuals on the subject would be useful
  4. two tier Manpads, cheaper short ranged ones to take out low flying drones, larger ones for everything else.
  5. Colin


    Us Canadians miss people who speak real French! I fired 105mm Howitzer HE set to delay at the side of a old US army APC (M57?) on the range it penetrated and tore the vehicle apart.
  6. A farmer in northern B.C. who caught a lynx in his chicken coop on Sunday didn't react the way one might expect. He didn't grab a gun or yell at the wild animal. Instead, Chris Paulson grabbed the lynx by the scruff of its neck, lifted it off the ground and scooped it from the coop. Then he gave it a gentle scolding. "He just looked ... a bit like [a kid] with its hand in the chocolate chip bag," Paulson told CBC News from his home near Decker Lake, west of Prince George. "So I kind of gave him a little lecture and and then told him he shouldn't come back." Video on
  7. Yes i knew a Shop Steward who had to defend people that he personally wanted to take into the alley and pound the snot out of them. However he is legally obliged to defend them otherwise the union will get sued by said individuals and who likley will win. Unions are a necessary evil when working for big organizations. The problem is that union management is not very willing to evolve any more than much of the management of the businesses.
  8. The sub took fair damage to the diving planes and conning tower. glad they get home to talk about it. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-56000531
  9. Good piece given the time he had. Interesting one of the Corvettes sank a U-boat on it's Captains first patrol and it was the U-boat Captains first patrol as well!
  10. I hope they put the screws publicly to Trudeau about support.
  11. Your not supposed to notice that stuff
  12. I am reading "Syrian Jihad" right now, the author estimated that there has been roughly 1500 groups of all types on the opposition side and they have popped up, folded, wiped out and been absorbed by larger groups. It's very likely that stuff was supplied to one group, then taken over by force or voluntarily by another group.
  13. Which is why Malaysia was involved....
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