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  1. How dare you display a Machine of War on the streets ??? And White too !!!!
  2. Confusius* said: "The temporary enemy of my temporary enemy may or may not be my temporary friend." This was one of the most multi-lateral conflicts in recent times, the only other ones I remember that may compare are the Yugoslavia break-up (I hope Bojan misses this post!) and the Congo free-for-all. * yup.
  3. Go fly a kite, my Langenscheidt says that's Welsh for Wells Fargo & Co GmbH.
  4. Dear Quadrupedal, you have been a member of this Grate Sight for long enough to be at least aware that discussion of the original topic at some point does start to veer one way or another, sometimes in several directions successively or simultaneously. Call it lack of discipline if you will but to me it's an enriching experience as members along the way find other more-or-less related themes they deem worth pursuing. I definitely am not a fan of that exclusivistic or deterministic model, and am much in favour of letting ideas flow and expand, intertwining different trains of thought. If this f
  5. Pfrang's Conundrum: More fries but less methane-farting burgers? Harris' & LeMay's Corollary: Less farting Burghers feasible, we need to go Hun bombing again.
  6. Sound advice. If you don't follow it you will make a frightening sound.
  7. The Degtyarev looks like an Italian design, it comes with a pizza plate
  8. Pardon my ignorance, but how is that expected to work on a human and what is the connection to gender identity? Sawdust was used here for cat litter but that was replaced with sand some 40 years ago!
  9. Wow! It's that Monolith from that von Kubrick's film "Eine Weltraum-Odyssee"! Now you've done it, it's going to send its signal to Yoopiter and we'll be getting Dr Goebbels back soon!
  10. Right, blame it on the Worstest Koreans now
  11. Seclet weapon on the Alchimedes millols plinciple to fly dilty Amelican spy spaceclaft olbiting ovel Middle Empile! Selves you light!
  12. Fookin' Roossians can't even make a building straight!!!
  13. Over here this weekend a guy murdered his wife and daughter with a kitchen knife. Then he almost botched a suicide attempt by failing in cutting his own neck eight times! He had never heard of seppuku but they say that needs practice. The worst part was that the paramedics saved his life!!!
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