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  1. this trail is a farce. Everyone says it was self defence. The DA caught trying to change testimonies. The DA attacking his right to remain silent. The DA tried to introduce excluded evidence. Its a show trail for the WOKE
  2. 20 years ago i came here to find out what was going on. We veterans and civies came together to share and comfort each other. Thank you my friends
  3. even the native band chiefs are saying unmarked graves, not mass graves, and they have know for years its the WOKE white ones that this is news for
  4. That is a policy, not a constitutional right. Any Govt can change that, but why would you?
  5. Yesterday, a long time member of this grate site, a Veteran, was informed that his Facebook account would be purged, all posts removed, all likes taken back, all Memes deleted. His memory would be salted and poisoned. His right of Centre POV was considered dangerous. We live in interesting times to say the least.
  6. I only read about the Cunning Linguisists
  7. Not seen the Washington Docudrama, did start watching Debris... yes not bad
  8. Anyone watching Resident Alien? Alien who is here to destroy human Kind, has to play a human while looking for his lost device... actually pretty good Prodigal Son... Profiler is the son of a serial killer known as the Surgeon . Not bad but dark Rookie not bad, the last show was shit... yes too woke Its motorcycle season so I am ready to ride not watch TV
  9. whats wrong with looking the same... my 1911 looks right sexy all the time... its a timeless beauty that ages well
  10. For GWB.... Happy Dominion Day
  11. Great times... the feminist PM now has three woman publically hitting him. A doctor who is a very good minister... Judy the polished native attorney general...and now an MP who he yelled at...oh yeah she is black too. Love it but need a popcorn refill
  12. I did not see this as a racist comment. He was talking about failed states, not the race of the people. He didnot include Cuba or the Bahamas in that statement... only countries that are FAILED.
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