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  1. Yes, sign ups are active. Good to see your name, haven't seen your name over at steelbeasts.com in quite awhile!
  2. T19

    Site on mobile

    tank-net.com is the old domain name. The new domain is tanknet.org - no dash.
  3. T19

    Site on mobile

    Try loading tanknet.org directly. DNS has had a long time to sync up, it should work by now.
  4. If you are reading this, you have found your way to the new site. All accounts and posts have made it, the theme is currently the default one and will be switched to something else at a later time. Thanks!
  5. For GWB.... Happy Dominion Day
  6. Great times... the feminist PM now has three woman publically hitting him. A doctor who is a very good minister... Judy the polished native attorney general...and now an MP who he yelled at...oh yeah she is black too. Love it but need a popcorn refill
  7. I did not see this as a racist comment. He was talking about failed states, not the race of the people. He didnot include Cuba or the Bahamas in that statement... only countries that are FAILED.
  8. Someone is getting ready for the munchies once pot is legal lol
  9. Ive met Charles, and my dad met Phillip and Margret when he was on duty at the Palace. He liked Phillip, he was one of the boys Margret scared all the troops
  10. Its front page and top of mind here. Sad situation
  11. We'll I'm in Ottawa, according to Ashley Madison we have the highest per capita membership, so I assume we are having quickies at work Btw my son is living the Canadian dream... Drives a zamboni for a living.
  12. The ISP was hit with a cloud flare they call it and it sort of took down the site the other day. Although some could still post most got the forbidden error Cleared now
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