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  1. The absolutely scary thing is going to be when these little quad copters are fully autonomous and doing this without operators. I think the Israelis already have something close to this. Technically the DoD has a policy of always employing a human operator to give a kill order, but I suspect that can be loosely interpreted to include entering a geo fenced target area and freely hunting there. Certainly neither the Russians nor Chinese likely will have any qualms about automation.
  2. And if there is a coup in Moscow? As for winning the war and imposing terms, that is usually everyone's goal in a war. It does not seem like the Russians have the resource stream to physically do that unless something changes rather dramatically.
  3. There already are a lot of Russian units attacking the Kupiansk-Kremina area trying to push the ZSU to the Oskil river, most likely to try to take pressure of the south along an axis that they can better supply. It seems to be going about as well as the Robotyne axis, that is to say, progress measured one field and treeline at a time at great cost.
  4. The shadow banking system represents a huge economic risk. If it fails, it likely will fail all at once everywhere.
  5. Drove across Ohio just this this summer at a steady 75 and I wasn’t the fastest car on the road. But another 10-20 mph isn’t really changing arrival times much. You might want to look into the traffic patterns at the time of day you plan to come and go. Some areas might have rush hour traffic, some might have weekend specific traffic, depending on area. In the northeast, traffic can suck on weekends towards summer camps/cottages and beaches on days you’d think traffic would be fine.
  6. Then I guess we get a shutdown most likely. Although if there’s one thing McCarthy has proven, it’s that he’ll do anything to cling to that gavel. I thought endorsing something from the senate would give political cover but didn’t realize that’s not an option. I’m not sure if he’s willing to caucus with Dems to prevent removal, but I think that’s the only way he stays in charge.
  7. Maybe a handful could be scavenged into a small working force, but those were in service like a decade past their sell by date.
  8. Baltic? If true, seems like he was a bit off course…
  9. Actually McCarthy is so screwed at this point after the second failed vote that I think the senate passes a clean CR and hands it to the House and McCarthy passes it last minute with the Democrats, who in term protect him from removal and own him for negotiations next month.
  10. It looked close enough to do damage, but apparently nothing serious.
  11. I’d be more of a believer in government shutdown brinkmanship if it ever did any good and if it ever occurred when a Republican was in the Whitehouse. The actual track record is that the freedom caucus will swallow any amount of debt with a GOP president, because they are about theatre, not effective governance. They want spending cuts only when the consequences are laid at the feet of democrats. They will happily run up the debt otherwise, just like everyone else.
  12. They apparently subscribe to the Russian definition of the term.
  13. No one had to hire Bolton to figure out what his "ideas" were. He was pretty clear about it all along in UN, on Fox, or any public appearance at all.
  14. Freedom Caucus blocks DoD funding bill for the second time.
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