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  1. What country are you from again, just for future reference?
  2. I'd agree. Now will you admit Trump was as well?
  3. Again, Trump vocally was fine with people being arrested and having their heads knocked into police doors at his rallies. Fox News constantly tells you how police reform will kill you where you sleep. Whatever the GOP thinks and wants to act on is meaningless since they never actually acted on it when they controlled all three houses. What matters now is Fox News. That is everyone's window into GOP thinking, and it broaches no police reform on its watch. If your argument is that substance differs from media, fair enough. But Fox News = GOP now. Either reign in your media, or let everyone assum
  4. The above assumes that those actions took place in a vacuum and that no other actions by Trump had any bearing on the voters. It seems quite likely that the deluge of conservative judges is what turned off women voters, if the pink hats are to be believed, and that Trump's aggressive rhetoric and history of sexual assault allegations also played a role. These might have played a role in college educated whites as well. Trump's blatant corruption probably also was a motivator for some, as was his rolling back of environmental protections for others. Still others might have been turned off by hi
  5. I've honestly never heard of any of those actions outside the justice reform bill. I'll read up on them and get back to you. As to the bold part, I doubt white women/college grads voted Dem because they thought Trump was pro black. That's a rather insane proposition. I suspect that like me, anyone who was a white nationalist simply was unaware of any of the actions you listed, particularly as they aren't talking points at Trump rallies or on Fox News. Were the GOP as a party to completely embrace policies seen as friendly to the black community, like police reform, yes I think you'd see a
  6. I fail to see what the Biden administration did to provoke the current crisis. This seems to be a reaction to Zelensky's crack down on Russian media and a potential Ukrainian offensive in the summer. I suspect both sides will sit across from each other until the fall, with likely neither doing anything to provoke the other. The US and EU will verbally support the Ukraine and possibly even ship light infantry weapons but otherwise will do nothing to support the Ukraine, regardless of whether the Russians invade or not.
  7. I'm not sure Iraq could do anything about it if the IAF *did* fly over their territory - and if it hugged the KSA border they might be inclined to ignore it regardless. But I don't doubt that Iran might lash out at the GCC as the most handy target. But then again, they'd have an entire new set of aircraft and ballistic missile threats to deal with if they did. My point was just that the Iranian petrochemical infrastructure is a large, soft target with a lot of choke points, clustered in the part of the country most accessible to Israel geographically, and that Iran has far too few S300s t
  8. You aren't going to win over a significant number in the black community without police reform, and that is a non starter in the GOP law and order campaign. The GOP likely will have more luck with Latinos, but words and outreach need to translate to actual programs addressed to those communities if they want a bigger share than what they won in 2020.
  9. Words perhaps, what specific actions? Yes I do believe there is a small percentage of white Trump voters that are racist, if for no other reason then it is hard to picture someone who overtly hated non whites voting democrat. However where Trump lost the most votes in 2020 was in fact in whites: women, as you note, and college educated. I don't see either of those demos returning to a Trump dominated GOP. I similarly don't see much a of path for the GOP into minorities with their current tone of both Trumpist politicians and conservative media. EDIT: grammar
  10. It sounds like simple "the West will hit you were you live!" fear mongering, but I didn't hear the original broadcasts nor do I speak Russian. The West likely has no capability to do so and absolutely nothing to gain if it did; its a straw man.
  11. No Trumpian candidate would ever do any of that. Picture Matt Gaetz or Jim Jordan doing urban community outreach and having historically articulate talking points...
  12. Because then the GOP would like lose a few percentage points of its white voters in return, and those represent permanent base voters, not theoretical swing voters.
  13. ...and then won the election.
  14. Trump made some gains, but I think they will rapidly dissolve with the post election law reforms, especially among the black demographic. Also regardless of how you rehabilitate the GOP's image, Fox New's platform continues to be how the party is judged (and rightly so, IMO). If you have a battery of pundits telling the black community that law and order is the solution, not police reform, and the Latino community that white people are being replaced by foreigners, you're not going to make significant inroads into historically Dem voting demographics.
  15. I think that absolutely can happen again, given another high profile police murder. But it would change little at the ballot box.
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