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  1. There should be a mandatory class at the highscool level called ‘information hygiene’ that teaches the skill set of cross checking facts, spotting false claims, etc.
  2. It is also worth pointing out that when/if the ACA is struck down, tens of millions of Americans will be without healthcare and insurance companies will be free to interpret C19 as a pre existing heart and lung condition.
  3. Yesterday's total new cases was almost tied for the high point in July, with both above 75,000. The US is unquestionably about to have a third peak higher then both of the first two. It is going to be a long winter. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/us/coronavirus-us-cases.html
  4. My apologies. I was just pointing out some states never really locked down in the first place and some states locked down and opened completely up again, with varying degrees of success. The patchwork methodology of the lockdowns is in my opinion why they managed to be both ineffective in most parts of the US and still economically crippling.
  5. So how do you feel about the most densely populated place in the US...NYC? They have a far lower infection rate per capita than North Dakota. And during the opening phase of the virus when we knew nothing, as everyone likes to point out here NYC was out of control.
  6. Trump's way does seem more efficient, I'll grant you.
  7. There is nothing illegal about Trump having a bank account in China; there is no way to do business in China without one. But just as a comparison, Biden has no Chinese bank accounts on his tax returns, which he submitted, unlike Trump.
  8. Which particular state are you in that prevented you from going where you wanted to go, and during what time frame? "The LockDowns" isn't an answer in a country that most people here swear Trump couldn't control if he wanted to. Be specific. Where did the lockdown touch you on the doll?
  9. The first vaccines are probably going to be logistical nightmares to distribute, especially to any area without a large hospital. The two most promising candidates require storage conditions below 0 F/-18 C. Even when it becomes available at a large scale (next spring-summer earliest), it seems likely it will be focused on urban areas due to storage and transportation constraints. In the US we will probably see 3-5 different vaccines distributed with different levels of effectiveness and storage constraints being distributed before the pandemic in the US is more or less resolved.
  10. Besides intent and activity, from a shear capability perspective the Soviet Navy was a non issue in the 1930s. The USSR was a non issue to the US in pretty much every measurable way until WWII.
  11. It seems unlikely that the PRC maintains its previous economic growth rate. In particular, its human capital will begin to shrink in the coming decades. But more generally its economic expansion was simply never going to be sustainable indefinitely.
  12. The Russians definitely have their own anti drone tech deployed in Syria; they just haven't sold it to Armenia.
  13. I would argue that the FFGX appears to be a very realistic program with realistic goals, which implied that someone temporarily at least learned their lesson concerning cutting edge tech. The MUSV and LUSV are worthy of experimentation, but I think in practice they will require minimal crewing.
  14. I think the PLAN can challenge the USN regionally in the next 10-20 years. I'd even go so far as to say inside the first island chain is probably already a no go zone for USN surface assets on Day 1. But the PLAN will always have to overcome a lot of bad geography to break out of its back yard and the US is probably going to make that more difficult with a slew of long range weapons in fairly short order. Even the US Army seems intent on giving all of its long range ordnance a moving target engagement capability, from PrSM to the new medium range project to hypersonics. The US will soon be abl
  15. Wow...NGJ and F-35? That's a pretty sensitive amount of technology being deployed right up against Russia.
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