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  1. By personally calling election officials in individual states and lobbying them to overturn the electors and/or find votes, one might say he even used means beyond legal avenues. Or at least encouraged others to use means beyond their legal power. It's also worth pointing out that Trump has been undermining the voting process since he took office. He disputed the popular vote in 2016 and said it was off by 3 million. He also disputed his inauguration size as well. The fact that Trump went out with a whimper probably has a lot to do with the Capitol riot drying up his congressional su
  2. ...and then immediately reversed themselves as soon as Trump put his thumb on the scale. Now that Trump's gone and Georgia is lost, I'm sure fiscal responsibility will be the top GOP priority again like it was under Obama (and not Bush). Though to be fair, I think just handing money over to people isn't necessary or responsible. Those people who are still employed with their full work week (re: people who can work from home) don't need stimulus; they have money coming out of their ears because a lot of their disposable income outlets dried up (travel, going out, movies, etc). There will b
  3. I dare say you would be hard pressed to find anyone on this board that gave a fuck about the KSA, Glenn. I bet Stuart, Roman, Jeff and I could all toast to The Fresh Prince Of Riyadh slipping on a banana peel and finding his head on a pike.
  4. I was unaware that Ollie was in the chain of command, though I do admit that Trump tended to copy his policy and talking points from Faux News.
  5. Gulf War II (actually III if you are Iraqi or Iranian) was hardly inevitable. The US posture in the region was quite sustainable, especially given the costs of what invading Iraq ended up being anyway.
  6. Any poll for the GOP primary would still put him way at the top of the stack. https://morningconsult.com/2021/01/13/trump-2024-gop-primary-polling/ I think the reason Moscow Mitch is willing to gut Trump in the impeachment is because he wants even the possibility of Trump running removed. Trump teasing a run sucks all the air out of the GOP room; Trump actually running probably sees him win the primary with not great odds of winning the general. I suspect even Trump being indicted (which I think is better than 50/50) wouldn't remove him has the favorite in a Republican primary
  7. Russia would have to threaten US or Israeli forces for there to be any risk to their effort in Syria. They were pretty angry when their ISR plane was shot down by Syrian AD during an IDF raid, but they recognized there was nothing they could do about it. They gave Assad a token S300 battery that's been stuck in the same spot ever since.
  8. I feel the same way about the Saudis.
  9. To be fair, I'd be pretty jazzed about that outcome too if somehow the US could magically not get involved.
  10. I was just thinking about whether we will see any violence tomorrow (mostly I think no) and it occurred to me: did anyone ever state what the bomb was made of? Usually that is one of the first things that gets reported, but I never saw what the explosive agent used was. Did the guy just manage to make a propane FAE out of his own camper with him in it, or was it something much more elaborate? His GF reported he was making explosives months ago, which makes me think he made something nitro based in small batches until he had a lot. But I've never heard anyone talk about it. Its amazing tha
  11. Re, the bold part, the swing states involved had GOP legislations. If they wanted to pass new election laws, they can (and will). The constitution largely removes the US federal government from having any say in how a state runs its elections, so standardization isn't a readily achievable goal.
  12. The major deviation I see is not pressing allies in NATO or the Pacific rim on their defense spending and engaging Iran to re-establish JCPOA. I doubt much will change with Israel, outside the fact that I think any new settlements will be condemned. I don't think the KSA will be in a hot seat, but its activities in Yemen will receive a lot less support and any future murders will probably not get white washed. Erdogan will probably see additional sanctions. I think policy concerning China and North Korea won't appreciably change, though they might push on Biden to see what they can get aw
  13. Josh

    NASA G2

    The advantage this probably has is less preparation/infrastructure for those LEO satellites that can be launched this way. I could see the USAF throwing some money at the concept to have a rapid response capability for putting small payloads in orbit. But it is too much of a niche that is being encroached on by other small rockets and SpaceX ride shares to be that successful.
  14. No one but you were suggesting the KSA would strike first.
  15. Vaporware. Russia has other ship building priorities.
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