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  1. Now all the relevant nuclear-armed nations have given their support (USA, UK and France), that is good enough for me. It was total landslide in Finnish parliament, 188-8 for NATO in vote.
  2. You know how many NATO member e.g. refused to join debacle if 2003 Iraq? Quite a few, actually most. So, your strawman does not hold any water, to invent new saying.
  3. You are aware that we have no obligation to join those? It is typical disinformation (by usual suspects) that we'd have obligation to join other than defensive wars. That we went to A-stan, Iraq and Mali was always separate decision. Only time NATO Article 5 has been activated was 9/11. And even then only within NATO sphere of influence. All other things were individual decisions country by country.
  4. Estonians got the good news too: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soviet_deportations_from_Estonia Plus lot were outright murdered.
  5. I wonder if he had placed the suitcase other side of table support. That'd have directed blast straight to Adolf. History might be different, maybe not much, but maybe less people would have been dead.
  6. When it comes to security, there has always been very large consensus. But this is indeed almost unheard of. I can just say:
  7. OK, Finnish parliament just voted 188-12 for NATO. That is about unheard of majority.
  8. You mean as secure as Ukraine was? It makes perfect sense to us. And you don't seem to know nothing about Finnish military. Maybe those 280 000 troops (plus 870 000 trained reserves) are just irrelevant.
  9. What can you expect from totally criminal enterprise? They know they have snowball's chance in hell conventionally. i am amused they get so low, but...hey...should not be surprised.
  10. Even though "Daily Heil" is not the most reputable rag, there is, Russian "leaders" show their true nature: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10815861/Russia-threatens-nuke-Britain-Satan-2-missile-just-200-seconds-Finland-10-seconds.html Incredibly classy.
  11. Actually back in days we didn't plan only to resist within our borders. Those plans are still secret until 2030s, but they involved raids deep to Soviet territory. Well, theoretically it was our territory until 1944. But there were plans for very active defence.
  12. Russians planned? You must be shitting me! Well...that went stellar well. I don't think you have a clue what you are talking about. I am not surprised they left you absent when they were talking about deployment plans. You should see logistics of last 20 yrs of major exes and think again. Of course you seem to have bad vibes about FDF and country...so...
  13. I don't think you have ever been involved with logistics side. So I can assure FDF had lot of experience moving thousands of troops at time across country. You know, we actually plan this stuff. So, get real, it is not you and your tent.
  14. I'd like to see this happening. Might get interesting...
  15. Seriously? You think that in major exercises people and equipment just magically appear there? Have you even ever served? If you did do any of those, you'd know.
  16. Is that the procedure straight from Full Metal Jacket? "You better unfu*k yourself before I unscrew your head!" 😁 Actually your MOD would need some of that, maybe they should hire me. But then, Lucas Electrics and 400(!) different types of trucks in 1944. At least according to Max Hastings it was incredible clusterfu*k.
  17. All NATO countries of course will use this as chance to milk some favours from "big boys", mainly USA.
  18. Seriously? Where are you living? You must have missed all large-scale exercises after 2000.
  19. *GROAN* Sparky still around? This brings back memories. We got BONUS: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bofors/Nexter_Bonus This might be useful for Ukrainians too.
  20. How stupid one can be to have Finland and Sweden to side against you that much. Even Switzerland is pissed off... That is like World Tour of Idiocy from Putin.
  21. Yea, there won't be many videos when "soldiers" leave their equipment behind and run like a wind.
  22. Well..there is great thing for Putin:
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