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  1. As from personal experience, everyone wanting to go to A-stan needs to have pretty good backup or pretty good trust to his/her belief system...
  2. This should be interesting: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1674170/Sprocket/
  3. Can they still be stupid enough to NOT to send people that speak the lingo? Again? *insert facepalm here*....
  4. Agreed, only thing it had problem was IS-2.
  5. I wonder how good this calculator is? http://www.tankarchives.ca/p/demarre-calculator.html Seems that my 50 mm APDS (28 or 30mm penetrator) would not be much better than APCR if velocity was similar c. 1100m/s. 1.25 kg 28mm penetrator fired at 1500 m/s would be better, but wonder if it'd be too "hot" for gun. Or possible to design. Anyways, I think 50mm was bit of a dead end as caliber in my case. 🙂 75L48 with sabot might be totally different beast.
  6. There has to be oneself believing in win, clear measurement of win and opposition believing they cannot win, to really win. In A-stan there were none above. As saying goes..."you may have watches but we have time."
  7. Well, my humble opinion is that A-stan is and always was quite a mess since start of the history. Getting heavily involved to a problem that does not have real solution apart from one Alexander the Great or Romans would have resorted to was a mistake...which is of course impossible for modern societies. I welcome Chinese to try their way there, they seem to have very little qualms about their measures, considering their treatment of Uighurs. But in A-stan they might find themselves in totally different snake pit.
  8. They inflict Foster's only on unsuspecting foreigners... For some reason I cannot stand that beer. AFAIK it's not even brewed in Australia while being Ozzian brand but in UK. XXXX is OK. "Why do Queenslanders call their beer XXXX? Because they cannot spell "beer.""
  9. It should have been "war by proxy", locals supported by SF and air power with some supply provided. Throwing in lots of "boots on ground" was a doomed proposition. This I found very accurate depiction of what situation was from 2003 onwards (albeit fiction and situated to different country) in Afghanistan too. Especially "Tell us if our strategy is working? Answer: "What strategy?" That has been inherent problem of most Western (and Soviet) interventions for long time.
  10. PKM is very good weapon. What constantly amuses me is that "UK weapons procurement = trouble". 😆 Last years one of the few things that had gone well is Astute-class submarines. But with RN/Brit Army/RAF there is constant fook ups and "fitted for but not with"...
  11. Trying to "civilize" country (I'd not call it even a country but loose collection of tribes) where people in one valley hate people living in next valley is inherently futile. Throw in tribal differences and interests and it is even more futile.
  12. That is pretty much how most SF work, can get "almost anything", since they have their own purchase budget.
  13. Sardaukar

    Ajax Issues

    Considering British AFV designers...they did get it right at least with Centurion, eventually.
  14. Just continuing my brain-fart. What would be weight and velocity of 28mm (or 30mm) sabot for 50mm L 60 gun? Would it have been possible to achieve 130 mm pen at 500m ? (Average penetration performance established against rolled homogenous steel armour plate laid back at 30° from the vertical by APCR at 100m stated as 130mm.) Accuracy issues of early APDS might have made it unreliable over 500m, but enough against KV-1/T-34 etc. from closer range. APCR and AP: PzGr. 40/1 (Armour-piercing, composite, rigid) Weight of projectile: 1.06 kg (2 lb 5 oz) Muzzle velocity: 1,130 m/s (3,700 ft/s) PzGr (Armour-piercing) Weight of projectile: 2.06 kg (4 lb 9 oz) Muzzle velocity: 835 m/s (2,740 ft/s) KwK 39 used shell 50×419 mm
  15. IJN carrier force was basically a raiding force. It did not have staying power for sustained attacks. Well, USN carriers didn't have either until 1944 when their superior logistics allowed on-the-way replenishment.
  16. Well..in Winter War (colourized)...:
  17. One thing about original topic about PH oil tanks. I did read that IJN carriers might not have had enough ordnance to accomplish destruction of oil tanks after hitting the ships.
  18. If you buy from Matrix Games, you'll get Steam key for free from them when it is released on Steam.
  19. Obviously, for me the near future release of Dune is the most important.
  20. Considering relationship between IJN and IJA, shore bombardment had very little room in IJN doctrine or training.
  21. You might consider War in the East 2. I was one of the beta testers and it's very good game. Lot of things (air operations and logistics) can be automated, thus saving lot of micromanagement. WitP-AE doesn't have learning curve...it has learning cliff...😁
  22. Glad you decided to resume AE When it comes to Wake I., in my previous campaign, I managed to keep it, but it was more of a burden than asset. Difficult to supply and as partially isolated outpost, prone to surprise visit by IJN CVs etc. One bit easier to keep that IJ AI tries to get is Canton I., at least that is useful giving more security to West Coast USA - Australia/NZ supply lines. My current Grand Campaign AAR is here: https://www.matrixgames.com/forums/tm.asp?m=4977360
  23. Steam offers chance to become tester later.
  24. But probably not for sale. I think they are waiting for upgrade for Bundeswehr. But there are people on this forum that would know.
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