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  1. Didn't the fat and sassy General's state that they wouldn't mobilize troops to protect cities from rioters? Seems they changed their tune from Dixie to Johnny comes marching home.
  2. Biden should make a Pretorian Guard of people of color and women.
  3. Looks like the Supreme Court is more comfortable ruling on gay marriage and gender bathrooms than anything to do with state vs state arguments lest they have to look at actual technical facts and not agendas and peoples feelings. The only way fraud will ever be looked into if the Republicans can out fraud the Democrats.
  4. The only way to stop voter fraud is to out do the other side in voter fraud. When the dems lose to 400 million Rep votes they will require DNA testing to vote.
  5. The UN should take over voting in some Blue Cities. Actually, just in the FBI is going to investigate voting in some places.
  6. If you are going to fill out 1000 ballots down candidates slow you down. Though I have to admit I did not fill out votes for school board or judges. Hey, what would I go on ethnic name?
  7. Fact checking Trump. How does a dog sized animal drag a kid across the border?😝 https://nationalfile.com/blue-check-liberals-dont-know-what-coyotes-are-melt-down-after-thursday-nights-debate/
  8. The reasoning is that they shouldn't be voting for a Supreme Court Justice because there is an election going on. That is one mark against early voting as it stops the work of Congress. Let's stretch this to the extreme. What if early voting was for 3 months? Does everything have to halt? What about 6 months or even a year early? You can see like packing the court there is no law against it. It just becomes absurd at a point.
  9. Yeah, Facebook and Twitter won't allow anyone to post the Hunter Biden computer email story. They said like they had to fact check it. I don't recall any fact checking on the Trump tax return story by those two.
  10. Trump made a mockery of the condemning groups. When asked did he condemn white supremacists he said yeah he did. Then asked if he condemned the Proud boys he said that he didn't know much about them but said he condemned them as well. It's like he is saying, Yeah give me a name and I'll condemn them. Heritage Foundation? Yeah, I condemn them. Tea Party? Yeah I condemn them, Young Republicans? Yeah I condemn them.
  11. The head if this white-supremase The head of the Florida white-supremacy group Henry “Enrique” Tarrio is a black hispanic.
  12. Well, he probably doesn't know what their asperations are. Or, what their demands are or who controls them. But, apparently the media has looked into them and found their manifestoes. And obviously since they oppose anti-fascists they must be fascists.
  13. WoW! That was a dumpster fire in a train wreck. A clown show but the clown union called wanting to get their reputation back.
  14. Does the NYT have any credibility? Did the Russians provide the $750?
  15. The other problem I see is that he expect to be in office for another 15 years i guess.
  16. If Trump loses do the Democrats think he is just going away? He will be out there criticizing everything Joe does. He can still run for a second term.
  17. Too cleaver by half. Trump should pick his fav.
  18. Just when we thought things were as interesting as they could get. If they hadn't tried to impeach Trump the Dems might of asked for a little consideration. But as it is. They have it coming.
  19. Well, she held on as long as she could.
  20. Curiously from space you can see that the wildfires stop at the Canadian border. So the Climate Gods have not punished Canada with tinder dry forests for some reason.
  21. Test your Google. Type in does joe biden have dementia. When does it autofill the search? Now try it with Bing or duckduckgo. There you only have to type 'does' and you see the choice. Do you think Google has their thumb on the search scales?
  22. Half the Middle East looks like they are trying to make some peace deal before the election. How many times can someone be nominated to a Peace Prize?
  23. My theory is that the spouses of inside employees are doing the leaking. So many are journalists or have some connection to the media. They can't go on the record so are anonymous.
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