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  1. Ed's red migt be the best cleaner around but its not a lube . i have cleaned many rifles and pistols with it but my lube is 5w20
  2. That was NOT me Wrecking (Tearing) pants on an M4 in the LST bldg in Ft Knox is the worst that happened to me in Kentucky
  3. I have Roku on 4k TCL tv's in my den and living room. Roku is tv OS to access other services, best explanation I can come up with. I use Youtube TV to access commercial channels, replacing DirecTV. I have I have Prime, Netflix and Hulu on Roku, but most of my watching is simple Youtube. My sister casts to her TV often, but I don't bother, anything I can get on my phone I can get directly on TV.
  4. Glad you weren't hurt more badly, get well soon.
  5. Our never trump crowd is curiously quiet.
  6. Good thought about acetone, although suncorite seems impervious to nearly anything. I was thinking acetone on wood, followed by linseed oil. Start with Mineral Spirits then Ed's Red on metal, may have to go with Naval Jelly on muzzle end, I think it had corrosive ammo then the muzzle not wiped down well. My Mosin had rust flour in same area even after proper bore cleaning.
  7. Picked up both rifles from the funshop today. Bit of rust, particulary on the Enfield, but no worse than I expected. Bigger issue is they smell like they were stored in a sheep shed for 60 years. Going to hardware store to get some acetone to clean up next.
  8. It was about 2018 before the 2012 Obama shortages ended. Reloading has saved my supply, but even reloading supplies are nowhere to be found. 9x19 and 7.62x39 are my only shortages, I should have bought up a stash when they were available.
  9. Haven't posted for months, but I just got 8 gB of DDR2 (4x 2 gB) to put in my old Core2 duo machine. Core2 duo has Vista on it, probably pull that hd and use sd card adaptor to load Ubuntu on it. Looked through old stuff and found a Dell using Pc 133 ram, it only has 2x slots so I think it is maxxed already, Might download Win 98 or W2K and downgrade it from current WinXP. Getting my 15 yr old Athlon 64 working again will probably be nex.
  10. Just got an order in at Classic Firearms for a Lee-Enfield No 4 mk I and an Italian M91/17 in 6.5x52. My FFL03 expired last Dec so had to do transfer through loca gunshop, Their transfer fees will equal a 3 year FFL03 so I'll have to renew my license. I do have about 850 rds of boxer primed HXP .303 British, so I'm set for the Enfield. But 6.5x52 is disappearing, SGAmmo had 500 rd boxes of PPU, but it all disappeared in a week. They still have some 200 rd boxes of 139 gr SP from PPU but it appears to be .264 rather than the proper .268. I will order a .270 mold from NOE. May just buy some cases from Powder Valley to reload, but would just like to buy some correctly sized ammo to just shoot
  11. Dell 510 arrived Sunday, sitting in kitchen, to large/heavy for me to solo move it upstairs to guest room. Researching the Perc controller it won't do FreeNAS or Unraid, so for now I'll do ESXI with OMV.
  12. Ordered a Dell 510 refurb to become my new NAS, 2.6 gHz x 12 cores, 64 mB DDR3, 8x 3 tB SaS, $510 through Amazon. The 12 cores is really overkill for a NAS, i may do VMWARE with Open Media Vault in a VM as my NAS, rather than original plan for FreeNas. That way I can run Windows 2016 and several Linux distributions in VM with their own cores. I have the parts to make a NAS sitting in guestroom (Ryzen 5 1600, 64 mB ddr4, 6x 4 tb SATA), by the time all the parts arrived I had changed shifts so it fell on the backburner. With fall/winter arriving I will probably complete it as FreeNAS eventually. Will give me 41 tB of NAS space between them.
  13. That's what Tung or Linseed oil is for. Modern materials are better, but properly prepared wood works fine.
  14. In retrospect, I probably haven't bought enough 5.56 recently. Me too, I only have 1,000 rounds. Good luck finding ANYTHING. Pretty much every handgun caliber is sold out, you can occasionally find rifle hunting calibers, mostly PPU. I'm not worried, my goal for years has been 1k per caliber then 1k per gun. I can manage the first and in most cases the second, although 5.56 is tight even with reloading for the second.
  15. The longer A2 stock was for traditional marksmanship, without gear or armor; the original collapsible stock was for stowed compactness only, with two positions. Finding the collapsed position useful for armor or gear was pure serendipity; it didn't take long to include intermediate settings. As truly bulletproof armor became widespread, the shooting stance became more squared toward the opponent, making the shorter settings even more practical. My match uppers are setup with fixed A2 stocks, with the caveat that they are CMP/NRA hi power rifles. The longer stock is preferable for prone, i have shot practice and CMP games with an adjustable non-match upper, short for off hand and sitting but all the way out for prone. Given the much more varied shooting of 2+ gun matches an A1 LOP preference is understandable.
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