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  1. I was wondering about that myself. The overall number of casualties never made much sense for only one suicide bomber with a vest. Also, the heaps of dead bodies inside that drainage ditch suggests a lot of those might have been killed by small arms fire from someone, because the explosion happened much further forward between the blast walls, where the Marines checked the people coming in.
  2. You know people can read your posting history, right? Have you ever tried NOT acting like a complete jerk towards anyone you disagree with?
  3. One should simply acknowledge that at least the FFZ (and large parts of the other forums as well) would simply die out the moment that people would no longer be able to argue with each other. It would just be a cabal of people agreeing with each other, and people would lose interest. Just deal with it, these days, TankNet is mostly a place for anger management & release so people with too much time on their hands don't have to beat up each other or their domestic partners.
  4. It's so funny reading this from someone who spent literally weeks obsessing over obscure right-wing blogs and filling this forum with wave after wave of bullshit about the Trump 2020 election Kraken that never was.
  5. One would think that "conservative" anti-vaxxer radio hosts would have gotten the message by now, but this is number three now succumbing to COVID. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/aug/29/conservative-radio-host-anti-vaxxer-dies-covid-marc-bernier
  6. Just wait. Within a few months, we may be getting back in there to defend the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan against the growing ISIS insurrection. The New Afghan Army is already equipped to NATO standards, so it all makes sense now. 😅
  7. Sure, the Taliban are our friends now, didn't you know? We've always been at war with Eurasia.
  8. So going by what Gen McKenzie just said, the US is now fighting ISIS essientially as allies of the Taliban. Including the sharing of some intelligence. What fascinating times we live in.
  9. The point is that there's people crazy enough to refuse getting vaccinated while at the same time relying on obscure "online doctors" to aquire all kinds of drugs "just in case", that may or may not help with COVID and are then wondering about unexpected side-effects.
  10. US casualties (apparently several Marines were wounded) are now medevaced out with a German A310 MRT which was in the air above Kabul at that time. The jet has intensive care capability onboard and was circling above the city in case of any incidents.
  11. Looks like people are still eating the deworming pills and wondering why they poop their pants afterwards.
  12. There are a few more graphic videos of the casualties from the attack, which apparently happened right inside the crowd of people standing inside that drainage canal outside the airport wall that was visible in many news reports recently. Looks like a lot more than the 13 people killed which is the current number quoted from various sources .
  13. Lots of dead civilians from the suicide attack at Abbey Gate.
  14. I wouldn't be surprised to see some ideas on that by Boeing, Antonov and other companies soon. The entire thing has been one giant ad for strategic airlift.
  15. Don't confuse a few flashy pictures of KSK operators and sleek helicopters with operational competence in this entire matter. Granted, the Bundeswehr apparently did pretty well with the air bridge part of the evacuation so far, but overall, it's been as much chaos for us as for everyone else. The German embassy in Kabul even had to start their evacuation on their own accord because the foreign office in Berlin was essentially asleep over the weekend when Kabul fell. Plus, everyone in Berlin politics is crying about the Afghan locals trying to get out while we still have actual German citizens unable to reach the airport.
  16. The Pentagon has now made the vaccine mandatory for all of its 1.3 million active personnel, so I guess they'll all be converted into woke SJW supersoldiers in a few weeks. 😄
  17. Sorry, we'll vote for the other guy next time. 😅
  18. Speaking of Darwin's effect: (The guy insisted he wasn't an anti-vaxxer, just a logical thinker.)
  19. Spiegel Online now has some additional information about the KSK operation: https://www.spiegel.de/ausland/afganistan-muenchner-familie-aus-kabul-gerettet-a-15f869ca-c129-411a-aaf7-0e74e0561ab0 Doesn't seem quite as a ninja as Bild described it. Apparently, a time slot was arranged by phone with the family when they were supposed to approach the so-called Abbey Gate of the airport, where they would get another phone call to confirm their presence and arrange the actual pick-up. When they were at the gate, they had problems with their phone and it took a while longer to make contact.
  20. German KSK teams are heading outside the wire now, too. Two nights ago, they picked up a family from Munich and brought them to the airport in what was called "Operation Blue Light" (nice Rambo III reference). Supposedly they went on foot, and took about an hour before they made contact with the evacuees. Not much detail apart from that: https://www.bild.de/politik/ausland/politik-ausland/kabul-ksk-helden-retten-muenchener-familie-aus-taliban-hoelle-77462062.bild.html
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