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    Why the hell did the French stop making that tracked sports car with the pirated German canon? Point me to the tank races.

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  1. That's what Canadian French sounds like. Its sounds like a German speaking French, with lots of spit and saliva gutterally flying out.
  2. I say this with all seriousness. I am amazed by the amount of information and the quality of discourse on this thread. There are some tanknetters here who really know their stuff. There is enough material here for 2 dissertations. Much like the Sealion thread. Kudos to you guys.
  3. What about Singapore's FH2000? http://www.geocities.ws/lpkor/fh2000.jpg
  4. Maybe the Israelis were trying to send a message to whatever Ayatollah is in charge. The message being, if we can get to this high security target in Iran, we can get to anyone there.
  5. Well, that show will not be as popular as the Playboy Channel show where ex KGB Swallows and Red Sparrows compete to extract information from male contestants.
  6. Yeah, I thought so too. However its possible that in order to stabilize the pickup truck and made it a usable gun platform, they had to increase the weight. Anyone jumping into a flatbed of the a truck will realize it sways like heck. So, they added weight to the truck, and the explosives were the weight.
  7. The reports of this assassination is astounding. Apparently, a Mossad team smuggled into Iran a RWS (by Raphael?), and assembled it on a Nissan Pick up truck and parked the truck on the side of the road. When the nuclear scientist's convoy drove by, the RWS was operated and successive dispatch the scientist. Among some of the information (true or not, I do not know) that came out............ 1) The RWS fired only 13 rounds and was so accurate that the scientist's wife, sitting 10 inches away was not hit, nor was any of his 12 bodyguard. 2) And this accuracy was achieved on a moving v
  8. Wow, it must have been crazy over Germany, especially Berlin, during WW2. They were firing so much AAA at Allied bombers, and all of that must come back down.
  9. If road basing is so important, I am guessing you can eliminate the Super Hornet and the Typhoon from the competition. I am not sure how the Gripen is in that regard. U might as well go with Russian fighters for the rough field capability.
  10. Especially with the US starting to deploy Legion IRST pods on legacy fighters. At least for the air to air role, as more aircraft get equipped with IRST type sensors, either build in from the design stage or hung on as a pod, how can a stealth fighter utilize its advantage? Even a legacy 30 year old F-15C hanging a Legion pod will be able to detect any stealth Russian fighters at a long enough range to engage with AMRAAMs. It works both ways too, so F-22s and F-35s will be similarly vulnerable to Russian IRST systems. If you can't use your stealth to convincing advantage in air to air, that ju
  11. You made no mention of the F-16. Was this not considered at all? I think it would be cheaper to operate as a single engine fighter vs a twin engine Typhoon. The US is selling Taiwan 66 F-16 for $8 billion. And these are Block 70s. The per unit price I have read is $30 million for a Block 70. I would think this fits within the tight budget you mention?
  12. Any consideration being given to a Russian fighter like a SU-35 or a Mig 35? I am sure Putin can set up a friendship price for a neighbouring country. |Finland would need to control things major overhauling of the engines locally.
  13. This is a great read. Detailed background history on why the Canadians bought the Leo 1. Quote from the article.... 113 modernized Leopards would likely cost $146 million, while 113 M60A1s would cost $94.1 million, and 113 Centurions only $58 million. The Chief of Land Operations at National Defence Headquarters (NDHQ) in Ottawa, Major-General G. G. Brown, recommended the Centurion upgrade because it was the cheapest, and that they should be modernized immediately before the tanks were totally worn out.2 http://www.journal.forces.gc.ca/vol16/no4/PDF/CMJ164Ep16.pdf
  14. Don't know about Australia, but Canada chose the FA-18 because of its twin engines. Its a safety issue given the vast territory the air force flies over.
  15. I am not sure about this, seems like something is missing here. did the CAF only get one quote for Centurion upgrades from Vickers and then decided it was too expensive? Maybe that was why no one bought it? What about getting a quote from the Israelis? The South Africans upgraded their Centurions on their own to Oilphant standard, and other countries went they own way to upgrade their Centurions. So, that's an indication that Vickers was priced too high. I am sure the Canadians could have done the same, or made arrangements with the Dutch or Swedes to do the upgrade? If the CAF had upgraded t
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