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    Why the hell did the French stop making that tracked sports car with the pirated German canon? Point me to the tank races.

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  1. A, why does anything need to be done, even if the assassination attempt failed. Even if von Stauffenberg was a lone wolf, acting on his own, if he had killed Hitler and himself in the process, there will be an almost immediate power struggle to see who will succeed Hitler. Who will win and who will kill off most of his rivals? Himmler? Goebbels? Bormann or one of the generals like Keitel? Maybe even Rommel? Any of these people except maybe Goebbles would have been amenable to some deal with the Allies. Which is the ultimate aim of the assassination
  2. I don't think they were trying too hard. They were also bombing Germany and the heaviest bombers they had were twin engine Wellingtons. They had to pretty much send over their entire fleet of light bombers like Blenheims, Hampdens, etc. to even have a chance of making a dent in the german invasion fleet. I don't see why the Luftwaffe wouldn't wipe them out if they did that.
  3. How is Stalin even remotely calling the shots in 1941 to 1943? If the Germans were in the west trying to conduct sealion and waging an aerial war with England, what was stalin going to do? Invade the rest of Poland and then Germany? That's laughable. His army's performance in the opening months of Barbarossa was what he would have gotten if he went west. Which would have meant heavy defeats for him.
  4. I never did understand this part. He must have known that if Hitler survived Operation Valkyrie, he and his family would be dead. As well as all the co-conspirators. He should have just held the bomb briefcase and stood next to Hitler when it when off. That way, he would die and so would Hitler. Placing the briefcase on the floor under the table near Hitler and then leaving the room is absolutely no guarantee that the bomb would do its job. I feel if you are going into this type plot, your life is already forfeit so you might as well go all out. Really don't understand this mindset at all.
  5. Not on;y a gutted Royal Navy. but a gutted RAF too. The RAF would have had to devote almost all its bombing capacity to destroying the German invasion fleet in port. and to to destroying the build up areas around the ports. This would have saved the Luftwaffe from having to fly to London and southern England to attack and entice the RAF to come up and fight. Basically the Luftwaffe will end up fighting over French territory that they already control. Makes for shorter missions and better pilot recovery of down Luftwaffe aircrew. They could have bled the RAF.
  6. Yeah,should have bought the Ultimax 100 Mk 5. LOL. ST would go down on their knees and kiss their ass to make that sale. Plus throw in a bunch of Geylang ho's to sweeten the deal. LOL.
  7. Yeah, but even if the Ukrainians mount their own ERA on the T-72s you give them, it will still be a lot less survivable then a PT-91. I would assume.
  8. Are these reserve tanks given to the Ukraine stock T-72s? If so, I don't think they will last very long in the Battlefield. Or are they the PT-91 Twardy with the Erawa ERA?
  9. I had to look this one up because that is something I would love to see. Turns out its in Krakow. Poland
  10. Plus most air combat on the eastern front was at 15000 ft or below, which suited the P-39 fine. In the western theatre, combat was much higher and that was where the P-39 did not perform well.
  11. Well, that is a good question. Most of the collection that the Walton kid bought from Paul Allen's estate was already restored and many in flyable condition. So, if that is any relief it should be in the hands of a wealthy aviation enthusiast. Before Covid, they had several projects in the midst of being restored. One of which was a JU 87 Stuka. Not sure if that was completed. But Allen never sold them off to someone else to be restored. I guess because he had the money and the trained people to do the restoration himself. Of course he did not count on his impending death. MAybe he did not set aside funds in his estate to endow the museum and make sure the restorations were completed and the museum would continue. But even if he did not, I am sure his sister knows how much the museum meant to him and as a memorial to his father........... and yet the cold hearted biatch sold it.
  12. Also going to be in Vienna, and Salzburg before going to France and a side trip to Normandy. For those in the know, Anything worth visiting in Prague, Vienna, and Salzburg aviation and armor wise? Thanks in advance.
  13. One of the lessons from Ukraine must be the involvement of civilian tech companies on the side of the Ukrainians and their impact on the war. They move much faster then the military of other countries and much more adept at solving problems. For a country not living on the fringes of a third world country (eg Astan) but instead fairly technologically advanced, its an incredible benefit. Case in point is Elon Musk and his Starlink sets. WHat do you do when the Russians have cut off and jammed your cell comms and satellite access. Well, you call Elon and he sends you thousands of Starlink sets that circumvent the Russians and communicate with his own fleet of satellites. Then what happens if the Russians jam the Starlink sets. Well, you change one line of code on them and fix the problem in a couple of days. There is no way the military or govt of any country on earth could have fix this problem this fast. And using these Starlink sets, the citizenry track and provide intelligence on Russian troop movements, provide targetting information, set up ambushes, etc. I have no doubt that Elon is indirectly killing as many Russians as all the weapons send by say the UK. This is a great lesson for countries to learn.
  14. Even Chuck Yeager mentioned that when he met the Russian Air Force senior staff at a banquet in his honor, they loved the P-39s send to them under LL. The plane was almost universally loathed by the Americans. But some of the highest scoring Russian aces flew the aircraft. So Russian experience and opinion with LL equipment sometimes bore no resemblance to the Allies.
  15. For those who may know, across the runway at Paine field, from Paul Allen's collection, was the Historic Flight Foundation (HFF). This collection was founded by John Sessions and I love this smaller collection because it was more interactive. You can pay $250 for a whole day ground school on the DC-3, TBM Avenger, B-25 Mitchell, SPitfire, etc. and end up with a FAA ground handling cert. They too had their fly days for their collection. ANyway, this collection has now permanently moved to Spokane, leaving the greater Seattle area with no regular flying aircraft displays. A very sad day for me.
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