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    Why the hell did the French stop making that tracked sports car with the pirated German canon? Point me to the tank races.

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  1. Ok, so I did the Cole's notes version and watched the episode of War Stories on Youtube. I also read some of the accounts on the internet, although they were quite dry. I know the timeline and the actual battle, etc. What I don't get was how close the engagement distances ended up being. In some cases, 500m or less? Like what the hell? Why would elements of the 2nd ACR close to that range? The accounts state that the lead elements of 2nd ACR came up on a ridge and saw the Iraqi tanks in a laager or defensive position. In some case, their T-72s were not even manned. AT night, and in a sand stor
  2. Unfortunately, its not good news. Lost with all hands onboard. DENPASAR, April 25 — A missing Indonesian submarine has been found, broken into at least three parts, at the bottom of the Bali Sea, army and navy officials said today, as the president sent condolences to relatives of the 53 crew. Rescuers also found new objects, including a life vest, that they believe belong to those aboard the 44-year old KRI Nanggala-402, which lost contact on Wednesday as it prepared to conduct a torpedo drill. “Based on the evidence, it can be stated that the KRI Nanggala has sunk and all of its cre
  3. Indonesian Navy searches for missing submarine with 53 people on board JakartaIndonesia's Navy is searching for a missing submarine with 53 people on board that went missing during a military exercise on Wednesday, Indonesian authorities say. In a statement published Wednesday night, the Indonesian Ministry of Defense said the KRI Nanggala-402, a German-made submarine, lost contact during a torpedo drill in the Bali Strait -- a stretch of water between the islands of Java and Bali that connects to the Indian Ocean and Bali Sea. Members of Nation
  4. I read somewhere that alot of the Japanese war production was along the lines of a cottage industry set up. Mom and pop operations making war material and parts out of their homes and what not. They of course have huge factories but not to the extend of the Germans. Perhaps that was why a firebombing campaign against the cities would disrupt war production for the Japanese more then it would for the Germans.
  5. There is some conflicting accounts for this. Some sources said non were captured as all T-72s encountered were destroyed. Another source says Israel sold a battalion of T-72s (30 tanks) to Romania in 1986. These could have been captured tanks from Syrians, captured in 1982. Also, some Israeli companies like NIMDA and ELBIT offer extensive T-72 upgrade and modernization kits. Where would they acquire this expertise, if they had not worked with a number of T-72s before? ANyone know?
  6. Ok, enough of this political discussion. Lets talk Logistics. How does Tanknet organize a mass rescue of the fair and buxom Ukrainian maidens of Kiev?
  7. The presumption the British had after some bad experiences in daylight bombing, was that the night time would provide better protection for their bombers. But then their lost rates were almost as high as the USAAF 8th Air Force which was bombing during the day. The RAF had a 44% death rate, 55,000 killed, 8325 aircraft loss vs 8th Air Force 26,000 killed, 4000 + heavy bombers lost. Its amazing to me that the night did not appear to protect the RAF Bomber Command, and that the Luftwaffe was so successful in shooting bombers down at night with primitive air intercept radar. Many German night fig
  8. That's what Canadian French sounds like. Its sounds like a German speaking French, with lots of spit and saliva gutterally flying out.
  9. I say this with all seriousness. I am amazed by the amount of information and the quality of discourse on this thread. There are some tanknetters here who really know their stuff. There is enough material here for 2 dissertations. Much like the Sealion thread. Kudos to you guys.
  10. What about Singapore's FH2000? http://www.geocities.ws/lpkor/fh2000.jpg
  11. Maybe the Israelis were trying to send a message to whatever Ayatollah is in charge. The message being, if we can get to this high security target in Iran, we can get to anyone there.
  12. Well, that show will not be as popular as the Playboy Channel show where ex KGB Swallows and Red Sparrows compete to extract information from male contestants.
  13. Yeah, I thought so too. However its possible that in order to stabilize the pickup truck and made it a usable gun platform, they had to increase the weight. Anyone jumping into a flatbed of the a truck will realize it sways like heck. So, they added weight to the truck, and the explosives were the weight.
  14. The reports of this assassination is astounding. Apparently, a Mossad team smuggled into Iran a RWS (by Raphael?), and assembled it on a Nissan Pick up truck and parked the truck on the side of the road. When the nuclear scientist's convoy drove by, the RWS was operated and successive dispatch the scientist. Among some of the information (true or not, I do not know) that came out............ 1) The RWS fired only 13 rounds and was so accurate that the scientist's wife, sitting 10 inches away was not hit, nor was any of his 12 bodyguard. 2) And this accuracy was achieved on a moving v
  15. Wow, it must have been crazy over Germany, especially Berlin, during WW2. They were firing so much AAA at Allied bombers, and all of that must come back down.
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