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  1. Thanks again Ssnake. Sounds like a good book, almost like an updated version of Ogorkiewicz Technology of Tanks.
  2. Ssnake. Sounds like the book covers the history of certain signature technologies. How much would you say is about technologies from 1990 going forward? Does he get into figures like equivalent RHA? Thank you for the detailed description.
  3. Thank you Ssnake, very kind of you. Questions: 1. Does the book cover current MBT models like Leo2a7? How much coverage? 2. Anything on MGCS or US programs like Decisive Lethality? 3. Any comparisons among modern MBTs? Critiques?
  4. There’s a new Rolf Hilmes book that I was made aware of. https://www.amazon.com/Meilensteine-der-Panzerentwicklung/dp/3613042770/ref=sr_1_1?crid=3OGWRZ511CMJG&keywords=rolf+hilmes&qid=1649464798&s=books&sprefix=Rolf+hilmes%2Cstripbooks%2C76&sr=1-1 Any chance this is translated into English?
  5. Similar to Manic. Likely subsidized.
  6. I didn’t know she hired a production crew. That’s hard core.
  7. Excellent explanation. I grew up in a book/movie world so those were my introductions to things like tanks. I guess the new generation is much more gaming based, I don’t know. Wasn’t Battlezone in the early 80s supposed to be a recruitment tool? Maybe it’s not of new as a tool as we think.
  8. I subscribe to your channel very much because of pedigree. I’ve seen you on Tanknet for a long time, even remember some of the Iraq videos. I like to listen to authors who may not be tankers (Zaloga) but someone with a deep research background and/or actual experience appeals to me. If I watch your Hatch vids I must be ok with musea giving folks access. But I did find access to an in service Abrams tank like Sofi had was surprising. I first saw her on one of your videos (I don’t remember which) and she was just there, like everyone should know her from way back. Maybe my fault for never playing the game but there was no real introduction, just poof, here she is.
  9. I wouldn’t mind a ride in an in service Abrams. Look through the imagers, etc. Depends on the security winds & how much of a snob the staff is I guess. Do we know how the French have been getting by on their 3 man tanks as far as maintenance?
  10. Don’t knock it. Might get him a million subscribers.
  11. That’s stretching things. Discussing things in this case Tanks on an Internet forum is one thing. Direct access to in service installations & to in service vehicles because of gaming is another.
  12. First off, you’re not talking to your girlfriend so watch your mouth. You want it to got to FFZ, fine.
  13. Her being female was not the issue. I brought up the fact her reputation & connection was as a video gamer. But if you prefer putting your own spin on it, knock yourself out.
  14. How would you describe the physical demand of the maintenance tasks? What’s the physical toll? Is it worth maintenance wise to go to 3 man tanks?
  15. Wreaks of desperation. I should have kept up with playing Chopper Command. I’d get free rides in Apaches. Your explanation is valid but unless it comes in Milk of Magnesia form, this still doesn’t make it any easier to digest. If this is what the Army needs to drum up PR for armor, yeesh. PS I highly doubt she’s attracting an under 25 crowd. AFV fandom is well, um, a select crowd😁
  16. To clarify. Gamer interest in tanks is irrelevant to me. My question is what the Army at Benning think’s she’s doing for them. A female tanker would go a longer way in promoting interest in tanks & serving in tanks. I used to be really good at Chopper Command. Who cares?
  17. No one is stopping her. I asked how a civilian who is a video game personality got so much access. For a forum that isn’t exactly polite many times, now we’re all gentlemen who don’t ask probing questions?
  18. Try this link https://sill-www.army.mil/fires-bulletin-archive/
  19. Great story. That’s inside info that most wouldn’t know. Sofi is a level beyond that getting free books, and interacts with well known tank authors like equals. I know we’re a very niche group of fans and many people don’t get it (at least my wife doesn’t 😁) but this reeks of desperation.
  20. Depends on what the end goal here is. I seriously doubt that MBT development is going to advance because of WoT. Like saying WoWarships is going to bring back the battleship. I don’t think decision makers are going to buy more tanks because of video games. I’d buy a female tanker serving or vet doing these vids. Like Manic. But Sofi? Maybe it’s me.
  21. She’s not my type but you do you. Little scary that an unaffiliated shady video game can get access to Ft Benning and have the rep treated like “we need her!”
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