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  1. Well, it's the FBI. So what? Any news? Why do American right wingers only feel that there's a problem when one of their own suffers? Where was the empathy when the FBI harassed black civil right activists? Where was the empathy when the FBI harassed Muslims? Where was the empathy when the FBI harassed HRC? Where was the empathy when the FBI harassed anti-surveillance activists? How about the DeLorean sting? This is just like when HIV/AIDS was nothing but an opportunity to blame the gays for the right wing - until Reagan learned that his buddy Hudson had died of it. Then, suddenly, HIV was
  2. ROFL, I'm not terrified. I have a track record of years of not being easily scared. Right wingers like Murph should not project their own susceptibility to scares so easily. That man violates hospitality in ways not experienced before, at least not among nominal allies. The Soviets' And Franco's ambassadors were polite and cooperative by comparison. Grenell is as if someone rounded up a village, asked it for its biggest asshole and then appointed that biggest asshole as ambassador. The idea that the lying moron cult believes in the rule of law is complete and utter bullshit. The entire "deep
  3. Let's file this under "things that never happened". I suppose there's a misunderstanding. You may have meant "coastal elites" less inflationary than has become common in the last few years. You may have read a much smaller group of people into that than I did.
  4. That's no "yes man". Grenell is a 150% true believer idiot. The difference matters - Grenell is capable of bullshitting and offending people and entire nations on his own.
  5. Calm down. It looks like an ill-timed joke of his.
  6. Everything you wrote above is factually incorrect or a non-sequitur or not relevant. Try again but with some sort of clarity. L2read
  7. Well, that's special special special stupid. The Federal Reserve Bank itself effectively told him that he's wrong about Federal Reserve Statistics and he just keeps pretending. I was referring to a proper statistics source, he uses a chart someone created based on info from some news source that in turn may or may not have used a proper statistics source. See, folks, JWB is a liar. He doesn't care about reality. He just keeps on bullshitting even after a 100% evidence that he's wrong. Besides, let's at least have a good laugh at his stupidity of not understanding that December can ha
  8. That list of 27 points is ridiculous. Examples point 10 is a lie. Stone is not facing a possible 9 years for "a process crime", he was already found guilty on SEVEN counts of crimes point 13 is a mere assertion, and the supposed evidence wasn't even made available point 20 is another petty allegation point 21 shows the overt partisanship of the whole stupid list. The original open letter was about the AG's actions that violate the purpose of his office and existing standards. point 27 is a flat-out lie That crap list is really not worth a 1:1 dismembering. it's plain crap. To sumamrise:
  9. The challenge is to do it in an economical way. Today's tractors can be de facto self-driving. Farmers can use drones or commercial imagery to detect differences within a field (the need for pesticides, fertilizer and so on is unequal and the optimum distance between individual sees is unequal as well). The planning of the input based on such imagery and subsequent accurate deployment of the inputs (the tech strives for accuracy of one sq metre) allows for a precision farming that consumes in the end less seeds, less fertilizer, less pesticides, less insecticides - for a bit more output. The
  10. That's missing the topic. JWB contended disputed that Obama was inaugurated during a recession. _________________________________________________________ About the Quarters: Final answer by the Federal Reserve Bank: https://fredhelp.stlouisfed.org/fred/data/understanding-the-data/date-format/ Now if only JWB would be capable of understanding that all the crap he threw at me for supposedly not getting the time format right actually sticks to himself.
  11. GDP stats are not government accounting. JWB should have read the rest, there was further evidence that macro statistics are not using some idiotic phase-shifted concept of quarters. "Fiscal years" are actually always mentioned as such in statistics, not just as year numbers like "2009".
  12. Sigh. Do American right wingers have ANYTHING but fear, hate and lies? ANYTHING? Like, a solution to a real world problem?
  13. LOL, IR suppressors for exhausts were mounted on bombers in WW2 already. Those German IR detectors in night fighters did actually work, initially. Modern IR missile guidance goes for the warmth of the fuselage rather than for engine heat, though. You'd need Peltier element IR camouflage for that - and even then you'd still not be able to match the background, just to rapidly change patterns..
  14. About JWD's most recent bullshitting: There got to be a bottom for stupidity. Somewhere. Macro variables do not follow whatever stupid rhythm business calendar some companies may have. Q1 in macroeconomics is January to March, period. I told you guys you cannot translate small business ideas to macroeconomics. That's what stupid does. Monthly real GDP data of 2009 if anyone wants to check that: https://www.ceicdata.com/datapage/embed/ipc_united-states_real-gdp-growth?type=area&from=2007-07-01&to=2010-06-30&lang=en&start_date_full=1948-03-01&end_date_full=2019-12-01
  15. LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE. JWB IS A LIAR. First, he pretends that anyone should care if he redefines economic terminology. Yet even if he had that power, he would still lie: Quarter 1 2009 had -4.4% growth relative to preceding quarter. https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/A191RL1Q225SBEA and -3.3% growth relative to Q1/2008. https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/A191RO1Q156NBEA LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE. JWB IS A LIAR. And when he tries to claim otherwise, he just adds another lie (and talks bullshit about actual subject matter experts). ------------------ Now there are three things I do
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