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Tomahawks for Japan

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The cause to the passing of the defense law for "ability to attack land bases" were various new kinds of BMs that DPRK started showing off in the past 5 years. So relying solely on BMD was no longer seen sufficient, thus the pursuit of expanding BMD along with counter attack means. From that emerged the program for the two big 128 VLS destroyers that have long at-sea endurance with both BMD and counter strike ability, hence the tomahawks. While that is more of a DPRK matter as those two big destroyers will likely be going in circles inside the Sea of Japan, what it does do for the JMSDF and balance towards the PLAN is that it'll free up the Kongo and Atago DDG's to have more time for fleet air defense roles in other sea ways. However, the plan of tomahawk procurement has been accelerated likely due to believable PRC threats of invasion of Taiwan. Japan will likely play role in the defense of Taiwan and so in order to play that role, needs to be ready sooner than expected. 

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