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Ideal Kamikaze aircraft of WWII


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And what exactly is firing giant shotguns at battleships supposed to achieve?  :rolleyes:





To take all the sails and rigging off the masts and get all the experienced topmastmen and all the wasters scrubbing the decks. :P


As long as we are being hypothetical and "what iffing", might as well assume the US Navy is using circa 1860 or earlier ships for the invasion of Okinawa.


Not many people on a WWII warship that would be roaming the decks when the ship was a general quarters or battle stations.

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""I'd be embarrassed to bump a thread like this up if I was in istvan47's shoes. Especially for a really lame attempt at a comeback. :P ""



i don't have any problem with this, do you have anything more interesting to say about this topic?

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