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Here Are The ROE's (and More...)

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these are from our former software. make allowance that may be somewhat creaky at the joints and in need of a bit of update and fine tuning, but "as is" is ok in 90% of letter and 100% of spirit.


i direct your attention to first paragraph of second point of "acceptable use", aka ROE:

"2. Unacceptable Content and behaviors

The following is a non-exclusive list of content and behaviors which are unacceptable on TankNet. We reserve the right to modify this list without notice and to designate a post as "unacceptable behavior" at our discretion."

(underlining mine). so if you are planning in waltzing around the "no trespassing" line, or like to expend most of your time close there, beware...


acceptible use this is the ROE


Good Citizenship mighty good read too


about Tanknet







While conducting private investigations of other forum members with regards to public personal information available on the Internet cannot be controlled, Tanknet discourages such as underhanded tactics as being beneath the dignity of the honor amongst the membership at large, in that it undermines personal trust and honest debate. However, although doing such cannot be controlled, doing so is hereby deemed to be a violation of the published Tanknet Rules of Engagement to use information gleaned from outside of Tanknet in any Tanknet Forum or Thread in any way, shape or form – punishable by suspension of membership rights either temporarily or permanently, as the Tanknet Owners and Staff decide.




Finding a Tanknet member's personal information elsewhere (real name, address, employment information, etc.) and making that knowledge available on Tanknet by posting part or all of that information here.


Finding information about a Tanknet member's personal behavior outside of Tanknet elsewhere (membership in other Fora, postings on other Bulletin Boards, Myspace, or other non-Tanknet web sites) and making that knowledge available on Tanknet by posting part or all of that information here.


Enforcement of this Rules of Engagement Amendment are effective immediately.

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