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02 JUN 03


The Staff has had to deal with numerous flame wars and much personal nastiness on Tanknet over the past several months, and in some cases, years.


Effective immediately, whether there is a direct ROE violation or not, if the general concensus of the Staff is that we perceive a budding flame war, trolling activity or malicious intent towards any other forum member in any post, we reserve the right to withdraw the author's posting privileges for a minimum of two weeks, regardless of who they are and without prior notice.


This includes anyone else who jumps in with smilie faces or comments which the staff feel are not appropriate on this site, and also includes anyone posting any snide comments or smilies about the original offender after MODERATOR posts the suspension.


The Staff own this site and you post here at our pleasure. This is not a democracy - you are a guest here and do not get a vote. All posts are subject to the interpretation of the Staff and any disciplinary action incurred accordingly is not subject to appeal.


If you feel this is censorship or unfair, too bad - start your own forum, and good luck to you.


The purpose of this directive is to re-establish the quality of discourse and debate which has made 'this grate site' what it is.



Thank you,



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