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Warning to Liars, Pretenders and Amateur Psychologists

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Welcome to Tanknet! Before you get heavily involved in discussions, I would like to offer you some information about this Forum and I would also like to offer some friendly advice.


First of all, unless you are a degreed and registered practitioner in the mental health field, please abstain from amateurish psychological evaluations or psychologically based opinions of other Forum members. It is insulting to the intelligence of all and it is against posted Forum rules. Even if you are member of the mental health field, we all know that it is illegal offer up diagnoses without having actually seen or had a session with the patient. That's one of the ways we nail amateur psychologists here - REAL psychologists wouldn't post their "diagnoses" in this Forum. So, please, we want none of that here.


Secondly, this Forum is unique, in that it is made up of a multinational membership of military enthusiasts of all types - combat veterans, non-combat veterans and non-veterans. It is also made up of members possessing varying degrees of formal education and "informal" education (i.e. real life experiences). The professions and vocations of the Forum membership (as well as the age differential) span the imagination. In short, there is an abundance of expertise and knowledge here that can be tapped for your benefit at any time.


However, all of this varied knowledge, education and life experience can be a double-edged sword to those who decide they want to make themselves out to be somebody they are not. Frauds, pretenders, arrogant "blowhards," phonies, braggarts, self-proclaimed "know-it-alls" and outright liars are easily discovered and exposed here. Woe be it unto a disingenuous person to be caught "talking out of their ass" to people who know better or to people who may not know better, but know how to find out for sure if somebody is pulling some kind of stunt. Blowhards, pretenders and liars are quickly pinpointed and they are subjected to intense and protracted scrutiny, interrogation and (sometimes) investigation. The resultant fallout from this process is not a pleasant thing. Thinking of it reminds me of a scene from "Lord of the Flies," when the savage children celebrate the brutal death of one of their weaker compadres around their campfire.


Forum members generally have a good memory and, once exposed as a “blowhard,†the incident will be forever shoved in the “blowhard’s†face forevermore.


Beware. If you have inclinations to act out your delusions of grandeur, please don't do it here. Be honest and forthright. It will be better for all, in the long run. Thank you.



[Edited by Rocky Davis (05 April 2001).]

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