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We have had a spate of posters turning up on the military fora and FFZ to persue a series of blatant and destructive personal agendas. It is clear that these posters felt they could stay within the rules by ensuring that no single post violated forum etiquet whilst the sum of their posts constituted a campaign against a specific nation, religion or race.


Before considering embarking on such a campaign please understand that your posts will be evaluated both individually, in the context in which they occur, and collectively on a continuous basis. Clearly one sided criticism which is not of a factual or logical nature and which is consistently targeted at a specific nationality (as opposed to government or political entity), religion or ethnic group will be noticed and acted upon.


To clarify the above, if you have an axe to grind, please take it somewhere else. If you don't you will be treated as a 'troll'. Please see the 'ATTENTION TROLLS' and 'Trolling Notice; General Military' threads for more information.


[Edited by Chris Werb (04 April 2001).]

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