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For reasons explained in more detain on the REPLY WITH QUOTE thread, it is desirable to reduce the amount of redundant information posted wherever possible.


For this reason, if you find an article on the web that you think is interesting or want to discuss, please post a link to it rather than cutting and posting it into a post or, worse still, into a topic header. All you have to do to link an article is to place your cursor in the Address bar of the site you wish to link, right mouse click, copy, return to the forum and paste the link into your post. For frames sites you put the cursor in the frame containing the text you wish to link to, right mouse click, click on 'properties', highlight the URL, copy and paste as above.


The only time you should copy and paste a large body of text is when it is found on a news or other site from which it is likely to be deleted imminently. If you do wish to post a new thread do not post it in the topic header. Introduce your thread with a header explaining where you found the info and why you want to discuss it, then post the info separately in the first post in the new thread. This will avoid a large volume of text appearing in duplicate at both ends of a thread.



[Edited by Chris Werb (04 April 2001).]

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