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When you want to post a reply on a thread you have two options. You can either:


1) Use the button marked ‘Quote’ next to the post to which you wish to respond or

2) You can scroll to the top of the screen and use the button labeled ‘Reply’


Using ‘Reply’ is the preferred option and should be used where you do not need to repeat a previous post (or any part thereof) in order to respond to it.


If you choose ‘Quote’ you invoke the ‘Reply with Quote’ feature. This includes the full text of the post to which you are responding in your own post. This is a very useful feature but one that should be used with care and discretion for a number of reasons.


1) The quote that is reposted in your response is actually duplicated on our server taking up scarce server space which has the following knock on effects


a) The moderators and admins have to trim the forum down much more often. Since there is rarely time to perform ‘surgical’ removals of redundant quotes (hint, hard as it may be to believe, we have lives outside the forum!), we normally trim threads by date or delete entire threads that have not been posted on for a certain amount of time. This in turn has the following consequences:


B) A lot of good factual info is effectively lost


c) New posters keep posting the same, recurring threads. We can’t overcome this by referring back to the old threads because they’ve been archived or deleted.


2) Using ‘Reply with Quote’ makes the threads a lot longer and annoying to scroll through.


We therefore ask that you follow a few simple rules:


1) Don’t use reply with quote if the post you are responding to is:


a) The immediately previous one on the thread or


B) The last one by that author on the thread.


(It’s just as easy to type a simple “Re: (insert name of author)†in either instance.)


2) If you really do need to use reply with quote (and we all do from time to time) please trim the quote down to the part to which you are actually responding. If you are responding to the whole post, point by point, you can leave the whole quote in but you might want to intersperse your responses between the lines of the original quote for clarity.


If you break the above rules you will be (politely) reminded about them (the first couple of times). Please be advised that a reminder to one individual on that thread will be considered a reminder to all posters on that thread. Likewise, a reminder on one thread will stand in respect of an individual even when they are subsequently posting elsewhere on Tanknet. This simply implies that we expect posters not to develop a bizarre form of ‘regressive behavioural amnesia’ when moving between threads. Conscientious contributors need read no further.


Now, we accept that there are some, particularly thick skinned, individuals who regard the whole issue as a joke and/or a means to annoy the moderators and staff. We enjoy a joke just as much as the next guy and can see the hilarious side of having our beloved forum trashed and many hours of our time wasted by moronic imbeciles. Therefore, in recognition of their great comedy talent, we will grant those who ignore requests to moderate their usage of Reply with Quote the esteemed status of ‘Troll’. Those of you still considering embarking on a career of ‘trolling’ should refer to the ‘ATTENTION TROLLS!’ and 'Trolling Notice; General Military' threads for more information before pursuing this course of action.



[Edited by Chris Werb (04 April 2001).]

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