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Chinese Type 99 MBT

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Nigeria takes delivery of first batch of Chinese VT4s


The Nigerian Army on 8 April received the first batch of 17 armoured vehicles from china. These included examples of the VT4 (MBT-3000) main battle tank, ST1 8x8 wheeled tank destroyer and SH5 105mm wheeled self-propelled howitzers from the China North Industries Corporation (NORINCO).

Nigeria’s Army Chief of Policy and Plans, Lt Gen Lamidi Adeosun, said the process of acquiring the new vehicles ‘has been on for some time’.

He added: ‘From this, you can see how serious the Federal Government of Nigeria is in making sure that the Nigerian Army is not only equipped but contains the problem of insecurity.’

The new equipment is to be used in the country’s far north where government forces continue to carry out counterinsurgency operations against Boko Haram.

Shephard Defence Insight reports that a VT4 has a unit cost of $5.25 million. Until now the only export customer outside China was Thailand, with 48 units from a total order of 52 having been delivered.

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I wasn't familiar with the Type 69-IIG designation so decided to try and learn a bit using Google (with all the drawbacks and pitfalls that can entail as well). The Type 69-IIG seems to be a Bangladeshi variant/upgrade with a bi-axi stabilisied 83A "improved L7" which is apparently NATO-compatible. Its also semi-automatic (?) and capable of firing ATGM's.


Wikipedia also lists a number of other enhancements to the 69-IIG including new FCS, a laser range-finder (internal I guess unlike the external box above the gun on the 69-II?), TI sights and combat data link. Quite impressive really.



That's not a bad upgrade package considering how basic the original design was. Are there any numbers of Type 69-IIG's in the Bangladeshi Army?


As far as the Iraqi variant with the 125mm smoothbore gun and auto-loader; was that just a prototype or were there any numbers actually converted?


It seems like the story of the T-54/T-55 and its foreign-produced counterparts really doesn't have an ending...or at least not yet anyway.

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Chinese 105mm APFSDS vs several 'thick' steel plates - they are likely hollow though or the penetration would be > 1000 mm which is impossible.

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Footage of various stuff training in the western highlands including descent amount of footage on the Type 15 light tank in first 7 minutes.

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