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A man returns home a day early from a business trip. It's after midnight.

While en-route home, he asks the cabby if he would be a witness, because the man suspects his wife is having an affair and he wants to catch her in the act.

For $100, the cabby agrees.

Quietly arriving home, the husband and cabby tip toe into the bedroom. The husband switches on the lights and yanks the blanket back. There is his wife, naked as a jay bird, with a man, totally nude also.

The husband puts a gun to the naked man's head.

The wife shouts, "Don't do it! I lied when I told you I inherited money".

"HE paid for the Porsche I gave you".

"HE paid for your new 25 ft. Ranger Fishing Boat.."

"HE paid for your Football season tickets.."

"HE paid for our house at the lake."

"HE paid for your Golf Trip to St Andrews and your new 4 x 4."

"HE paid for our country club membership and he even pays the monthly dues."

"And because of HIM, I can put an extra $2,000 in our checking account each month."

Shaking his head from side-to-side, the husband lowers the gun. He looks over at the cabby and says, 'What would you do'?

The cabby replies, 'I'd cover him with that blanket before he catches a cold"
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Of course. Transplant surgeons sadly have a lot of data on that. Little Billy needs a kidney, doc tests dad for compatibility, finds out that dad ain't the biological father, has to break the news as to why dad can't save Billy's life. There have been journal articles where numbers from 10 to 20 percent of husbands aren't the biological father. AIUI the issue is being looked at because of the impact of the situation causes a lot of stress to the surgeon and impacts job satisfaction and employee retention.

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