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Who am I and where am I calling from?

Geoff Winnington-Ball

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Oh, allright, can`t do any harm.


Name: Michael Campen

Age: 30

Country: The Netherlands

Service: Army, 1992-1993

Interests: Military technology, Science Fiction, Anime, Cosmetics (hey, making the stuff IS a living!)

Tanknet: Lurker for, oh maybe 2 years, poster for a few months

Comments: Wonderful forum, seldomly seen such a concentration of specific knowledge. Oh, and on a personal note, just because I`m a Dutchman does NOT mean I`m a liberal...

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Name: Tony Brown

Age: 39

Country: USA

Service: none- However I assure you I never served in "the Nam"

Interest: Tanks (My Dad worked at Anniston Army Depot in the 60's and 70's. He worked on Sheridans and M-48's and M-60's)



Comments: Lurked for a long time. Really enjoy this forum.

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Name: Alon Harksberg

Age: the Big Five Oooo…

Country: Israel

Service: after spending a few futile months in flight school, I re-enlisted with the Para Bde in late 1971 and spent the next 7 years there. I followed the standard IDF infantry service track of trooper – SL – PL – DCC - CC. During 1973 war I was a cadet in the IDF’s officer school and fought on the Suez front. Between early 1974 and early 1978 I was a plt ldr then dep coy co then coy co. During the 1978 Litani operation I was at Para Bde Ops. I was released from active duty to the reserves just after the raid and was given the command of a res para coy. I fought with this unit during the 1982 war, on the eastern front. Later that year I temporarily rejoined active service with the IDF for two more years, serving mainly as a liaison to the various UN forces deployed around Beirut. In 1984 I was again released and quickly rejoined my old company, leading them through the next 12 years, including numerous TDY in the first Intifada. During the Gulf War I was again employed as a liaison to US forces stationed in Israel but this time as a reservist. In 1996 my original coy was dispersed due to old age… They wanted to kick me out too but I managed to linger on for 5 more years in various roles before being officially retired from the reserves last year as a LTCOL, almost 30 years to the day.

Interest: my current quest is to find out why there are so many Finish guys here – are they planning something!?

Tanknet: I stumbled by accident into Brunk’s old forum back in 1997 – I was searching Lycos for stuff about heavy metal music. I used to be a lot more active during the first couple of years but have since reduced myself to mere lurking.

Comments: A few years ago I actually started putting together the ultimate OOB paper about the 1973 Yom Kippur War together with fellow contributor and co-author Antonio Morena (sp) and actually made some excellent progress but unfortunately we kind of lost track of each other over time. If anyone is currently in touch with Antonio, please drop me a line.

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Guest Marine1812

Name: Brent Whitman


Age: 34


Country: USA, Florida


Service: United States Marine Corps


Interest: USMC and Tanks


Tanknet: Seems like a good site, will have to update after I have been around awhile.


Comments: May your boresight be true and tracks be tight!



[Edited by Marine1812 (26 Aug 2002).]

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Name: David Hickman

Age: 36

Country: USA

Service: US Army, 8 years (54B,11M) with a lot of on the side experience in 95B (MP) no 95mos awarded though.

Interest: Natural Archery-(recurve, atlatl),

Martial Arts (Ninpo), Computers, Graphic Arts.

Tanknet: Good forum.

Comments: Would like to make an I&I someday.

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Name: Frank Petitta

Age: 36

Country: USA

Service: Currently w/Co. A, 579th Cbt Eng. California Army National Guard (8 yrs RA) 11B, 12C, 12B NCO type one each. Send Me...........

Interest: Things that go BOOM, BLAM and WAM(not wide area munition(M-99 hornet type), but they aint so bad either ;-)!

Tanknet: Manic Moran says this is a good place to be.

Comments: I am woefully ignorant of the tanks in the world. I have come to the experts to learn.


[Edited by Sapper6 (20 Sep 2002).]

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Name: Peter N. Masters


Age: 25


Country: UK, now studying in the US


Service: None


Interest: Air Combat history, AFVs, WWII, Football (or as you guys call it - Soccer), Heavy Metal - Music, not the old site


Tanknet: Had a wager about T-72s and was Googling for some resources. Found Vassily Fofanov's site first and Tanknet next. Have been lurking for a long time and finally decided to jump in.


Comments: Excellent site for all kinds of info on AFVs and a whole gamut of miltary topics.

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Mathius Grey


Mid twenties






politico/military history & technology


just found tanknet by googling military forums


been visiting for ages, decided it was time to join

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I missed this thread until now, so this is a belated introduction.


Name - A.J.Brickmeier


Age - Mid twenties


Profession - Management consulting


Service - None yet. Exploring the possibility of Navy Reserve.


Tanknet - Been lurking for a few months before deciding to take a plunge


Interests - Tanks, Ballistic Missiles, College Football, Hiking

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i don't seem to recall if i did it by now... so, here it is:


name: Yuval Raz (Vilimovski)

age: 20

country: Israel

service: started off as a flight cadet, went on to air force SF, right now combat field inteligence.

intrests: AFV's, aircraft, smart munitions, martial arts, rock music, beer, sex.

tanknet: stumbeled onto Heavy-metal about 2-3 years ago while looking up resources for a work on armor development, lurked around for a while and then started harrasing people on the middle east threads

comments: the place just keeps on improving through the years.


have a nice day

yuval raz

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Name: Douglas Harvilla

Age: 24

Country: United States of America

Service: None, considered military career after college.

Occupation: Investment Advisor

Interest: Military history, particularly ancient warfare and WWII. Europa Universalis II, music, cooking, sailing, skiing.

Tanknet: We see our role as primarily informative in nature.

Comments: Keep up the good work, on Tanknet and in the field.



[Edited by Tiemler (10 Oct 2002).]

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I may be the goat for being last…


Name: Richard Stewart

Age: 39

Country: USA

Service: US Army & National Guard /enlisted & officer/ Field Artillery & Armor.

Interest: History, aviation, lots of travel, fishing, computers, politics

Tanknet: Lurked in Heavy Metal starting around 1998

Comments: I worked on some very interesting military aviation and space projects for a number years, but my heart is always with the Army. This is the only Internet forum I participate in. Though I don’t post often, I read regularly and am constantly amazed by the breadth of experience people in this forum possess.




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Guest Bustlerack105

Hi folks.


I've been a "Treadhead" since I could walk so I'm glad to find this place.


Name: Guy

Age: 39

Country: USA (Oregon)

Service: 81-84 US Army (1st Cav' div' M-19E Armor crew on M-60A1's) 97-01 Oregon army national guard (1249th Mech Eng. Running AVLB's) 01-current G-Troop 82nd cav' ORNG M-19K on M1A1's.

Interests: All sorts of things.

Comments: It should be very interesting to see what tankers from other areas of the world think about subjects I'm interested in.


Anyway, it's good to be here.

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Name: Matt Lentzner

Age: 33

Country: USA (N. California)

Service: Army Reserves 8 yrs. ('92 - '00) 11A (Infantry Officer for a Drill Sergeant Bn)

Interest: Military Hardware, Tactics, etc. Computer Gaming esp. against other humans, Karate.

Tanknet: The only forum I've seen that is worth the time and has an outstanding signal/noise.

Comments: Currently trying to break into the computer gaming industry by writing a Vietnam based RTS which should explain why I ask so many annoying questions (I want to make the game as accurate as possible).

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Oddly enough I missed this thread..

Name: James


Age: old enough

Country: USA

Service: Army for 5.5 years as a 31c. First duty station was ft Campbell where I drove the S3 around. Then I did 3 years at hood working with EPLRS

Interest: Computers, Military hardware, war games

Tanknet: Been Lurking for a long time, 3 years I think. Only started posting in the past few months.

Edited by JamesR
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Name: david morgenstern






Service:4 years and 7 months in the infantry. served as a grunt ,squad leader, platoon leader, Recon instructor.

a recce platoon leader in the reserves


Interest: food, drink and sex. tactics, strategies and snakes......


Tanknet:came from waronline forum. seems like an excellent site to be in......

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Wow, all this time I thought I had posted, but upon checking the whole thread I see that I must have "skipped" this thread. So here is a belated response


Name: Richard S.

Age: 26

Country: I live in Miami, USA but was born in Brazil

Service: None (yet)

Interest: Stock Market, World Politics, Military, World and

Jewish History, Jewish Studies

Tanknet: Started coming in here when it was Michael Brunk's

Heavy Metal site. I started using the

nickname Rod because as the internet was in its

infancy I was paranoid about using my real name.

Comments: Cool site. I can't believe that I know you guys from

so long. I feel old.

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Name:Patrick H.






Service: Like everey (well almost everey) swiss cititzen i am in the army. Function: Gunfitter VII (maintanance for all mechanical/hydraulic parts of the turret and the gun of the Pz 87 Leo). Rank: Corporal.


Interest: lots of. well one of them is obivously AFVs.


Tanknet: think i am lurking around here for almost a year. but i post only if i really have to say something.


Comments: I like this forum. to me its a good information source with nice people.

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Name: Roberto B.


Age: 22.


Contry: Spain (Kingdom of)


Service: None, I'm just a amateur.


Interests: Computers, military History, and of course women and wine ...


Tanknet: I'm a member since some hours ! A friend tell me about this site.

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Name: Neil K

Age: 36

Country: United Kingdom

Service: QRL 85-94 medium recce/MBT (Gulf 91, Bosnia),

Bomb Disposal 94- 2003, Kosova, N Ireland, Afghanistan.

Interests: Boxing, Tanks, birds of prey to name a few

Comments; Great forum



<font size=1>[Edited by brittankie (20 Jan 2003).]


[Edited by brittankie (21 Jan 2003).]

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Name: Akseli Saarinen


Age: 24


Country: Finland


Service: Conscription in combat engineers (KarPr-98) 2nd lt. in reserve


Interest: defending landmines, watching soccer, doing all kind of sports, some history&politics, beer


Tanknet: interesting...veeeery fascinating


Comments: frankly speaking sometimes people in this forum cause me contradictory emotions! But that's only positive because then I realise the world and it's habitants are not the same in every place.

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