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Who am I and where am I calling from?

Geoff Winnington-Ball

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Name: Jose

Age: 33

Country: Spain

Service: None. Medical discharge.

Interest: Technology, history, fencing, naval history, warships, military history, Renaissance warfare, computer strategy games, no-BS people, etc.

Tanknet: lurking for 6 months, joined today

Comments: Very interesting site with excelent, knowledgeable posters

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Guest MicaelJ

Name: Micael Johanson

Age: 19

Country: Sweden

Service: 10 months conscription in the Royal Artillery Regiment, now a Furir (Sargent or possibly Corporal depending on translation)in the wartime organisation. Communications and staff specialist.

Interest: Military, Politics, History and Technology

Tanknet: I've lurked around for a year and a half.

Comments: Sargent, Supatra and perhaps some others might recognise me from the David, Stuart, Dirk and Suphi board.

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Name: Reginaldo Jose da Silva Bacchi

Age: 71 (I believe I am the oldest in this list.

Country: Brasil

Service: None (weak eyes).

Interest: AFV's (design and use), Forts, Warships (mainly riverine.

TankNet: From the beginning, and had 2 years with the old forum.

Comments: I became interested in AFV's during WW II. After graduating as mechanical engineer, worked as design engineer in the automotive industry: VEMAG (Brazilian company licencee of Audi), Chrysler and Ford. During this period I was also Professor of Automotive Engineering in a College, during 11 years. In 1977 I started working at ENGESA (Cascavel, Urutu, Jararaca, Ogum, Osorio and Sucuri II). Remained until the bitter end in 1990. My last job was Marketing Manager for Military Products.

I speak and write: Portuguese (off course), Spanish, Italian,French, English.

Can read: German.

I am studying Russian at the moment. Unfortunately after two and half years, I barely manage to read.

TankNet is wonderfull!!! Keep on with the good work!!!

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Name: Garry Redmon


Age: 47


Country: Kentucky, USA


Service: Unfortunately, none.


Interest: AFV's, of course. Volunteer work for the Patton Museum at Ft. Knox. AFV archaeology and restoration


Tanknet: Visited the original Michael Brunk Heavy Metal site many years ago even before he had created the forum software. All he had were a few photos. Bookmarked and revisited one day and found a whole bunch of people (Wade Bartells, Ron Cole, Geoff, Bryan Whalen, Al Delaney, Chris Werb, Terry Ballinger, LIC, etc.) talking tanks.


Comments: I'm proud to be part of such a diverse and knowledgeable group of people.

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Name: Andrew Bradley (Andy)


Age: 66


Country: Living in Thailand, originally the US (Calif.) long ago.


Service: USAF NCO 22 years (retired 1976)


Interest: Nearly everything-like discussions on any subject that I have references and some background in.


Tanknet: Lurked for a long time-ideal Crunchie


Comments: Lots of 'Knowledge' here, most subjects I'll observe.

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Name: DaveAAA

Age: 45

Country: Canada

Service: Primary Reserves (Land) - Royal Canadian Armoured Corps 1974 to 1994. UNEF II.

Interest: Politics, history, and military

Tanknet: Found it through warships1

Comments: Very interesting and informative with many knowlegdeable posters.

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Name: Jeff S


Country: USA (Montana) Living in Frankfurt, DE


Service: Army M1A1 master gunner 8 yrs service


Comments: I have lurked on tanknet for a long time 3 yrs, hardly ever post.


Interests: Tanks, beer, and other things

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Name: Anthony Tynan

Age: 26

Country: Ireland

Service: Civil Defence

Interests: Shooting, Military History (General), Fire Engineer.

Tanknet: Since Feb '02, Found link on sci.military.moderated

Comments: Great resource here.


Edit: Updated to take account of years...

Edited by yellowjacket
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Name: Tom

Age: 31

Country: UK

Service: British Army,TA & Regular 1988-1993, Infantry

Interests: Armoured Warfare, Military History (General), Tank Fire Control Systems, Motorbikes (Triumph T595), Sailing, Travel.

Tanknet: Lurked on Heavy Metal, then jumped into Tankers

Comments: My favourite site, very detrimental to my job, great people & I've learnt more here than I care to remember.

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Name:ANdres Vera


Age: 15

Country:"Bolivarian" republic of Venezuela.


Service: NOTHING


Interest: To see Chavez hanguing from his balls




Comments: DUNNO

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Name: Joe Brennan

Age: 45

Country: USA

Service: none

Interest: merchant and naval ships (former civ. naval architect), military/naval/air combat/electronic warfare history, aircraft, armor, railroad loco's.

Tanknet: just recently but should've long ago

Comment: this forum has very high "signal to noise" ratio for web

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Name: Pertti Mikkonen

Age: 32

Country: Finland

Service: Conscripton service, armored recon platoon commander, bmp-2's

Interest: Many things. History is one of them.

Tanknet: Dropped by at Michael Brunk's site about five/six years ago. I still think that the former setup was better technically (forum->topic->story) --- sorry .

Comments: Ryhtiä!

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Name: Jeff Williams


Age: 16


Country: USA, rainy ol' Vancouver, WA


Service: Signing up this August as an 19K with the WA Natn'l Guard


Interest: PT, Tanks, PT, Computers, PT, and PT, oh yeah, Tanks too


Tanknet:I believe I joined 2 months ago


Comments: Most posters here have a very mature attitude, it is nice and friendly here, you make people feel welcome.



[Edited by Xg74 (11 Aug 2002).]

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Name : Deac I. Flaviu




Interest:cars,trains and automobiles;rockets are my field

Tanknet:hope to become moderator

Comments:Uga cheaka;Uga cheaka!I woke up every morning and open Tanknet;get bored fast and then i go to eat....When finished go to school to have poor marks and discuss with Hutziu problems of any kind!See ya!


[Edited by Agent_NSA (20 May 2002).]

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Name: Shawn Anderson

Age: 31

Country: Kentucky,USA

Military Service: 19Delta 11yrs active, former Drill Sergeant now 11B ARNG.

Interests: Tanks, afv's, Fosters Lager, Hooters and motorcycles (own a NINGA ZX6).

Heavy Metal: I used to post under Andy, then moved with it the new forum. Posted often for a while then lurked. I know some of the gentelmen here personally.

Comments: As allways a great site and the M60A2 rules.

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Name: Thibault

Age: 42

Country: FRANCE

Service: 1 Year Navy (super extra heavy water tank ) ASW

Interest: Everything.

Tanknet: I am the anti French bashing patrol.


Edited by Durandal
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Name: Conor

Age: 19

Country: England

Service: Currently a STAB recruit, but applying for the regs straight after my A-Levels.

Intrests: Long Distance Running, Sports, Triathlon.

Tanknet: Lurked for I dont know how long.

Comments: I dont live in Wales. Hereford might be on the border, but it aint in Wales. Got that? Then we should get on fine.

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I thought I'd already filled this in but I cannot seem to find it so...


Name: Henry Peter Brooks ( only my mother ever called me HENRY and then only when she was angry with me)

Age: 39

Country: England

Service: 12 years Royal Navy OM (AW), 8 years RNR

Interest: History, Football, My Kids, Sailing, Avoiding the bizarre DIY projects the memshaib dreams up.

Tanknet: Smashing Place to Lurk.

Comments: There is an Art to making a really nice cup of tea.

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Name:John Nelson


Country: USA

Service: None

Interest: Medicine (my profession), Formula One, PC graphics, military history.

Tanknet:My brother Jeff introduced me to the old Heavy Metal site.

Comments: Mostly a lurker. I benefit from the experience of many of the posters here who have been in the military.

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Name: Ray

Age: 44

Country: Irish - living Bangladesh, think of Canada

Service: none but am very familiar with Army/Air Force

Interest: COIN Terrorism C4I Intel OOB

Tanknet: cannot remember


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Name: Frank

Age: 31

Country: Germoney

Service: Air Force (Radar,SAM´s - Hawk,Roland...but Infantry training,too)


Tanknet: since 1 hour or so

Comments: nice forum

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what the hell, I might as well fill this out finally


Name: Anthony Davis


Age: 19


Country: United States


Service: None yet. Starting ROTC in like 2 weeks though.


Interest: tanks, firearms, military history, women, cars, music, and video games


Tanknet: I think it was my sophomore year I came onto this forum with a bad troll-like attitude and consequently got my butt kicked. Afterwards, I lurked a bit and simply leaned from the forum, while also reading a lot on my own, and then I returned under the name of Khan and have had a pleasant experience ever since.


Comments: wonderful place because not only can you refine debating skills (or develop them period) but also find an intelligent community which is well moderated. There is a lot of information to be found here and the discussions are interesting and lively.




[Edited by Khan (04 Aug 2002).]

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non-compliance could result in a banning action by the TankNet Staff

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Name: Vladimir Yakubov

Age: 25

Country: USA (born in the former USSR emigrated to US at 14 with my parents)

Service: US Navy 1996-1999 (Aviation's Boatswain's Mate 3rd class, stationed on USS Saipan LHA-2)

Interest: Military history and tecnology, Russian/Soviet miltary, Navies 1860-1945, Making models, Sci Fi

Tanknet: been a lurker on the old forum and then moved to this one

Comments: One of the best and most informative forums to be found on the net


<font size=1>[Edited by yak_v (05 Aug 2002).]


[Edited by yak_v (05 Aug 2002).]

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