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Who am I and where am I calling from?

Geoff Winnington-Ball

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Name: William

Age: 32

Country: United States, (Cincinnati, Ohio)

Service: Signed up, showed up, was declared unfit for military service based on travel record, (exposed to certain illness'); went on to serve nation in another way.

Interest: Damn near anything is interesting anymore; core intersets include small arms, political philosophy, reading the Classics, and diddling in the financial markets, (beat the Street by 12% last year ).

Tanknet: In and out for about a year; occassionally lurk, occassionally inane babbler, (talk is cheap so I use alot of it in the pursuit of knowledge).

Comments: Did end up carrying a gun for the better part of a decade and accrued alot of small arms and CQC/CQB experience. Managed to study History and Political Science at University.


P.S. Swift Sword handle was assigned by the Major after cleverly deploying Mr. Occam's "weapon", not cold steel!

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Name: Jarrod

Age: 31

Country: Singapore

Service: 2 years, 1990-1992, 1st Singapore Guards Battalion (1st Gds)(basically an air-mobile infantry unit). Currently active reservist.

Interest: military technology and history

Tanknet: New here

Comments: not much for now.



[Edited by bravocube (08 Feb 2002).]

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Name: Bob Mackenzie


Age: 33


Country: UK


Service: preferably by a redhead with a short skirt...


Interest: wargaming, military history, wargaming, TOEs, Jo (who is a redhead and occasionally wears short skirts), my VR6 Corrado, computers


Tanknet: Only a couple of months since my gaming interests turned to the Cold War


Comments: Only 5 other Brits!

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Name: Martin

Age: 35

Where: UK

Service: nearly 18 years in TA, infantry for the most part, currently a Major. Software engineer during the week.

Interests: (fairly) competitive ISSF smallbore target rifle

Tanknet: a year or so

Comments: I blame the bagpipes. The TA had the only pipe band where I was a student, so I joined it. Found that I enjoyed the green stuff more than the music......


[Edited by FirstOfFoot (08 Feb 2002).]

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Name: Charlie

Age: 55

Country: naturalized citizen of Texas, born in Pennsylvania

Service: none

Interests: military history & technology, science fiction & fantasy, politics, travel, good food

TankNet: discovered old forum about a month before it ended

Comments: my favorite place by far on the web

Job: management consultant to the world's leading energy companies (ex-Enron)

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Woody;59;West Texas;Armor Officer 9yrs(USAEUR,RVN,CDC>TRADOC); Mil hist/science, hunting, fishing, politics (advisory in nature), spy novels, grandkids; addicted to tanknet-constantly amazed with the degree of knowledge available from this forum.

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some one reminded me that I hadn't posted here, so:


Harold Brookshire


USA, Mississippi

1959-62, USASA, 4 months Germany, 22 months Turkey.

1963-66, USASA, 34 months Germany. re-enlisted for the Cuban Missile Crisis. I spent a little time in Hof(5k zone) with the Armored Cav there--they still had M114s.....

Interest in the military since 1945. Main interests are in weapons and tactics, TOEs, etc.

Came to TankNet from Heavy Metal.

I am probably only member of TankNet to have his bed made by German POWs. Spent 3 months, 1945, in US Army Hospital(very serious operation), saw lots of GIs die.

My baby brother also enlisted, 2 tours, Vietnam. My son is in the Marines(M240B gunner), My brother's oldest in MI in Kosovo, 2nd in the Marines.

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Name: Paul Jungnitsch

Age: 36

Country: Canada

Service: None (not a big career choice 8 hrs north of Edmonton), making up for a grandfather who served in both WWI and WWII.

Interests: Traveling the world, mechanics and technical things, motorcycling, history.

Tanknet: Lurked here for a while now, try to provide a balance to the SLS when they get out of hand.

Comments: Interesting discussions. Lots of different points of view and plenty to learn.


[Edited by Paul F Jungnitsch (03 Nov 2002).]

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Guest Garfield

Name: Alexander Lenzner


Age: 24


Country: Germany


Service: active officer (2nd Lieutnant) of the Luftwaffe , squad leader in the airforce infantry, going to pilot training (Tornado or Typhoon)pretty soon, right now at the end of my studies (political science) at the University of the Bundeswehr in Hamburg


Interests: bars, good discussions, politics, all sorts of aircraft, going to the cinema, trying to find the woman which can stand it with me, www


Tanknet: found by "accident", interessted reader!

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Name: Hanno Spoelstra

Age: 35

Country: The Netherlands

Service: "Join the Navy, see the world", they say - but after two years I had not seen that much

Interest: Sherman tanks, Canadian Military Pattern vehicles, military vehicles in general

Tanknet: on-and-off, since the early beginnings IIRC

Comments: pleased to meet you!

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Name: Nick Sumner


Age: 39 in one month (feel free to send gifts)


Country: Live: Canada, from: UK (As Canada is most assuredly NOT 'the melting pot' I can claim to be British with a clear concience.)


Service: Rejected by RAF and RN on grounds of colour-blindness. Probably for the best as I am both cowardly and inclined to reject authourity. Just to confound the recruiters though I earn my living as a photographer (yes I know how much sense that makes but the strangeness of this life cannot be measured, actually being colour blind heightens my visual acuity in other areas).


Interest: Military history, particularly 1900-1950. Rugby Union. Beer.


Tanknet: About 1 year posting. Lurked awhile before that.


Comments: Its snowing again...

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Name: Andy

Age: 28



Service: Army. Tank Platoon Leader, Support Platoon Leader, Company Commander, various assignments in MDW.


Interests: History, warfare, tanking, humor, sports. Not in any particular order.


TankNet: Have been lurking for about a year.


Comments: Truly excellent site. Have not seen a site with the expetise and international flavor of TankNet. Many very good opinions here. . .

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Name: Philippe Lemieux

Age: 32

Country: Québec

Service: 3 years as Air Cadet when I was a young bugger.Thanks to Ben Laden I'm a former aeronautical engineer for Bombardier, I now teach aerodynamics at ULaval in Québec city.

Interest: Military Aviation and military in general

Tanknet: I've been on Tanknet for quite a while.Even before it was called Tanknet.Anyone remember Tanker's Forum.

Comments: It's always fun to speak to people in polite ways cuz many forums have a lot trolls hanging around.A very good forum.




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Name: Quang Nguyen

Age: 44

Country: Originally Republic of Vietnam, now USA

Service: Militia in RVN (2 yrs), starting boot camp when Saigon fell.

Interest: Military stuff

Tanknet: lurking on/off since early Michael Brunk's Forum.


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Name: Ingemar Caisander

Age: 27

Country: Sweden

Service: 1998, Navy (Coastal Artillery, Brigade Staff)

Interest: Technical matters and military in general, scale modeling, music

Tanknet: I started visiting the old "Tanker's Forum" regularly sometime back in 1997 I believe. Not much of a poster, though, most of the time I just like to lurk around.

Comments: I haven't seen a better forum than this one; good and interesting discussions by people who mostly have a very impressive and stunning knowledge.

I use to visit at least once every day.

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Name: Grant Whitley


Age: 22


Country: North Carolina, USA


Service: None. Does getting slapped around by Ray count?


Interest: Latin American militaria, learning other languages, travelling, Chilean beer


Tanknet: Since about this time last year, mostly lurking.


Comments: Previously spent most of my time at another forum which has gone south in terms of quality. Will probably be spending more time at TankNet.

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Name: Math

Age: 30

Country: Sweden

Service: Tankinstructor 122, 121, 103. Tankcompany commander 122.

Interest: MBTs, military related stuff and lot more.

Tanknet: Been at the forum since 1997. Post from time to time.

Comments: http://come.to/swedisharmor - http://welcome.to/wartofta (Official website of the tankcompany at the Skaraborgbrigade, only in swedish so far..) - Official Skaraborgarmoredbrigade website: www.p4.mil.se


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Tony Williams, British, 50-something (memory not what it was...)


No military service (two close shaves with the Army) but interested in military/naval/air force technology for as long as I can remember.


Relevant interests: military history of the 20th (and now 21st) century, focused on WW2, especially military/naval/air force technology, especially guns and ammunition (all calibres). Collect ammunition (as you may have gathered if you visit my website). Also collect books on related subjects (growing lack of shelf space a serious problem - also the time to read them all). Spend far too much time surfing military discussion forums but this has the best quality/crud ratio (except for mine, of course...).


Curious fact: recently purchased German WW2 ammo recovered from an Austrian lake wherein it had been dumped immediately after WW2 - by, among others, my father...


Unrelated interests: SF, real ale, archaeology, astronomy, technology in general etc - too many to do more than skim the surface (except the ale )!


Current project: finishing the definitive history of aircraft gun armament, installations and use, along with Emmanuel Gustin.


Tony Williams

Author: "Rapid Fire: The development of automatic cannon, heavy machine guns and their ammunition for armies, navies and air forces"

Details on my military gun and ammunition website: http://www.quarry.nildram.co.uk

Military gun and ammunition discussion forum: http://forums.delphiforums.com/autogun/messages/

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Name: Omi Homi

Age: 24

Country: United States

Service: Zilcho

Interest: Politics, Religion, Computers (specifically SAP/ABAP)

Tanknet: First post ever.

Comments Ive been around for awhile, never considered myself an authority to bs my way thru a discussion. This is by far one of the most informative forums Ive ever come across and one I truly respect, the ppl here seriously know their stuff (or so we all hope)

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Guest Fredrik Isén

Name: Fredrik Isén

Age: 30

Country: Sweden

Service: IKV 91 gunner. APC (pbv302) squad leader. Currently home guard squad leader. Will be going to Kosovo as an intelligence assistant(?) (stabass/und) in June.

Interest: Tanks (really?!), Computers, Nature (primitive skills, survival) and various other things.

Tanknet: Been lurking (and managed a couple of posts) since I found "the old forum" when I was working in Australia.

Comments: TankNet is a part of my daily routine. ..and oh, I miss LIC too.

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Name: Gavin Phillips

Age: 20

Country: England, UK

Service: none

Interest: pretty much all eras of AFVs outside of ww1, heavy earthmoving vehicles, photography, computers, and some other stuff

Tanknet: Been hanging around here for quite a while now, reading alot of enlightening threads from those who have served in various armies.

Comments: A fantastic forum, with some comedy and wise remarks in it too, dare i mention a 20ft tall T-64?

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Name: Andy

Age: 16

Country: England, UK

Service: None yet but planing to get some in!

Interest: Military history, mostly tanks and special forces

Tanknet: Approximatly 1/2 a year. Read mostly, but do post a few.

Comment: Found it by typing Tank forum into search engine and it came up. I just find it amazing to see the amount of information on here.

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