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Who am I and where am I calling from?

Geoff Winnington-Ball

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Name: Tomi Sarvanko


Age: 30


Country: Finland


Service: Tanks, liutenant in reserve with T72M1 platoon. Lately I have been doing some querilla exercises to re-educate myself when my days on tracks are over.


Interest: Armored warfare, girls, F1, airsoft, sailing, computer games,TKD, sports.


Tanknet: Been here since... 1996 ..I cant really remember when or why? Best thing in here are the tank experts in AFV forum. You know who they are. Every day you learn something new.



[Edited by Tomi Sarvanko (01 Dec 2003).]

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Name: Jim Grose

Age: 28

Country: USA (Specifically Michigan)

Service: Career long Guard Guy (MI ARNG)

Interest: Tanks, Tactics, and women( And the tactics of gettin a woman in the tank, if you know what I mean....)

Tanknet: Since Heavy Metal in 1998

Comments: We who are about to lurk, uh, hmmmm, yeah, lurk some more!!

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Name: Jim Warford


Age: 44


Country: USA


Service: US Army Armor officer (Retired); crewman on the M60A1 RISE/Passive, M60A3 (TTS); and the M1. A member of the (US) Armor Association since high-school and holder of the Association's Order of Saint George - Silver Medallion.


Interest: all things having to do with tanks.


Tanknet: from the very beginning; joined-up originally in 1995/1996 on the Heavy Metal forum. Will always remember "T-64s in Czechoslovakia..."


Comments: just for the record, this forum is recognized as a huge source of information around the world...just visit another military/tank forum and mention Tanknet. It's an amazing thing really; this is simply the best single source of information available. Whoa...

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Name: Of the real name using ilk

Age: 22

Country: UK

Service: 1998-2000 7th Light Infantry (TA) cut by strategic defence review.


Interests: Ju Jitsu (even though I'm now injured from showing off), AFV's ect and viciously powerfull 1989 1.8 Mazda 626's


Tanknet: Lurked in the final days of tankers.net posted in a few topics. Finally started a topic, site goes down 2 hours later.


Comments: Just like a high school year book this is.




[Edited by Dan Robertson (25 May 2003).]

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Name:Scott Cunningham


Country:Las Vegas Nevada

Service:US Army 11 years active (plus 4 in reserve status), Nevada National Guard 3rd year, still active.

Interest:Tanks, books, military, photography, hunting, etc.......

Tanknet:Since 1996 on Brunk's old forum (I started the actual thread that resulted in him closing it down) then here.

Comments:My website is www.armorinaction.com, but that is just tank pics, nothing as interesting as Tanknet.

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Name: Chris Werb

Age: 36

Country: UK (but living in Belgium...)

Service: None (except to socialism and champagne manufacture!)

Interests: Committed Francophile champagne socialist with life long participation in liberal conspiracies, water fluouridation, the EU, UN, World Bank, globalisation, Fondas, Ted Turner, CNN, gun control, wealth redistribution (except from senior socialists and celebs), land reform, tree hugging, environmentalism, Kyoto, anti capitalism, ebonics, and racial and ethnic balkanisation leading to world government by hereditary dynasty of liberal socialists and celebrities WHO KNOW BEST! (did I get everything Master? ).

Tanknet: Have been posting here and its predecessor (on and off) for going on six years. Can't seem to stay away.

Comments: Still far and away the best military discussion forum on the net. Needs a more memorable URL and more liberal socialism though.

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Name: Richard Anderson

Age: 46

Country: USA

Service: None, except for USMC Platoon Leaders Course during college. Luckily I realized that being a Marine gave other people a legitimate excuse to shoot at me, and somebody else offered me a good paying job, so....OTOH, I could have been retired two years ago.

Interest: Military history, operations research and analysis, debunking idiotic ideas, making fun of people that come up with idiotic ideas, harrassing sensitive posters, sabotaging cool threads by psoting too much data, trying to seperate my friend from her current boyfriend...for obvious reasons.

Tanknet: Cool site, few loonies here aside from me, and fewer crazed adolescents.

Comments: Take the reds man!

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Name: Matthew Flegal



Service:None, unless inner city EMTing counts!

Interest:Trauma medicine, implantable device development, martial arts, and things with treads and guns.

Tanknet: One of the three places I religiously visit. Either I learn something or I at least get amused.

Comments: I design and test medical devices for a living, who the h*ll cares about me on tanknet?!

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Name: Chris

Age: 32

Country: England

Service: None. (Although I do work as a Systems Engineer for a manufacturer of the buggers).

Interest: err... tanks and EO systems, wine, food, did I mention wine?

Tanknet: 1999 (ish)

Comments: Very informative, it's like an everyday 'Meet the user' session!

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We germans seem to love statistics...


Ok, here comes military service, distribution between the different services, primary service occupation and status.


Of 108 valid posts:

Military service:

Yes: 68; 62.96%

No: 40; 37,04%


Of these 68, distribution of the different services, some did not specify and some have changed the service sometime in their career, in this case, i counted the service that they were in first:

Army: 60; 88.24%

Marines: 3; 4.41%

Air Force: 2; 2.94%

Navy: 1; 1.47%

Unspecified: 2; 2.94%


Similar to the distribution of the different services, I did choose the primary service occupation someone did enlist first in (e.g. this results in ray being listed as signaler), also if someone is for example a mortarmen in the infantry, his primary service occupation is still infantry:

Armor: 20; 29.41%

Infantry: 16; 23.53%

Mechanical Maintenance: 4; 5.88%

Artillery: 3; 4.41%

Engineer: 3; 4.41%

Anti-Air: 3; 4.41%

Signals: 3; 4.41%

Medical: 2; 2.94%

Military Police: 1; 1.47%

Logistics: 1; 1.47%

Intel: 1; 1.47%

Unspecified: 11; 16.19%


Status (No difference between army reserve and National Guard or similar):

Reserve: 29; 42.65%

Retired: 20; 29.41%

Active: 6; 8.82%

Unspecified: 13; 19.12%

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Name: Bryan Whalen ...or as Geoff calls me....ELTEEEE


Age: 33


Country: American by birth, Irish by the grace of God. Living in the great state of New York.


Service: 15+ years so far. 7yrs in Attack Helicopters and the last 8yrs. in tanks. Enlisted for 11yrs and an Armor Officer for the last 4+ years. Currently in the NY Army National Guard in 1-101 CAV on M1's.


Interests: military history, AFVID, armor and aviation, traveling, my Irish heritage, taking care of Fluffy ...and oh too many other things to list....


Tanknet: Been there done that and got my First Annual I&I shirt back in '98 to prove it.


Comments: I'm very appreciative of the friends and aquaintences I've made here over the years. This is by far the finest group of individuals that I've ever seen come together for a common interest.



Slainte is Tainte,






[Edited by Bryan Whalen (07 Feb 2002).]

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Age: 30 something

Country: US

Service: USMC, started as a 0811 cannoneer, than 0861 scout-observer now an 0802 Arty Officer. Served most of my time with 10th Marines other than a stint at the FA school as an instructor/tester/doctrine writer

Interest: weapons and martial arts



[Edited by Steel Rain (07 Feb 2002).]

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Name: Another Jason


Age: 25


Country: US (currently stationed in the ROK)


Service: 93-95, NY Army National Guard, 11B10 Light Infantry, served as M60 machine gunner, 95-97 ROTC, 97-??? active Field Artillery officer- LT service with 25th Infantry Division (Light) as Infantry Company Fire Support Officer (18 months), Battery Fire Direction Officer (12 months) and Support Platoon Leader (8 months), completed Infantry Captains Career Course, now serving as Adjutant of an MLRS battalion in the ROK.


Interest: military history, current military (I'm a professional, right?)


Tanknet: caught the end of the old forum, mostly lurk, since I'm not too smart on AFVs


Comments: My wife says I spend too much time here- dam slow connections.

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Name: Richard Worth

Age: Late Bronze/Early Iron

Country: USA

Service: well...I was a teacher. Does that count as combat experience?

Interest: WWII warships, fantasy fiction

Tanknet: Too long ago to remember.

Comments: If you too like warships, feel free to pick up my book Fleets of World War II currently in print from Da Capo Press. If you too like fantasy fiction, check out my Return to Kalevala, based of course on Finnish legend.

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Name: Jake

Age: Almost 18

Country: USA

Service: None...

Interest: Punk shows, track (running), politics, music (though most of you probably wouldn't consider it...), arts, and scaring people who live in my town (green hair)

Tanknet: Started last year following too much wargaming, lurking ever since

Comments: Lets see if anyone listens to me anymore...

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Name: Gregory W. Detwiler

Age: 42

Country: USA (specifically west-central Pennsylvania)

Service: None, just a keen student of military affairs.

Interests: Military history, technology, and tactics; paleontology; zoology; Greek and Norse mythology; Fortean phenomena (UFOs, Bigfoot, sea serpents, spontaneous combustion, etc.); role-playing games.

For the rest, I think this is one of the more fascinating Forums, and indeed, fascinating sites, on the Internet. Plenty of knowledgeable people who have their facts straight.

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Name: Christopher Joe Gould


Age: 29


Country: USA


Service: Couch Potato


Interest: Been a Military head since I can remember(My mind would have love to join but the body dosen't follow. I have arthritis all ready at 29) Satellite and Home theater, Wargames and Rolepaying games.


Tanknet: Been hear a few years


Comments: My military know how just comes from books, internet, and tv. I'm no hands on expert, but I do read as much as I can.


P/S I use MSNTV(WEBTV). So every time a .pdf file comes up I can't read it and it piss me off.

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Keith Loescher


United States, now PA (near philly) native of Massachusetts

U. S. Army '66-'69. Sgt E-5 (chairborne)

Hmm, wife, single malt scotch, military history and wargaming, hence my interest in TO&E's. HO slot racing, reading, sailing sunfish, oh yeah also am Registered Nurse in Emerg. Dept. have also done OR and trauma. Surfing net for military organizational information

Been around since Heavy Metal days.

Very diverse and informed group of people. Enjoy the interaction of personalities, kinda miss Lee I.

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Name: Kai Lahtinen

Age: 39

Country: Finland

Service: Conscript service -81-82, field artillery/fire control, 2nd Lt in reserve

Interest: AFVs, military aircrafts, politics, history

Tanknet: since Heavy Metal, mainly as a reader, 'cause I haven't got much personal experience with tanks. Just one exercise as field artillery's fire control officer in a tank company. Got BTR-50 as my personal vehicle.

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Don't know why I kept missing this thread all this time.


Name: Jimmeh

Age: 30 (although I've been told I act one-sixth my age)

Country: Singapore, currently in Australia and that's where I'll stay, dammit!

Service: 30 months as a conscript (1990 - 1993), glorified air pollution (1st Battalion Singapore Armed Forces Commandos)

Interest: current affairs (with a leaning towards military affairs and politics), psychology and anything with 4 wheels and a whole lot of horsepower.

Tanknet: Five months, with the occasional browse through Heavy Metal before that.

Comments: This is going to make me sound like a real airhead, but I spent my service time getting so stuck into a narrow role that I hardly had any idea what the rest of the armed forces did. Getting into this forum has been a real education, although some of the discussions still leave me mystified (at least until somebody puts in a post with small words and big pictures ).




[Edited by Jimmeh (08 Feb 2002).]

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Name: Sven Arvidsson

Age: 24

Country: Sweden

Service: 10 months as conscript 99-00 in the Signal Corps. Eight months of service in SWEBAT KS07 part of MNB©, KFOR in 02-03. Main duties: Signals/communications/encryptation/paper-shuffling.

Interest: Yes.

Tanknet: On Heavy Metal since early 99, I believe. Mostly lurking though.

Comments: Grate forum. Visit and participation a bit on and off. Always some interesting topic.


[Edited by Sven Arvidsson (26 Mar 2004).]

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