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Who am I and where am I calling from?

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Name: Michael Dalzell

Age: 24

Country: UK

Service: 5 years Territorial Army. Troop Leader, Royal Yeomanry. Currently playing with new toy (Fuchs )


Interest: Tanks, mil. history, sailing, roaming aimlessly

Tanknet: July 2001

Comments: Self-confessed European

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Name: Marsh Gelbart


Country: Britain

Service: None. (I have come under shell fire, does that count. No, thought not).

Interests: Military history and technology, celtic folk music, beer, wine, science fiction, women, Leeds United (English football team), infectious diseases. Interests are not necessarily in the given order.

TankNet: Been lurking ever since I found Michael Brunk's site some years ago.

Comments: A fascinating mixture of generally well informed individuals. Not enough crazy eccentrics. Come back Lee, all is forgiven.

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Name: Tony Engelsen

Age: 23

Country: Norway, proud to proclaim i live in the city of Bergen.


Service: 12 month conscription period with the 5th Company, Royal

Guards Battalion(98-99), as a HMG gunner. Eledgible for mobilization with the Engineer Bn/6th Division.


Interest: military modeling, history, collecting WW2 tank photos,

art and chasing/teasing girls

Currently a student at the University of Bergen.


Tanknet: think it was in 1999, found it through a link at

Achtung-Panzer! or so.


Comments: usually i make a couple of visits a day, nothing beats

the extremly annoying feeling to find that Master Blaster has put up another one of his regular Anti-EU topics

By the way, where has Markus gone?

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Name: Georg Stark


Age: 36


Country: Germany


Service: 1989-1990 4./33 Panzerbattalion, Leo2A4 driver


Interest: Tanks, Audi TT, car tuning, icehockey, ski, drawing, reading, model bulding, femals and of course my firm...


Tanknet: since Heavy Metal long ago...


Comments: For sure the best side in the net if it comes to tanks... a true international mix of experience


<font size=1>[Edited by G. Stark (18 Jul 2003).]

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Name: Gary (Rocky) Davis


Age: 46


Country: USA




Armor Officer: 1976 – 1978 2nd Armored Division, 1978 – 1985 49th Armored Division (TxARNG), 1985 – 1991 USAR


Enlisted (19K): 1996 to present 49th Armored Division (TxARNG)


Interest: Black Bass Fishing, Cooking


Tanknet: 2 or 3 years (I forget)


Comments: Grate site. The preceding personal information does not violate OPSEC and is common knowledge among the Forum membership.

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Name: Martin Gasser


Age: 35


Country: Canada


Service: 16th year of a 20 year sentence in the Armoured Corps, Recconnaissance mostly


Intrest: Martial Arts (Jiu-Jitsu), the Military & Keeping my fat ass in shape!


Tanknet: Since Heavy Metal days (as a reader)


Comments: Nil

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Name: Risto Järnström (doh!)


Age: 29


Country: Finland



11 months (conscript) as a Marksman SPAAG TC.

Been working in private company with several systems for Finnish army for the past few years. Now with FAF F-18 Hornets.


Interest: Judo, mixed martial arts (UFC etc.), weight lifting, anything involving computers (games, programming, net-surfing), good food and drinks.


Tanknet: On since the days of early Heavy Metal. Almost had couple of heart-attacks when that or this forum weren't working... Been mostly lurking recently.


Comments: I miss Lee I. Charters and 4'2" Russian tankers!

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Name: Steven P. Allen

Age: 37

Country: USA

Service: NROTC award rejected by DoDMERB for subpar eyesight; contemptibly failed to enlist.

Interest: Just about everything.

Tanknet: Brunk's TF from late '96 or thereabouts; Plankowner here, currently mulling over the future.

Comments: Some of the best people I've had the privilege to know hang out here; then there's the rest of us.

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Name: Mark Singer

Age: 42

Country: USA (California born and raised)

Service: None. (shamefully turns eyes aside)

But ... I am probably the only guy you'll meet who took courses in Military History at Berkeley!

Interest: To be a modern "rennaissance man". Creating successful (and lucrative) Silicon Valley chip companies. History (with an emphasis on military), shooting, collecting military miniatures, raising a gaggle of kids, experiencing everything there is to experience, tasting everything there is to taste, learning everything there is to learn. Dying a wise old man.

Tanknet: Lurked on the old forum, followed to TankNet. Began posting about a year(?) ago.

Comments: I've been following Internet military forums since a decade or more before Al Gore invented the Internet! Started on sci.military in the early '80s ("Usenet -- the other Internet"). Still drop in on soc.hist.war.ww-ii, and about half a dozen chat groups from time-to-time. But THIS is the REAL place.

I am honored to be allowed to participate.



[Edited by Mk 1 (15 Feb 2002).]

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Name: Geoff Coovert

Age: 22

Country: USA

Service: none

Interest: Computer wargames & military simulation, programming, art, dragons!

Tanknet: Little over a year. Referred here as a research resource from a Steel Beasts forum.

Comments: A tome of information on armor, and fairly interesting reading on other military topics. Where else can you hear McCain called a liberal?

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Name:Greg Ewing

Age: 36

Country: USA

Service: Army Reserves, Air force ROTC scholarship,, Civilian-- Bad calculus scores, though I kept trying, tried Army ROTC later, ran into cotractual problems. not really military mentality, I guess.

Interest: Military technology, Science Fiction, fantasy, etc.

Tanknet: lurked for a while, not really sure. SPend waaayy too much time here.

Comments: great site, lots of fun info.

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Name:Uh, well, Jeff!




Interest: Flowers, classical music.....just kidding, current events, history etc.

Tanknet:Spent a couple of years on Brunk's Heavy Metal, plank-owning member here

Comments:This is a heck of a place sometimes but it's a great collection of personalities, opinions and ideas.

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Name: Stephan Schaare

Age: 23 for another 19 days

Country: Germany

Service: Yes, wanted into mountain infantry, got into armor, wanted to be driver, became gunner, loved it, stayed a while and am now a quite active reservist.

Interest: Tanks, military issues, shooting, mountainbiking and some others

Tanknet: Uhm, started somewhen in the final stages of the Heavy Metal Forum, stayed since then.

Comments: Here is just the best place for almost any discussion.

Merry christmas and a happy new year to everybody!

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Name: Mika Sihto




Country: Finland


Service: nowadays 1st Lt. belonging to Reserve Officer School staff


Interest: things that go bang, military history, computer wargames, martial arts


Tanknet: been around since old Heavy Metal Tankers.net


Comments: have to like the discussion here, had lots of fun

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Name: Juan Ignacio Sosa Vera


Age: 21 (Moved to the Us at just the right age)


Country: Venezuela. I hold both Venezuelan and US passports.


Service: None. I am debating Army ROTC or USMC OCS. It all depends on me wanting to live in the US after I finish my studies.


Interest: women, aviation, Football (Soccer to most of you gringos), Football (Cowboys fan), general military topics (mostly aircraft and armor), history, computer games.


Tanknet: Visited my first time follwing a ling from the Steel Beasts forum, and lurked ever since. I post every now and then.

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Name: aka Tomas


Age: 22


Country: Philippines


Service: None - unfortunately. Wanted to be a pilot but when I learned I had to wear glasses in 1st year high, that idea was shattered. If there's a war and there's an urgent need for 'all able bodied men' to go to service, I'd be the first to serve.


Interest(s): everything military, science (particularly astronomy), politics both local and international, history particularly world and asian history (but now reading a book titled "History of London"), building military models, Lake District, London, and her.


Tanknet: Says here at the profile 2001, but that's because I had a cookie problem and had to re-register. I think 2000 or late 1999 I dunno. Sandstig told me of this place.


Comments: Truly a unique and wonderful forum with a wealthy store of information and a lot of humor and wit. The other forums out there are really, shall we say, less intellectually stimulating. I find myself visiting this site more than checking my email. Currently in first year law - and failing hard.*


*EDIT: Now in second year taking up some failed subjects in first year law in a different law school. And this time, looks like I'm going good!


<font size=1>[Edited by Gennady I. Beregovoy (23 Dec 2001).]


[Edited by Gennady I. Beregovoy (05 Aug 2002).]

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Name: Bojan Kavedžiæ - with a couple of local letters that may couse confusion so Bojan Kavedzic is alco OK


Age: 22, 23 in January 14th 2002...


Country: Yugoslavia


Service: Still none


Interest: Armored oddities of all kind. SF. RPGs (games, not RPG-7 ), books of all kind, chemistry & pirotechnics...


Tanknet: Found a link to old forum from some site, don't remember what...


Comments: I am typing this instead of reading 500 pages book of Analitic Chemistry that I have to know in next 5 weeks... Maybe someone will write text about bad influance of Tanknet...



[Edited by bojan (04 Jan 2002).]

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Name : Andrew Davies

Country : Canada

Service : Reserve Major, Royal Canadian Armoured Corps, Armour and Recce, 21 years,


Tanknet: Long time on the old forum, supported the set up of this new "grate site". Was part of the 2nd I and I.


Interests: Computers, Tanks, Music, Tanks, and oh yeah, Tanks!


Turn offs : Long dresses

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Name: Brad Edmondson


Age: 28


Country: Canada


Service: Not yet, lord knows I've tried but life keeps getting in the way. Trying again for the reserves in the new year.


Interest: All things military, science, sci-fi, neuropsychology, writing, acting, directing, martial arts, Steel Beasts and life in general.


Tanknet: Been hanging around and posting since the last year of the old Heavy Metal Forum. Came here to do research for a book, now I stay for shits and giggles.


Comments: Best place to hang out on the net. Often check in at work...and the rest of my work day usually goes down the tubes from there

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Name: George Kolakowski

Age: 53

Country: USA (Washington State)

Service: US Army 67-70 Nam 68-69

Interest: WWII, the Polish military (Dad was a Cavalry Officer, also in the Intelligence Corps and with Gen. Anders at Monte Casino), weapons, anything that goes bang.

Tanknet: Mostly lurk, better to keep ones mouth closed and appear a fool than to open it and remove all doubt!

Comments: Cannot build on what has already been stated, but I do enjoy this site and have gotten a real education in a lot of areas. Wishing all a very Merry Christmas/Hanukkah/Ramadan and health, happiness and success in the New Year. LETS ROLL!


[Edited by Orzel (26 Dec 2001).]

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Name: Bob Belser

Age: 39 again ! (Actually, I just hit the big 50, time flies when you are having fun!)

Country: USA

Service: None

Interests: Shooting, Photography, Family Stuff, Military History, Japanese Military stuff, Aviation, Gardening, Bird Watching, outdoors stuff, and Beer!

Comments: I worked with things that went bang and boom for over 25 years including Machine Guns (Manufacturing for U.S. Government,Commercial and export military sales. Involved with testing, QA, procurment, and demonstrations), mounting systems, Law Enforcement Equipment and Shotguns, explosives, propellant, and as an Armorer on film projects. I found Mr. Brunk's sight way back when. I attended the first I&I at Ft. Knox where I met some of the Rogues who post here. I must say that these are fine fellows to hang out with.

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Name: Jussi Saari

Age: 25

Country: Finland

Service: Conscript service, with SA-7/16/18 MANPADS (who would have guessed?), 2nd Lt in reserve

Interest: Military, MANPADS, tanks, history, books, cooking, Man United

Tanknet: Since the Heavy Metal forum, in Tanknet since beginning.


[Edited by Jussi Saari (26 Dec 2001).]

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Name: Kevin C. Bauer


Age: 34 (35 in a day) :P


Country: USA


Service: 4 years USMC active duty, MOS 6072. Ground Support Equipment, engine mechanic, when that got boring started cross training on CH-46s and helping with maintenance on 53s and UH/AH-1s in spare time.


Interest: Science, politics, human nature, computers, aircraft, war, the USMC.


Tanknet: I was around a bit for the last year of Heavy Metal, been here since about May of 2000 or so.


Comments: Had fun in the military, love Physics and most scientific areas of inquiry, engineering isn't as fun, but still interesting. Oh yea, and I piss people off without trying to, but don't care a whole lot when I do either. Always end posts with Regards, unless of course I forget.

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