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Who am I and where am I calling from?

Geoff Winnington-Ball

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Name: ClaymoreCA   (had a long ago account under just "Claymore" I think)

Age: 60

Country: CA and USA

Service: none

Interest: current and historical military events, SPACE exploration (human and robotic), EOD, CBRN

Tanknet:  long time lurker.  Since the late 1990s


I have performed the following

...right-dressed a tree for an hour after screwing up on parade

...fired off most of the small arms and crew served weapons in the 1970s Ca arsenal

...bounced around in a M113 and took multiple rides in a Chinook

...stayed/worked in the San Clemente Spec Warfare barracks (almost a shitty place but I loved it)

...swam with US Navy Seals and Canadian Navy EOD divers

...I still have never served in the military. 

I have convinced them however to fund me to the tune of several $M to assist them with their tasks.

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fixed lurking date
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