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Who am I and where am I calling from?

Geoff Winnington-Ball

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Name: Jose Serrano

Age: 30

Country: Spain

Service: Signaler during conscription

Interest: military history, wargaming, cold war history

Tanknet: I don't remember when I got here (1 or 2 years ago methinks)

Comments: First hit tanknet, then move on the rest of the Net.

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Name: Ray Manning

Age: 45

Country: USA

Service: (Primary)31G (Telecommunications Chief), (Secondary)11E10, 11E20W1, (Primary)19K4H...Retired

Interest: Too much stuff. Electronics (Manufacturing), Travel, (newly reacquired) Chasing wild-women.

TankNet: Waaaay back in 96. First discussion? Argument with LIC concerning depression/elevation on T-series tanks. Supplied CAD drawing to illustrate argument. LIC called me "SP4 Gunner". I suggested that LIC's method of depressing guntubes was to tell them about his love-life. Went downhill from there .

Comments: Can't hold back.

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Name: Hans Strelow

Age: 40

Country: The best in the world - Luxembourg

Service: A dozen years of real stuff - infantry - now reserve commission

Interest: WWW - Women (don't tell my wife), Whiskey (and wine and weer, any walcohol as a matter of fact) and war.

Tanknet: ~A year?

Comments: Already said, but the helpfulness and knowledge at this forum really impresses me

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Name: <---see on left

Age: Just shy of 50.

Country: USA(currently Oregon)

Service: 7 years,9 months and 1 day active Army,medical; another 10 or so years ARNG,including service as a medic and in M48A5s,M113s,and on M198 howitzers.

Interests: Many and varied. My wife of 28 years is at the top of the list,and I'm currently having a Pacific WWII reading binge,accompanied with gaming and model building. I'm also one of the few who will admit to a fondness for the WWII Italian army.

Tanknet: One of the founding members,and did a bit of time at the old Heavy Metal site.

Comments: None at this time.


[Edited by Michael Eastes (21 Dec 2001).]

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Name: Leo Niehorster

Age: 54

Country: Germany:

Service: 4 yrs - US Army - Combat Engineers

Interest: Military History, Science Fiction

Tanknet: since the beginning - mostly lurking

Comments: I maintain a WWII oob site at: http://www.niehorster.orbat.com/index.htm



[Edited by Niehorster (10 Aug 2004).]

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Name: Antti "Frank" Istala

Age: 25

Country: Finland

Service: 9½ months conscription, coastal artillery. Happily in

the reserves now

Interest: Guns, shooting (when I can), student activities, and

beer isn't bad either

Tanknet: Drifted here last spring, lurked a while to get the

hang of things before diving in

Comments: I try to learn whenever I can, and this is about the

best place for that

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Name: Sander Galjaart

Age: 26

Country: the Netherlands

Service: none

Interest: Alcohol, WW2, ME, war gaming and movies

Tanknet: lurking for a year, posting since Sept.

Comments: I have actually never worn clogs in my life, I don't like raw herring and my ice-skating stinks.

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Name: Shana Summers

Age: 30

Country: As with Murph, TEXAS!!!

Service: 8 years active army (31C-Radio Teletype Operator and 55D-Explosive Ordnance Disposal)

Interest: used to be counterterrorism. Got enough of that lately that I don't even want to think about it anymore. Military history. Things that go boom. Politics.

Tanknet: last year during the presidential campaign. Boy. Memories.....

Comments: I have learned so much here from some of the most impressive knowledgable people. Thanks for sharing your brains with us!




[Edited by Bomb Chick (21 Dec 2001).]

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Name: Erik Nordin

Age: 42

Country: Stockholm, Sweden

Service: 15 months as a conscript in the Army, Air Force(radar)

Interest: Childrens rights issues, theology/phsycology, marketing and organizational theory, scale modeling, scuba diving, RAF Bomber Command.

Tanknet: Joined about 4 months ago as an "expatriate" from the Flanker community

Comments: No, not really except that my "callsign"/alias should be "Ensign Wanker"

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Name: Dave Downs (the 'Ducky' nickname is real, been stuck with it for 35 years)


Age: 59, rather frightening as I neither feel nor act like what I imagined 59 should be


Country: USA, Southeastern Pennsylvania (North of Philadelphia, out in the fast-disappearing farmland)


Service: Army National Guard 1964-1971, Infantry (E-1 to 0-2) Air National Guard 1984-1989, Tactical Air Control Party (E-5 to E-6)


Interest: Varied; all things military, our ever-evolving society, flying and airplanes, farming, politics


Tanknet: Brunk forum during the last year; shareholder in Tanknet


Comments: I've been in bussiness for 25 years, this gives you a different outlook on life. I'm a Surveyor doing design, layout, consulting for grading, drainage and earthmoving as well as boundaries. My day is usally split, 1/2 day inside, 1/2 day in the field.


This place is amazing; I most appreciate the international participation, where else can I get 'the man in the street' view of events from so many different cultures? Along with others here, I share a disdain for dishonesty or mis-representation; disparate views are fine, just don't BS me.

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Name: Nicholas Theodore Moran


Age: 28


Country: Considered Irish, actually half-Irish, half-Greek. Live in the US since 2000, hold both Irish and US citizenship. (Simple, eh?)


Service: Currently 2nd Lieutenant, California Army National Guard, Armor branch.. Tanks!!! Former cavalry trooper, (And jumped out of 'planes!) Irish Reserve Defense Forces.


Interest: Umm.. Like most here, I'll wager, shooting things (To include competition). Making scale models. My fish. Wargaming. Computer gaming. Ilking. Love to travel. Go everywhere with my Loch Ness Monster (Including parachute course!), Cuddly Tank and Cuddly Battleship are a bit big for day-to-day travel. Backgammon. Been known to play the rare game of tennis. Can't understand the appeal of Golf, and -really- can't figure out American Football. Avid Formula 1 fan! Love Muppets


Tanknet: Been around since day one. Kinda caught the tail end of Heavy Metal.


Comments: I work on the philosophy of "A little insanity prevents me from going completely bonkers". Hence I may be known as a little.. off-beat. Still not sure if San Francisco's home or not, ask me again in a couple of years.


[Edited to update info]




[Edited by Manic Moran (29 Apr 2003).]

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Name: KH


Age: 21


Country: Finland


Service: 1 year as conscript (motorized infantry, squad leader), reserves now.


Interest: Weapon systems, flying planes, shooting, law, alpine skiing, badminton (really) and more.


Tanknet: Found my way here about a year and a half ago and been lurking ever since. This is my first post here.


Comments: These are probably the best forums I've visited. Trying to find the time to participate in discussions myself in the future.

Edited by KH
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Name: Matthew Hite


Age: 36


Country: USA


Service: M1A1 Master Gunner, Tank and Stryker MGS Platoon Sergeant, currently exchange instructor to UK at AFV Gunnery School, Lulworth Camp


Interest: Tanks, blues guitar and bass fishing


Tanknet: Divine intervention


Comments: My wife loves TankNet! She is glad that I finally found someone else to argue with!

Edited by mikegolf
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Name: Abdur Raheem bin Mohd. Iqbal (rather long eh?, just call me Raheem)






Service:Infantry.Active service of 30 months from 1983 to 1985, in reserves since 1991.



Interest:Varied, reading military history and politics, Chess, swimming, soccer,travel etc.


Tanknet:Tail end of the old Heavy Metal site and here at the new site since the first days.


Comments:Belong to the much maligned species.....the lawyer

This place has got breadth and depth of knowledge that that is truly amazing.Haven't been able to post as much as i used to due to work commitments


<font size=1>[Edited by SALADIN (09 Feb 2002).]


[Edited by SALADIN (09 Feb 2002).]

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Name: Andy Rogers


Age: 41


Country: USA (TEXAS)


Service: None (I know, being raised an Army brat doesn't count, besides, those of the Military Ilk work far to hard)


Interests: My Wife & two daughters (can't wait to see how they turn out as adults, did I do a decent parenting job?), Firearms, Military History - Napoleonic Wars; American Civil War, WWII and Modern Armored Warfare, Wargaming-both computer and miniatures, Politics, Nascar, Football, Hunting & Fishing, geez just about anything and everything can get my interest peaked.


TankNet: Stumbled on to this forum while searching for information on Sherman tanks ! Imagine that !


Comments: It's hard to describe, I now check into TankNet 2 to 3 times a day. (It scares the heck out of my office mates). I work for a large manufacture of Semiconductor chips. My primary accounts (I'm in sales) are Mil contractors, Lockheed, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman. This site is an awesome data base. The collective knowledge here is incredible. On more that one occasion I have been able to talk to my customers on an intelligent basis about their current weapons programs because of what I've read on this site ! I love the political discussions here. And even if I don't agree w/ what is being said, I do learn something. The fantasy football league Harold set up has been fun (only because I made the playoffs). All in all, the world view I get, the lively discourse, the knowledge base (some of you folks need to get together and start writing Mil history books), I'm hooked ! Thanks for letting this civilian slacker participate.

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Name: Peleg Wasserman


Age:18 in less than 2 months




Service:none yet.


Interest:Computers (Operating Systems, programming, security, gaming, etc...), Military History and general history, politics, books.


Tanknet:Introduced to the old forum by yuval, on this forum from time to time

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Name: Tim Garrett

Age: 31

Country: USA

Service: none

Interest: Professional WW2 (and others) military vehicle restorer. Have done quite a few. See LVT at D-Day museum. Also a regular armor re-enactor. I have a limited knowledge of computers and can barely make get stuff online. All military history. Drag Racing!!!!!(even have a car...)

Tanknet: I always stayed off of forums on the 'net but after lurking around here a was stunned at the quality of the group members. I guess I started posting in 2000? (I found Tanknet through Scott Cunningham's Armor in Action site)

Comments: This is the only reason to go online. It should be in the reception station about not going head to head with Sargent on PTO strategy. Don't bandy figures with Rich. Don't BS Ray. Don't try arguing Russian equipment with Vasily. It doesn't get any better than this.

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Service: Conscript as Security MP in the FAF 1994-1995, Rank:LCpl, Active reservist. (As much as there reasonably is time.)


Interest:History of all sorts, Wargaming,and most of all Studying. (The eternal student type.)


Tanknet:Since the spring of 2000. Mostly lurking, a few posts too.


Comments: This forum is now a daily routine. It is lonely though for a light-infantry man.




<font size=1>[Edited by acilius (12 Oct 2004).]

Edited by acilius
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Name: Martin Raye


Age: 50


Country: USA (Iowa)


Service: none


Interest: military technology, the physical sciences, beer & whisky, movies, rational discussions with intelligent people about a wide range of subjects


Tanknet: late arrival at Mike Brunk's place, been here at TankNet since the start


Comments: It's in the middle of the country, just north of Missouri; no, it's not pronounced "I-oh-way"; no, we aren't all farmers; yes, it is pretty flat, isn't it?

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Name: M


Country: The Netherlands

Service: None


Tanknet: Since September 2001

Comments: Eventhough it sometimes is hard to resist the temptation to leave this place... ( cause some people make really ignorant comments ) ... , I like Tanknet because there are a whole bunch of people here with knowledge about politics and military stuff. You won't find it anywhere else.


[Edited by Diamond M (06 May 2002).]

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Name: Kenneth M., go by Ken, "hey, asshole", whatever.

Age: 26

Country: USA,

Service: USMC, 4 years active(combat engineer), 5 years reserve(sniper, sniper platoon sgt)

Interest: shooting(all flavors), warfare, everything related to furthering US global domination, climbing, hunting, fishing, mountain bikes, military history, technology

Tanknet: about a year or so

Comments: Excellent site, lots of knowledge here, discovered while looking for information on M103A2

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Name: Paul Giandomenico


Age: 32 (married)


Country: USA


Service: National Guard Officer. Originally Armor but forced to switch to Artillery. Currently commander of a battery of 155mm SPH.


Interests: competitive shooting, wargaming, scale models, computers, skiing, scuba diving. (work with mutual funds to pay for all that)


Tanknet: Participated briefly in the old Heavy Metal site before it switched over.


Comments: Find this site one of the best I have ever been on. Very interesting and intelligent people, unlike most forums on the internet. Constantly refer to it in everyday conversation. (sad I know)

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Name: Chris Conners

Age: 24

Country: WV, USA

Service: None

Interests: Tanks, hockey, drugs (not the cornre ilk)

Tanknet: Lurking since '96

Comments: Simply a grate sight. If you wanna learn about tanks and tankers, this is the place to be. Thanks!



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