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Who am I and where am I calling from?

Geoff Winnington-Ball

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It was brought up on another thread that we here at Tanknet have a truly international readership. WE know it, but it's time for all to to speak up...










Mine first post. Pipe up so people here know who they're dealing with!


Edit to add TANKNET WORLD TOUR link....

Tank-Net World


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Top Posters In This Topic

Name: Murph

Age: 41 (0ld enough to know better)

Country: Texas!

Service: Infantry (Heavy mortars (4.2") and Mech Inf)

Interest: Computers, guns, books

Tanknet: Charter member, before that the old Heavy Metal site for a long time.

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Name: Geoff Winnington-Ball

Age: 48

Country: Canada

Service: ex-infantry officer

Interest: WW2 Commonwealth (see my profile)

Tanknet: Co-founder & Senior Administrator


Comments: I just love the old guys, the fellows who went to war as kids in the forties and came home to try to make this world something they believed in, despite their nightmares. I think I was born a generation too late...

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Guest Sargent

Name: King Sargent

Age: 55

Country: Alaska, USA

Service: ROTC training, no active service, policework.

Interest: Books, weapons, military history

Tanknet: Since the OOULD FORUM.... charter member of TankNet

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Name: Markus Kemp

Age: 23

Country: Germany

Service: Logistics/maintenance (We used to repair Leopard 2A5 MBT's. Dunno the proper English term for that job.)

Interest: history, physics, programming (C/C++), naval sim's and flight sim's

Tanknet: don't know what I'm supposed to type here. I think I joined the fora about 1 year ago or so.





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Guest Master Blaster

Name: Michael J. Steele


Country:USA (Colorado)

Service:US Army 21 years. Master Gunner M60A3, M1, M1A1

Interest:Tanks, Politics, Good discussions

Tanknet:Master Blaster - Late to the party, but a supporter.

Comments: I really like this group, there is a world wide sample of thought on just about any subject, and if you don't see one ask.

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Name: Greg Shaw

Age: 34 (for another couple of weeks at least)

Country: USA, Ohio for the last 6 weeks, Utah for the previous 25 years

Service: none

Interest: history, computers, shooting, snowmobiles

Tanknet: the old, old forum, sometime in winter 96-97 IIRC


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Name: Alan Woods (everyone calls me Al)

Age: 42

Country: USA (Nebraska)

Service: 10 years active, 3 years Reserve in Military Intelligence - Russian Language Transcriber

Interests: AFVs of all types, Military History, Computer wargaming

Tanknet: Lurking, then fairly active posting for about 2+ years

Comments: I visit a lot of sites, but only this one regularly. Good mix of useful info & humor. Hopefully someday will make an I&I.


[Edited by Al (20 Dec 2001).]

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Name: Anthony O. Evans

Age: 39

Country: USA (Utah at the moment)

Service: 10 years infantry crew served weapons, mostly machineguns (USMC)

Interest: Military history, SF, Computer Science, getting my BS by the time I'm 40

Tanknet: Plankowner; Heavy Metal for two years before that

Comments: Where else can you get good war stories that don't start with "There I was..."?


[Edited by Tony Evans (29 Nov 2003).]

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Guest Dwight Pruitt

Name: Dwight Pruitt


Age: 44


Country: United States


Service: Armor Crewman-US Army, Indiana National Guard. 19J and 19 E


Interest: Cold War Armor, Medal Collecting


Tanknet: Ever since Mike Brunk pulled the plug on Heavy Metal. Stumbled on to that site in 1996.


Comments: Like Geoff, I spend most of my free time learning about men who paid the ultimate price during WW2. Those men, who didn't want to be soldiers, but still gave up their futures to defeat evil. The same men who left the cities and farms to defeat forces comprised of men who were raised from childhood to be soldiers. My website: http://www.lorwings.net/PurpleHearts/index.shtml


[Edited by Dwight Pruitt (13 Jun 2003).]

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Name: Colin Williams

Age: 40

Country: USA (California)

Service: None that I remember

Interest: My Family, Military history (up to about 1953), History, Politics, Baseball, Eating, Cooking, and World Peace (that always impresses the judges!)

Tanknet: In at the beginning. Lurked and then posted on old forum for a couple of years.

Comments: Best place to go on the web.

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Name: Allan Wotherspoon

Age: 40

Country: Canada

Service: None

Interest: Military history & modern military affairs

Tanknet: Charter Member & Shareholder. Moderator in AFV forum.

Comments: I second Colin's comments

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Name:Boris Kogan

Age: 20 (don't tell the bartender)

Country: Brooklyn

Service: USAR 12B (Combat Engineer, Mechanized,) 1 1/2 years, ROTC

Interest: military and other history, aikido, biology

Tanknet: since the winter of 1999

Comments: man, you guys are OLD. I'm gonna feel like even more of a jerk for disagreeing with you than I already do

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Name: Richard Greenup

Age: 52

Country: Australia

Service: ex Army Reserve

Interests: Australian and associated army history WW1 and 2, motorsports, world affairs

Tanknet: arrived around the time of the lively Sherman Wars

Comments: plenty of interesting views and people here, this is the place to come for definitive military technical information, and subjective comments on everything else except my objective views of course

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Name: Markus Jansson.

Age: 23.

Country: Finland.

Service: Conscription done and in reserve now.

Interests: Weapons & weapon systems, computer security & privacy, military history, society & politics, beer.

Tanknet: Arrived...long(?) ago.

Comments: Nice forums indeed...and remember to check my homepages!

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Name:Gerry Hebert



Service:Canadian Infantry (1st Bn The Royal Canadian Regt.)

Interest:IPSC Shooting,Long Rifle,Firearms Collecting

Tanknet:since 1997ish

Comments: An outstanding knowledge base from persons of all ilks.

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Name: Alexander Wolf


Age: 26


Country: Germany


Service: 1 year mech. Inf., now active Army Reserve


Interests: history, programming (flash), reserve webpage, travel and Tanks...


Tanknet: simply the only international place to hear qualified people talk, including many views - not the common industry ad´s and the own national army officers ...


Comments: stay as you are.

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Name: Kenneth P. Katz (but call me Ken)

Age: 38

Country: USA

Service: US Air Force, 2Lt-Capt, flight test engineer (1985-89)

Interest: Military equipment and history, wargaming, aviation and aerospace, politics

Tanknet: Heavy Metal since 1996, Tanknet since it opened

Comments: I flight tested the V-22 as a Boeing employee; member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy; there is an impressive collection of intelligence, knowledge and experience within this community.


[Edited by Kenneth P. Katz (21 Dec 2001).]

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Name: Dan Weaver

Age: 19

Country: United States

Service: None

Interests: biophysics, nanotechnology, economics, literature, military (moreso the non-technical aspects thereof), making bread, drinking alcohol, and learning things.

Tanknet: Um, 1997? I posted extensively until the past few months, and now I find myself reading more than posting. I finally realized that I didn't know much about military matters, so I started keeping my trap shut.

Comments: Hey. It's Tanknet. I've been here since 1997 and I find myself checking the site several times a day, so there must be something right about it. Right?

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Name: Harold Jones

Age: 37 soon to be 38

Country: USA (Colorado)

Service: 8 years active Army on M60A1/A3s M1/M1A1s, 1yr USAR Mortor Gunner, 4yrs IANG TOW missile repair

Interest: History, Tanks, Beer

Tanknet: Stumbled on Brunk's forum in '96 been here ever since.

Comments: You owe it to yourself to make it to at least one I&I.

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Guest AdamMachell

Name: Adam Machell

Age: 41

Country: USA, USA, USA

Service: Active Army 16 years

Interest: Tanks since the beginnings.

Tanknet: I started on the Brunk forum, M1Buck guided me there. My first "discussion" was with LIC. I've been here since the start.

Comments: I spend entirely too much time here.




[Edited by AdamMachell (21 Dec 2001).]

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NAME: Thord Wedman

AGE: 40

Country: Sweden

Service: Mech inf. Squad leader, three tours of UN service, ex. platoonleader Swedish homeguard.

Interests: Scuba diving, american fotball, military modelling, AFVs of all sorts.

TANKNET: Been here for about a year I think.

COMMENTS: Nice place, I check it out atleast 3-4 times a day

Check my AFV site: http://www.the-swede.com


<font size=1>[Edited by The Swede (21 Dec 2001).]

Edited by The Swede
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