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Issue of M1, IPM1 and M1A1 in 80's


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Specific timeframe is 87

I have 2 AMD, 3ID, 1 CAV, both 2 & 11 Amd Cav Regts all with basic M1

3 AMD, 24 ID and Fwd Bdg 1 ID with IPM1

Any info on 1 AMD, seen photos of M60A3 in 86 REFORGER


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1AD (that's how Armored Division is abbreviated) started transitioning to M1A1s in January 1987.  3ID started drawing theirs in 1987 as well.  For sure all of 1AD and 3ID were equipped with M1A1s by the end of 1987.

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That would fit thinking about it, they seemed to be using M1's in news coverage of Exercise Lionheart, which would have been September to October 1984.


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