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T-62 Average Armor


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All Concerned -

This is what I have been able to find for quantifiable data on the T-62 (1961) armor facings for averages.  Keep in mind, this is the facing of the entire aspect of that tank.  It is not a specific spot.  Some spots, I am sure, will be armored better than others.  That is why I call it an average.

Front - KE: 210 mm / CE: 220

Side - 100 mm

Rear - 70 mm

Top - 40 mm

I have tried looking for data on this site to help corroborate this, but it seems like many of the links are dead or old.  If anyone is interested in contradicting the above figures, all I ask is they provide quantifiable data.  Due to that, please be solution oriented with your responses.

So, with that in mind, fire away.


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