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Patriot vs Kinzhal?


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1 hour ago, Stuart Galbraith said:

Though the US DOD have confirmed ...

Same DoD that claimed 200+ destroyed Serbian tanks on Kosovo?

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As with Russians, there is a pattern of lying. Hence not reliable.

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Ok, so lets unpack that. The Americans said,

1 The Russians are planning to attack Ukraine.

Tanknet laughed at that. Even the Ukrainians scoffed at it. But it was in fact true.

2 The Russians will launch a 'maskirovka' to justify their war.

Tanknet Laughed at it. But it was in fact true.

3 The Russians are taking heavy casualties, and are not getting their supplies foward. One amateur even pointed to the tyre failures.

Tanknet laughed at that. But it was in fact true.

4 Bucha is an systematic massacre the Americans said.

Tanknet (or more accurately, some of tanknet) scoffed at that. But it was, if the body count is any guide, completely accurate.

You know, I also can go all the way back to the 1950's and cherry pick examples when the US military industrial entertainment complex made spectacular gaffs, or even lied through its teeth, and I dont even need to say the word 'Iraq'. But stack the odds how you will, as far as this war is concerned, the vast majority of what they have claimed will happen and IS happening in this war, has proven true.

But dont give them a break. Just keep claiming that America is always wrong. Im sure a certain amount of the time you will be completely right.

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